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Hello Patsy, a honky-tonk bouffant.

This is a hairstyle for big-hair lovers. It involves lots o volume (thank you, back comb and hair rat)
and big pinned curls. It is a Patsy Cline hair classic. This hairstyle was historically worn quite a bit bigger, but I tried to take it down a notch to make it easier to wear without heaps of product and heat curling.

As a side note, I used no actual hair products in my hair when I did this big country updo. My no-poo routine has been keeping my hair in perfect up-do texture. It feels thick, not too slick, and stays wherever I put it.

This big southern-gal bouffant is a great weekend look if you want to turn heads and have serious conversation hair. Wear it to a cocktail party with a pencil skirt, or to the local honky-tonk bar for some boot scootin’

This style involves creating the bump, pinning the curls, and twisting the back up. You will need a teasing comb or fine toothed comb, many bobby pins, and a hair rat. Hair spray is optional.

If you have bangs, wear them down. If not, roll em back and pin em in.

For best results, set the hair the night before with one of HTHG’s no-heat curl techniques. This will add lots more volume, curl, and bounce to the style.

This DIY bouffant hairstyle works on medium to long hair of any texture.

Here is how we do it.

Take a large round section from the crown of the head. Back comb through it lightly.





Grab your hair rat. You can use a small crescent shaped piece of foam if you don’t have a hair rat.





Bring all the hair from your crown section straight up, and roll the ends back around the hair rat. Gently roll it down to the head, and pin it into the back to create your bump.






smooth it out in the front to shape it, and pin it where needed. ( Pins should go directly into the hair rat or foam, and stay put.)




Now take a small section on one side and back-comb behind it.






Roll it back into a pin curl.





Pin it into the side of the bump so that it lays against it. Use 2 pins if you need too.





Repeat on the other side.











Now split the rest of the hair in the back down the center. Twist one side in and up, and criss-cross pin it at the top.










Repeat on the other side.






Now take the tails of your back twists, and roll them into a pin curl. Pin them behind your first pin curl.

Repeat on the other side. Now you have a bump with 2 twists up the back, and 4 flat pin curls.



Spray the hair if you want. It will help lock it into place.





Now, you are ready to create the myth! Now go out walking after midnight and see what kinda fun you can find!

Want more country lady legend hair? Here is a little Loretta, and a bit of Wanda.




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