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10 Herbs for Hair and Beauty

7U6A0396Hi babes. When I was 10, my step-mother bought me a guide book to Natural Beauty. It was full of great info on herbs and ingredients and recipes. I spent the next couple years making a mess in the kitchen to beautify and pamper myself. It was a fun and educational time, and it was the beginning of my interest in using whole natural ingredients on the hair and skin. I can’t remember the name of the book, but I’m gonna try and dig it out so I can share it with you. Since my honey experiment last month,I have been inspired. It led me to more research and experimentation with herbs that benefit the hair and skin and I am REALLY excited to share some up-coming DIY projects! Today, I want to introduce a handful of herbs that are considered hair and skin beautifying remedies. 7U6A0345All of these herbs can be applied directly to the hair and skin in the form of teas or infused oils or vinegars. Simply soaking a blend of herbs in water, ACV, or favorite oil ( Fractionated Coconut Oil, jojoba, olive, argan) and setting it in a clear glass jar covered with a cloth in the sun is enough to effectively infuse. Infused Beauty VInegar is now available in the ShamPHree shop!

The question of whether raw or dried herbs is a good one. Here is an article on the topic. It seems to me that both ways work well but things like medicinal roots and barks should be dried and powdered while flowers are very nice to use fresh. IMG_5538Here is a photo of some fresh Calendula that my dude and I grew and are infusing in olive oil. Calendula (marigold) is known to be one of the most powerful healing and anti-inflammatory herbs that one can use topically. After 4 days in sunlight, the oil itself is thick and orange and lovely. I applied it to an itchy bug bite yesterday and it soothed it very quickly. Today, the bite is gone. In my journey through learning about medicinal herbs for beauty, I have been amazed over and over again at how effective these remedies are, and how good I feel knowing how they are made and that I can make them myself. Before I continue, I want to shout out to Jen at Naked Eye Beauty, an LA based natural beauty company that I love.

10 Herbs for Hair and Beauty

7U6A03901. Hibiscus is a known hair growth stimulator that prevents hair loss. It boosts moisture and shine in the hair, and has powerful soothing effects. It is a good herb for dry, dull hair and hair that grows slowly and is fragile.

2. Rosemary is a very effective herb in fighting dandruff and ailments of the scalp. It  is used to prevent hair loss and premature graying. It has strong detoxifying qualities for both the hair and skin. It is great for removing buildup from hair.

3. Calendula is a fantastic natural anti-oxidant that protects the hair and skin against environmental stresses. It is a natural sunscreen and helps with cuticle sealing. It also has potent healing and soothing abilities, so it is perfect for skin and scalp conditions. It is best used on hair that is over-exposed to the elements and dried out ( Parched Summer ends!)

4. Dried Rosebuds Are a natural gentle balancer for the hair and skin. They add moisture and shine, smell fantastic, and are very beneficial to finer hair types. Women with hormonal issues can benefit from rosebud infusions internally and externally. Plus, they add a lovely scent and pink hue to all infusions.
5. Chamomile has been used for centuries to lighten the hair and add golden highlights. It  boosts body and leaves a lovely shine. It is best used to add body and tone to lighter, finer hair types. Chamomile has also been used for centuries to tighten the skin and diminish wrinkles. I have sifted through dozens of wrinkle cream reviews, and unfortunately most do not utilize the power of this all-natural remedy.

6. Lavender Is a healing and stimulating tonic for the hair and skin. It is used to invigorate the scalp and add fullness to fine hair. The scent of lavender is used to help with anxiety and insomnia.

7. Peppermint is a known skin and scalp balancer. It is a good one for all hair and skin types, and helps to regulate oil production.

8. (fresh rose)

9. (fresh calendula)

10. Horsetail is perhaps the most powerful of beauty herbs. It has the highest silica content of any plant in the plant kingdom. Silica is a building block of collagen, a protein found in hair and skin. It drastically strengthens the hair and plumps the skin. It can be used as a tea, oil, or vinegar infusion or made into a tea to drink. It’s effects are fast and visible. It coats the hair with a protective layer and adds thickness and integrity..


burdock kelp

11. Burdock root is  full of Vitamin A and fatty acids that are essential to healthy cell production. It has long been used to hold in moisture and help sluggish hair grow faster.

12. Kelp is used as a strengthener for weak hair and nails. It is full of Vitamins and Folate which support healthy circulation in the skin. It can be eaten or applied topically. So, there you have it!…….10 effective beauty herbs to start with. And there are hundreds more natural remedies that are known to be great for hair beauty and health. Some of my favorites that I have experimented with so far and blogged about (and personally use!) are coconut oil, shea butter, honey, pine tar, and lanolin. And here is my recipe for juice that makes your hair grow faster, naturally! If you are interested, is my recipe for juicing for faster growing hair. So, go to your local health food store or order these 12 herbs online and start your own small at-home apothecary. Better yet, grow them yourself at home from seeds. And stay tuned, because I have some DIY beauty herb fun in store for you! xoxo, HTHG

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  1. […] Take a more natural route to getting those stubborn locks growing faster.  The How-To Hair Girl suggests 4 herbs in particular that will stimulate your strands – (1) Hibiscus is perfect to reverse sloth-like hair growth, as it is already known to be a great stimulator.  (2) Lavender is not only stimulating, but also healing to the scalp and hair.  Use this to make a head of fine hair more full!  (3) Burdock root is another long-known growth stimulator which contains Vitamin A and many fatty acids – which we know are necessary to healthy hair growth.  (4) Kelp will keep the hair that you have already grown shielded against breakage.  It is a natural strengthener for the hair.  To learn about more hair healthy herbs click here. […]

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