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Nikki J. and HTHG promo teaser

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 1.34.47 PMMy favorite jewelry designer and I got together last week with killer photog William Anthony and incredible makeup artist Rick Toth to shoot a collaboration for both of our websites. The themes were Deco-star wars/sexy cat lady/modern day goddess.


The goal of the shoot was to combine the beauty and intricacy of Nikki Jacoby’s designs DSC00178with the beauty and intricacy of a hair creation by yours truly. The end product was an explosion of color, texture, light, character, metal, hair, and 4 incredibly inspired creative minds.

I could do this stuff all day long. Art direct, design, and collaborate and then share. This is a little sneak peek for you, so you get the feel for it. Keep your eyes out for final cut photos coming soon on HTHG.

Most of the photos shown in this post were taken by me. The header photo was taken by William Anthony. The rest of his photos are coming soon!

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