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Holiday Hair series: A very merry hair-y wreath

 Holiday Hair series: A very merry hair-y wreath

I totally decked out my hair with boughs of fake holly. I wanted to use the real thing, but guess what? It’s still practically summer in Arkansas so I was SOL and had to go to Hobby Lobby for holiday trimmings. And I surprised myself by having the resolve to go on BLACK FRIDAY, the official day of american consumer yuckness.

Lately, I have been finding myself curious about these ‘American’ modern day ‘traditions’ that seem to invoke small town hysteria. I almost let my curiousity get the better of me the day before Thanksgiving by going to Walmart, just to see how the other half prepares. I didn’t even need any groceries. I live in Walmart land and sometimes I feel like a social outcast. But If I can’t beat em, I’d like to join em at least for a moment so that I might understand them better. Plus, I like to marvel at some of the wacky mullets commonly seen in Walmart.

Enough of my ranting. At hobby lobby, I got these…..

I wound the berries into a wreath, then added the mistletoe and pine cones into the hairstyle at the end.









As a testament to my love and appreciation to all of you for giving a merry damn about what I have to say, I present to you a cool DIY holiday hairstyle video……


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  1. Hairlicious

    So beautiful and creative. Thank you so much for sharing this!

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      you are welcome! glad you like it.

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