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DIY friday: A modern, elegant braided DIY bride hairstyle

This is a perfect DIY bridal hairstyle for longish to very long hair. It would work on any hair texture. This style is featured in an upcoming post about decorating your bridal hair with flowers. It is a great DIY bride hairstyle to accessorize!.

To get this look, begin by sectioning off the top of the head. Work through the top section in smaller subsections, backcombing as you go. Leave out the front hairline area at first, then gently smooth it back over your backcombed sections. Grab the whole top section at the back of the head, and gently twist it once and criss-cross pin it to secure. Spray it with hairspray to keep it in place.

Now divide the back  into 3 equal vertical sections. Braid the middle one in a tight braid and secure with a clear elastic. Include in this braid the ends of your backcombed top section.

Now use your braid and your 2 outer sections to create a tight braid down the back. Secure with a clear elastic.

Wrap your braid into a bun, pinning it from all angles to secure it. Now add some flowers or a vintage brooch to finish it off!

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