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How to trim your lady parts.

lady partsNot those ones!

Here is a little secret for you from me. (cup hands around your ear) The little hair bits that fall around your face when you wear your hair up are adding tons of softness, prettiness, and intrigue to your look. They are inviting people to come closer to you, and framing your pretty face.


I will tell you how to trim them yourself if you promise to share this post.

Promise? Great!

So sometimes your haircut just needs a little freshening. Maybe you can’t make it to the salon. This trick will put the pretty back into your ‘do.

Check out this photo. I think that those lady parts add just the right touch of softness to make this hairstyle work on me. My lady parts are my hair safety blanket. Without them I feel like one big face.

Here is a lil video I put together for you;)






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  1. therufs

    Are any adaptations in order for those of us who are sans bangs?

    Thanks đŸ˜€

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Nope. just the same:)

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