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Virtual DIY hair consultation, blending roots to ends.

asking about a color consultation? I have olive skin tone, but usually quite light do to short summers, brown eyes, and dark brown hair. I bleached my hair all summer, and it is totally fried now. I have been letting it grow out, hopeing to gain some strength back, and now I have bleached hair and dark roots, I would like to ease back into my natual color, without wreaking my hair any further.

thanks, kat

Okay Kat. Sounds like you want to go back in the direction of your natural color. This should be easy to do with very minimal damage at all. Enter: Demi-permanent color. This gentle option will deposit color, but it will not lift it ( You can’t lighten your hair with it) but you can add darkness or brighter tones with it. It initially will be a nice solid rich color after you first use it, but will fade gently to something more translucent. This makes it perfect for helping blend roots and ends without creating roots all over again. When you use it on bleach, it will hold the color more than on hair that hasn’t been bleached generally. And, it is very low in abrasive chemicals and often adds tons of shine so it is great for using on frazzled hair.

So, apply this color (5g light-medium golden brown) all over, roots to ends.

You will have shiny, rich brown hair which is perfect for the fall. After a while, it will fade into more of a caramel-y ombre look, which will look great on you, and the root line will still be much harder to see. You should be able to just grow it right on out to natural this way.

Good luck, and please send me your after photo!


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  1. Lane

    Hi,I have an ombré color in right now (roots dark brown and blonde is a golden blonde. I want to dye the bottom brown then get highlights on top. Will it be ok to box color the blonde to a dark brown and then get highlights professionally done?

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