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DIY hair Friday…….Best friend braids.

DSC04716Best friends. Girlfriends. I would be nowhere without these women. I hope you are all blessed with good friends.

Do you remember playing the best friend game in middle school? When everyone had to have a ‘best friend’ and you had to work to keep up the title? I get anxiety just thinking about it.

Since then, I have settled on having many best friends. They are all best for their own unique reasons. I have my best listener, my best inspirer, my best laugher, my best man, my best business minder, my best helper, my best auntie, my best bitch, my best muse, my best understander, best pioneerer, my best sounding boarder, my best New Yorker, my best of the west, my best hell-raiser, my best mom, my best kid advice giver. I could go on and on. I hope to golly that I am as good of a friend to these women as they are to me.

So here is another braided hairstyle to try, straight from the OCF. I keep thinking I am over braids, and then I stumble upon a new cool braid that I HAVE to share. Maybe I can be your best braid friend?

In honor of my bests, I give you my Best Friend Braids.

Best Friend Braids

bret and nix

Make a side part. Start a dutch braid on the heavy side of the part.

Angle the braid and guide it across the back of your head.

Braid the free end down the other side. Secure the end with a clear elastic.

Tip……If your hair is very long, pull the braid apart from either side to flatten, widen, and shorten it.

Take the end of the braid and pull it up and along the underside of the dutch braid.

Tuck the tail under the base of the dutch braid to hide it.

Pin it discreetly from a couple different angles to secure it to the head. I put a couple under the braids, one where it bends, and some on the top of the free end.

Decorate with a cool plant or flower.

And make a date with a lady friend to catch up and get some good belly laughs in.

Have a great weekend. XOXO, HTHG

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