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1930’s Deco star wars braided chapeau.

DSC00164This was my favorite hair look from my collab photo shoot with Nikki J. I want to share with you how I did it because it was really fun to do. I went into it with a general idea of what I wanted to look like, but it ended up taking on it’s own shape altogether. (The unplanned surprise hairstyles are always the best)

This is Holley. Her hair is 5 feet long.

hollllsHere is how I did it.

1. I made a center part, and then sectioned each side of her head into 9 pieces. I put a bobby pin in each one to keep them separate. I braided each section, starting at the base of the head.

2. The braids were pretty tight and tidy. 9 on each side, 18 total. ( I had a couple people help. Turns out I am a slow braider)

3. I braided 3 braids together at a time.

4. Now I had 3 braid-y braids on each side.

5.Then I braided those together. Now I had 2 braid-y braid-y braids.

6. I wrapped the right one around the front of the head, pinning it into place. Then using the end of the right braid and the whole left braid, I coiled them together and pinned them with many bobby pins. The coiling was very organic, no method to the madness. I just bent, twisted, piled, and pinned. After the hairdo was done, Rick Toth painted little flecks of gold to highlight parts of the braids. This made it come to life.

For her second look, I let Holley’s braids down and took 2 of them and wrapped them around her forehead and pinned them on the side with these cool crystal pins that I made with crystals that a friend of mine found in Arkansas.DSC00211 DSC00057

Stay tuned for a crystal hair clip tutorial!



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