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Add some BANG to your bangs with a Shine Line.

shine lineAs a part of my necessary mid-winter hair lightening, I recently felt the need to do something with my bangs besides cut them. This time of year, my face feels pasty, my hair feels drab, and it makes me a little bit sad. Also, I have been having shiny bang envy because of Kate Middleton Jessica Whats-her-name and the cute girls with bangs on The New Girl.  Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 9.59.41 AM

So, I gave myself a Shine Line in my bangs, to make em glow. And I want to share the process with you because it was super easy to DIY, and It made me feel instantly brighter and shinier.

Here is how I did it.

Start with a color bowl and brush, a clip, tail-comb and a couple foils. Choose a hair color that is slightly lighter than your natural. I used bleach and 10v.

Make a parting across the front of the top of your head that is parallel to your bang line, but a couple inches behind your hairline. See the little picture I drew.


The parting should intersect the entire bang section from temple to temple.

Because I have bucket bangs

(curved around the eyes like a bowl ) , I used a curved parting to create my Shine line.

Clip the rest of the hair back.

Now you will slice foil across that parting as thin as you can. Use as many foils as it takes to reach almost from temple to temple, leaving out the hairline. Does that make sense? Here is a video that breaks down DIY foiling.

Let the color process. Peek into the foil to determine the desired lightness, then wash the hair. Comb it out, and check out your bangin’ new shiny bangs.

What is your bang trick?



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