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Holy #*$%&! Dad? is that you or me dressed up like a dude?!

Have you ever had one of those soul jolting moments when you see how much like your parents you are? After all those years of running in the opposite direction, and there you are right back where you started kind of moments?

Well, I have had many. It has gotten easier to swallow those moments since I have kids of my own, because I’ve begun to forgive your parents faults and realize that they were doing the best with what they had. But it can still be jarring when I realize that I am not appropriately dressed for weather like my mom, or when I catch myself saying “you know somethin?” before I start a sentence like my dad.

On that note, I have to share this story. Over the summer, my family and I went to Seattle to spend time with my folks and friends in my hometown.

My mother was in total purge-mode, so we spent a bit of time going through boxes and organizing, dumping old stuff, giveaway pile etc. I was looking through a box of randoms, and at the bottom was an old passport. I opened it up to see my dad looking back at me, with the same hairdo, glasses, and slouchy collar that I happened to be wearing.

It made me jump, like literally, in the air and giggle hysterically for many minutes. Then, I took a picture of my self and one of the photo of dad and posted it on Facebook so my childhood friends could get a rise out of it. Here is my favorite response…. (Thanks Richard Brown!)

Richard Brown Too much!!! At first glance I thought you’d been taking testosterone shots and needed a shave!

June 28 at 3:16pm ·

Like it??? I love it!




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