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Wanda Jackson queen-for-a-day relaxed rockabilly hairstyle.

For this silk-robe-worthy relaxed rockabilly DIY hairstyle inspired by Wanda Jackson, you will be creating 5 bigpin-curls.Start by either prepping hair with texture spray to help it hold, or no-poo it to get it into perfect up-do shape. If your hair is very fine and straight, start by using one of HTHG’ easy no-heat curls techniques to add some volume.

You will start with a section of hair at the crown. Back-comb the base of it, and pin-curl it  to one side.




Pin it to the head as a standing pin-curl (So that it stands up, instead of flat to the scalp)





Take all the hair of hair from behind the ear forward, but leave some pieces down at the hairline to frame your face.

Back-comb the base of it,



and then pin-curl it towards the head. Pin it to the side of your first standing pin-curl.






Now take a small section from behind the head.


Back comb the base




and pin curl it to the head behind the side curl.




Now back comb the section on the other side and make your pin-curl.





Make your last pin-curl behind it,






and pin it to the head.


Now you have a lazy yet beautiful pile of pin-curls on your head! Pin a big delicious flower into the side of your DIY relaxed rockabilly up-do, and throw your prettiest robe on.

Wear it all day, and make someone wait on you hand and foot. XO!

P.s. Are you dying to know if Wanda Jackson herself tweeted this post?

Want more country lady legend hair? Here is a little Loretta, and a bit of Patsy.







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