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#DIYhair Friday…..Short hair Crown Braid.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 12.14.17 PMHi hi! Happy #DIYhair Friday! Here is a braided hairstyle that works for the shortish haired ladies out there. And by shortish I mean somewhere between jaw and shoulder length hair, whether it be a bob-ish or a shag-ish cut. (Perfect for the shlobs!)

Coming at you from the Oregon Country Fair, I give you the short hair Crown Braid, on lovely Therese’s bold red hair.

Short hair Crown Braid


This hairstyle requires some texturizing prep. Because it is a style for shorter hair, it needs a little extra stick-together. If you are ShamPHree, you are good to go. If not, use a honey or salt spray before braiding to give the hair some grip.

Note that doing an upside down braid on yourself can be tricky at first. It takes practice, so give yourself some time to get your fingers used to the concept. I recommend flipping the head upside down to DIY it. Or, ask a friend to help.

If you have bangs, leave them out of the braid for a cute milk maid look.

Start by parting the hair down the back of the head.

Start a dutch braid at the hairline on one side.

Braid all the way up the side, and then continue down the free end of the braid. Secure the end with a clear elastic.

Repeat on the other side.

Now take your first braid and pull it across the top of the head. Tuck it behind and under the other braid and pin it discreetly.

Overlap the second braid across the top and tuck and pin the tail discreetly under the first braid.

Voila! You have short hair and you CAN wear those cute braid crown hairstyles! And, you have successfully faked having longer hair!

Have a perfect weekend.


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  1. Stephanie Mason

    Oh man! I love your website and have been referencing it for awhile now and finally just checked back in after a summer without much computer access and full of festivies (including OCF!) and I totally wish I had seen your other OCF post beforehand and known that you were there. I would have sought you out to give you a big high five for being such an awesome lady with such a helpful website, who also happens to frequent the same hippie festival that I do every summer. SO. GREAT. Maybe next year when I spy some super sweet braids I’ll track you down 😉

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Yay! Check out my #bethefair category for all my OCF shenanigans. Find me next year at booth l48;)

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