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Happy holiday hair…Santa Baby double twisted wreath with a bow!

Happy holiday hair….Santa baby double twisted wreath with a bow!

Happy Holidays from HTHG!! In honor of this festive time of year, I designed some lovely little holiday DIY hairstyle videos to share with you!

This one is the first of 3 that I will release before new years eve. I see no reason not to celebrate the end of one year and the ringing in of the next one with inspired and interesting hairstyles. As they say, “Stuck in hair, stuck in life;)”

This first one is called the Santa Baby double twisted wreath with a bow!

By the way, do you love those pretty earrings I’m wearing in the first picture? I’m obsessed with Nicolia Jacoby Designs.

For this hairstyle, you will need some holiday red ribbon to make a nice bow. Be sure to cut into the ends to make that ‘V’. It took me a while of staring at my bow and shaking my head before I figured out the ‘V’ part. It made it look much more complete.

Poke your bobby pin downward through the center of the bow. You will need to practice up on your double strand snake twist for best results with this hairstyle.

here you go, my lovelies!

What is on your Christmas list this year? A 98′ convertible, light blue?

I’m hoping for rest, clarity, patience, and humor. And a new camera.  XOXO!

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