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Post chemo hair question…

I am a fan and a cancer survivor. I have been cancer free for five years now but the oncologists took my ovaries at 35. I am 44 now and I am the most vivacous girl you could imagine. I am a punk rock girl at 44.

When I wake up in the morning. I see old lady scary hair. Like, angel hair times 100. Scary frizzy angel hair.

Frizzy and ultra thin.

I know this must not be your specialty, but do you have any advice for a post-cancer girl?

I had brief chemo but the biggest impact on my life post-cancer was the oophorectomy.

I survived! Rules! But forever after I will have this silly lame-o hair. I have tried rogaine and all, but still, though I have blessedly have survived, I will still win.
I am 44 and maybe I am the girl that makes you think 44 is not so bad.


Well this is just awesome. I myself have never gone through chemo, but I have many loved ones and clients that have. Anyone out there have a similar story or advice to give? Do you know someone going through this right now? Share this post and let’s get some more stories shared and questions answered!

Thank you, Chrissy.


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