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Twisted Angel halo crown

IMG_3028I posted this hairstyle on my Instagram the other day and you guys loved it, so I made it into a video. Once you understand and have practiced this hairdo, it literally takes 2 minutes to do. To get the feel of a rope braid, watch this basic video that breaks down the technique.IMG_3018

Just a little side note…..I amaze myself with how willing I am to appear before you in all my sloppy scrubby mom-ness in these videos. I often feel like I should polish up and make the lighting right, and be cute and coy and wear makeup for you and use shine spray. But it ain’t never gonna happen. This blog is not about me looking pretty, it is about you having fun with your hair. So sit your butt down and try this one. Practice it, master it, keep it in your bag of favorite hair tricks. Add a floral wreath to it, or just garnish it with flowers in general. This hairstyle is fit for a regal queen, a hippie wedding, or a twisted angel outcast.


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  1. meredith

    I love this one! I wore it out tonight and impressed my friends.

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      yay! awesome:)

  2. Danielle

    HTHG!! Thank you for the always amazing inspirational tutorials! They resonate with me most, in part, due to your creativity, but also because you are YOU in your videos: beautiful, creative, motherly, and gorgeous, all at the same time! Please don’t glam up for us; we love you for who you are!

    xoxo, in great appreciation for your craft!!

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Thank you so much. Im really glad you found me:)

    1. roxie.hunt Author


  3. Jenny P

    A tip, If you make the braid out insted of in (you take the hair around) Then you get the same style around on your hole braid iven when you braid “in the air”. Do I make sence? :-S It also looks more like a crown on the head. (Sorry, english is not my first langue).
    Love your little movie!

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Thanks for the tip!

  4. Jenny P

    Ups, it should have bin, if you make I a braid out!

  5. Nat

    I found your website yesterday and tried this hairstyle today. I love! Thanks for putting this video up 🙂

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      You are most welcome!

  6. Ella Blue

    You are the best HTHG! I have been watching your videos, reading your post, following you on FB for the past couple months! You have inspired me to be the best hair dresser in the U.P. (my neck of the woods) I even tried no-pooing with some success, will try again in the autumm, ran into difficulties after to much pool swimming? ACV is much better than lemon juice, less harsh, and orange essential oil worked well. I have used many of your cutting techniques on my clients and now cut my own hair! A big THANK YOU for all that you do!
    Love, love, love your whole style! And your name, Roxie Hunt, you couldn’t have planned that one better! Right?
    So from one mommy hair dresser to another…..”You Rock! Keep doing what you do best, you are so appreciated!”

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Thank you SO MUCH! that means a lot to me, coming from another hairdresser:) So glad you found me.

  7. Elizabeth

    Planning to try this tomorrow in an attempt to keep the dog from eating my hair on a very long car ride. Fingers crossed!

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