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#DIYhair Friday…..Knotty bride!

DSC02951Happy DIY hair Friday! This weekend is for the DIY brides, bridesmaids, and really anyone who likes the look of this hairstyle and has hair shortish to medium in length.

The Knotty Bride is another knotted hairstyle, with 3 pinned knots and lots of whisp and whim. I even finished this look off with kale flowers because, well, why not? Every knotty bride needs kale flowers.

knotty bride with kale flowers

Want to know how to do it? Check it out.

knotty bride1. Section off the sides of the hair, from the top of the head to behind each ear. Twist the two side sections in each hand.

2. Tie them together behind the head. Then tie them again to make a knot.

3. Pin the knot to the head discreetly, with a bobby pin through the base of the knot, upwards.

4. Take another section from each side, behind and below your first sections. Twist them in each hand.

5. Tie them into a knot and pin as you did with the first knot.

6. Take the remaining hair, and split it into 2 sections. Twist these sections in each hand.

7. Knot them, and pin them.

Now decorate your ‘do with the flowers of your choice!

If you are a DIY bride, make sure to check out my 5 steps to fab wedding day hair guest post to get you ready for your big day.


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