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#DIYhair Friday…..Half-up Braid Bouffant.

IMG_0840IMG_0844Hello my dears. I have a fun #DIYhair ‘do to share with you today. It is a hairstyle that I sort of stumbled upon while lazily french braiding my hair the other day.  I didn’t have a hair tie so when I finished the braid, I just stuffed the end of it underneath the braid, which gave it some volume. It looked cool! So, I elaborated a bit on the style to make it look even better and make it easier to do.

Here is how to do it…..


IMG_08461. Start a french braid at the front hairline. If you have bangs, start your braid right behind your bangs.

2. Continue the braid back, using very small sections. As you work your way back, guide your braid up towards the sky instead of flat against the head.When you get about half way back, secure the braid into a ponytail, at the base.

3. Now back comb the ponytail a bit.

4. Roll the ponytail back and under, tucking it underneath the braid. Pin it down to secure it. Add additional pins to shape the bouffant if you need to.

Looking good!


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