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no-poo recipe.

Peeps keep asking for the measurements of baking soda and ACV. I have to admit, I’m a free-form mixer of everything, in general. I would say that I mix about 2 tblspn BS with 8oz water. I do the same measurements with the ACV. I tweek it depending on how much I want to ‘poo’ out. Gross! I can’t believe I just said that in public.

More concentrated mix seems to make for a deeper cleansing.

And remember, if you are experiencing dryness with the no-poo method (ShamPHree!) make sure to do an overnight coconut oil treatment. Saturate your the ends of your dry hair with coconut oil and sleep on it. I rinse it well with hot water in my morning shower, and then do just an ACV rinse to de-grease unless I am due for the whole no-poo. Then I do baking soda and ACV. Here is a link to your ShamPHree checklist, and here is troubleshooting ShamPHree for your hair type.

Watch this video to see how to do the ShamPHree routine. Consider using a peri-bottle or old shampoo bottle to mix and apply. Some people don’t like the spray bottle.


Are you ready to embark on your ShamPHree journey? Check out Troubleshooting ShamPHree for different hair types and HTHG’s answers to frequently asked ShamPHree questions to get you going in the right direction!

And click here for your complete Shamphree method supply list where you can browse and buy your supplies.

Are you considering going #shamphree? If you are currently using the ShamPHree method, what are your thoughts?

Don’t forget to hashtag your #shamphree photos so we can see and inspire this hair revolution!

ShamPHree starter kits and products are now available in the HTHG ShamPHree Shop. Get yours today and Free Your Hair!


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  1. Suki Highers

    I have just begun my shamphree experiment!

    1. Cori

      Shamphree is the perfect name for the no-poo method! I’m now adopting it.

      Thanks so much for saving me from talking about poo and my hair in the same sentence! 😀

      1. roxie.hunt Author

        Ha! I know. Shamphree it is:)

  2. Melinda

    I’m 12 days in and I’m really hoping there’s light at the end of the tunnel. The hair near my scalp feels caked in grease while the ends feel dry. However, it seems like I have dandruff now which I’ve never had! So I don’t know what direction to tweak things if at all. I’m planning on perserving for a month to give my hair enough time to adjust because I really want to switch to this method; however, I hope things start to get better soon.

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Keep at it! make sure you employ that paddle brush daily to help distribute oil from scalp to ends.

        1. Melinda

          I’m 3 weeks in and things are going much better. I got a long overdue haircut which took a ton of bulk out. I’m still having some dry scalp issues but hopefully doing the baking soda wash once a week (instead of twice) and trying a coconut or jojoba oil scalp treatment will help. I used coconut oil on my ends and slept on it(per your example) and that did an awesome job! I’m thrilled that my slightly wavy hair is much curlier with this method! I’m tempted to try the homemade gel recipe floating around (with flaxseed)…have you heard of it/tried it? I’d love to get a qredew because I think it would work fabulously with this method but they’re still a little too expensive for me right now. I live in the dry mountain air so static has been a problem but I’ve heard that boar bristle brushes can help with that so maybe I can look into getting one of those. I brush with mine paddle brush every night and greasy roots aren’t a problem any more. Thanks so much for your encouragment! I appreciate you leading us on this awesome journey 🙂

          1. roxie.hunt Author

            Im so glad. I hate for people to give up before getting through that first month. It just keeps getting better and better;)

  3. Steph

    I just started today! I’m excited to see how it goes! My hair is naturally pretty oily so I have no beef with it drying my hair out a bit. Today it seemed quite dry at the roots and greaser towards the ends, even.
    I might try the paste method next time rather than the mixture method. Dunno which is better/worse or why. Any thoughts??

  4. Sarah

    I’m a firm ShamPHree-er, mostly because suddenly, every product started irritating my scalp to the point where I wanted to rip it off. I tried everything, and then I started looking at the “not-so-conventional” methods.

    I tried ACV, and LOVE it 🙂
    Never going back!

    Just one question.
    For your method, do you have to mix your quantities
    separately, every time? Or could I put a mix of Bsoda and water in one large squirts bottle, a mix of ACV and water in another large squirty bottle, and then just use as needed until they ran out? Or would the Bsoda and ACV lose their effectiveness?
    Having to measure/prepare each time I want to wash is a bummer :-/
    (I’m disabled, so just a shower is a big deal, let alone extra stuff).


    1. roxie.hunt Author

      I pre-mix mine and use it for up to a month and it seems just fine. I don’t think that it looses any of its properties when mixed and stored:)

      1. norma

        What is acv

        1. roxie.hunt Author

          apple cider vinegar:)

  5. Amy

    I must be blind. I can’t find the recipe for this method, and I’ve clicked numerous links on many pages of this blog…which led me to this “recipe” page, but it’s not written here. I am confused lol. Can someone PLEASE give me the recipe if you are able to see it?

    1. Amy

      I got it! You can delete my comment lol. I got on my computer and was able to see it. My phone is weird. Thanks for the recipe, and I’m definitely pinning this and posting it on facebook 🙂

  6. Kimberley

    Hi How To Hair Girl,

    Thanks so much for this Shamphree Wiki you have going on. You have so much valuable information, it’s a wonderful resource. I started Shamphreeing my hair 1 week ago today and I’m blogging my progress at

    I’m really happy so far, I’ve never paid this much attention to my hair before!

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      I’m so glad to hear it! thank you for the link. I’m going over to check it out right now!

  7. Abi

    I want to start using the shamphree wash tomorrow. BUT, i also have to lighten my roots and dye them. I have magenta hair, so ill be using a veggie dye, and im going to use a developer rather than a bleach kit to lighten my roots, and im going to apply coconut oil beneath the developer to minimize damage. I’ve been reading your blog for serval days now, and am finally ready to start the adventure.. but should i begin the shamphree method the same day i dye my hair? Also, the underneath of my hair isn’t light enough to get me the shade of pink i want. I heard that a bleach bath usong developerand coconut oil is a good method. I want to do it as quickly as possible without causing too much damage. The part of my hair I’m lighteningisa faded fire engine red, and i also used a red protein filler which seemed to make it impossible to get out..:( what Delevoper do you think would be healthiest, & should o apply heat while the developer is in my hair, or will that cause more damage? I know the 40 os most damaging, but the fastes, and all that.. Id like to have it lightened in three days or so, would a 20 or a 30 vol. work best? And is it okay to apply the developer every day? Is it okay to do all of this to my hair while I’m just beginning to shamphree method, or should i wait a few days before doing all of the lightening? And should i use a neutral protein filler if I’m using the shampree system? Sorry to ask so many questions, I’m just very interested on trying this system.. Also, last one i promise, should i lighten the hair before or afyer i wash it with the shampree, and should i add some acv to the shampoo to help repair damage caused by the developer?

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Hi there. I think you should get your color where you want it, then start on ShamPHree. And I would use 30v developer for lightening:)

  8. Shii

    Just wanted to say thanks for all of the advice, inspiration, trailblazing, and general all-around awesomeness! I started the shamPHree method on December 24th, 2013, and now that we’re on the cusp of 2015 I am looking forward to doing another year of it! I’ve had some ups and downs, have had to tweak some recipes, but I’m enthused that I am in control of my hair care now! I’m not stuck with whatever’s in the bottle and slave to “oh gosh, should I buy X expensive hair product because that will work better than what I’m using?” If something doesn’t work, I adjust the formula! I’m trying new things: infusing vinegars at home, making hair teas, doing DIY spa days, learning new and interesting ways to braid and style my long hair by myself. It’s pretty darn cool. Thank you for being an inspiration and a great source of information on how to take control of your own hair and beauty destiny!

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      You are SO welcome. I am so glad to have you here as a reader, and glad to here that you are taking your beauty practices into your own control:) YAY for Freeing your hair:)

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    […] ShamPHree. Two weeks in, my hair was improved than it had ever been. After 2 months, we had my ShamPHree complement down. My hair was shiny, soft, smooth, and balanced. we could go for 4-5 days in between ShamPhree-ing […]

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