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HTHG hair consultation, Fine haired mama of 3 inquires….

Adrienne writes…

‘I just stumbled upon your blog and I had to tell you how much I really appreciate it!  I think I’ve spent at least an hour watching your videos & reading…. I wish you still lived in Seattle – I’d make an appointment asap to have you work your magic.  I really appreciate that a lot of your styling techniques involve natural products – don’t cost a fortune, and are vintage inspired.

My hair curse is that I have super super fine hair.  I love the idea of bangs… but not sure they would work with my face.  Do you ever give hair advice? Say… someone sent you a picture… or skyped… and you had a vision, and then they could take that into their hairdresser?  Or do you ever make it back to Seattle?

Thanks for being on the interwebs!’

So then I asked her to send a pic and answer a couple basic questions about herself……Here is what she wrote.

‘ Here’s a picture – not great, but it might give you an idea… I’m a mom of 3, very tired, and just started working full time.  I’m supposed to look “professional” – which seems hard when you are a mom of 3.  I have baby fine hair (stress the word baby)… some color in there (just used henna the other day to cover a dye job that had roots).  I’ve started using hair powder, which I really like – just because it gives my totally limp hair a little bit of body.  I haven’t tried the pine tar shampoo, but if you think that works better, I can give that a try.

My 2 standard haircuts have been a pixie & a bob… I like the 1920s style bob… super simple… but I might just be low on ideas.  I’m up for anything 🙂  Also… you mentioned eye brow consultations somewhere on your website… any advice would be appreciated… I’m basically a 37 year old who never learned all those girly tricks, and am just starting now.
I can start growing my hair so I can book a visit with you when you get here! (unless your advice is to shave it all off)  Yay!’
So, I thought about it for a while, and this is what I am going to recommend. A haircut like this pixie/bob hybrid works wonders on fine hair.
It is a shape that suits all faces, and tends to grow out really nicely. It is also very low maintenance, and easily wearable without much styling at all.
With some short and choppy asymmetrical bangs, it can look soft and  polished with a bit of an edge. Adrienne could definitely rock this hairstyle with her hair at the length that it is, but with another inch or so of growth it would be PERF.
On a different note, I think that baby fine hair should be handled with care product wise. You do not want to strip it too much with harsh shampoos, because your scalp-oil glands will overproduce with a vengeance, making hair oily and limp. Most products tend to be just too heavy for baby fine hair. I would definitely recommend considering switching to the no-poo technique.
And also, do try the pine tar. Hair powders are great. I have heard that corn meal works well for zapping oil and adding texture and lift.
Eyebrows? hard to say. I would have to see them a little closer. Book an appointment with me in February, and we will talk about then. Hope this helped a bit!


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  1. Adrienne

    Thanks Roxy!!! This has helped a lot – super cute cut & I will try no-poo. Can’t wait to meet you in February! Thank you!!

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