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ShamPHree Summer series #2. Hair, water, mermaids

ladies in the waterI am a water lover. Are you? Do you feel at home in the water too?

Although I am not technically a water sign (Capricorn, Earth) I have been a water baby from birth. I feel whole in the water. I feel free in the water. I feel safe in the water. I had my babies in the water because I couldn’t imagine a better way to be born and give birth. I love the look of hair in the water. This started with The Little Mermaid.

Ariel’s thick red hair and the way it floated and moved in the water made me long to be a mermaid myself. I remember seeing a girl at the pool that had long mermaid hair and following her around all afternoon just to watch her hair move. I would tip my head back to an uncomfortable angle just to get my short hair to float behind me, convinced that my hair could be mermaid-y too. Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 11.02.07 AM 1 ( Photo from Tumblr #mermaid)

For this next portion of my #shamphree summer series, I give you women in pretty dresses floating in water with pretty hair. The theme here is freeing yourself of shams, social expectations and pressures, and forces that keep us from who we desire to n white ladies in the water

A bride gets cold feet. She says “Fuck weddings” and takes all her bridesmaids in a pickup truck to the river and they all jump in together. A mermaid wants to marry a human against the bidding of her father King Triton. Sometimes you just have to take the jump in and swim around a bit. #shamphree #freeyourhair #freethebeast #getfree #hthg

Do you have an inspiring story of taking a leap of faith? This is a great time to share it here in HTHG’s comment box!



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