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Spring 2013 hair trend forecast

kjhiuMy darlings, Spring is coming. I know because the crocuses are peeking up above the dirt and the cherry blossoms buds are swelling. But then again, I am in Seattle where it feels like eternal Spring.

I am not quite ready to fully commit to thinking about Spring, because I haven’t even been snowboarding yet this Winter, and I am so enjoying rocking my slouchy black beanie on the daily. But for the sake of staying abreast of today’s hair trends, I am here to show you a little forecast for hair trends of Spring and Summer, 2013.

According to recent runway activity in Paris and New York, hair style trends are going in the direction of simple yet dramatic.

So here it is.

Spring 2013 hair trends.

Head scarves are sticking around. (Thank the lord)

Deep side parts on all counts. Hair up, hair down, curly, straight, you name it. Experiment.

Braids are still around. Get creative! get messy! I have so much in store for you.

Lastly, low, sleek buns of all sorts. Twisted, wrapped, coiled, braided, what have you. As long as it is paired with a deep side part and a sleek shiny finish, you are good to go.

Practice up, use your imagination. Share HTHG with your friends and have fun with your hair this Spring, and all the time.



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