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#DIYhair Friday! A little twist on the 3rd day……

twistThere are literally a thousand variations on a twisted bun hairstyle. Today, I give you my go-to 30 second twist and go side twist. This hairstyle is a bit like the Snake Charmer, but it is a bit easier to do and stays put better for all day wear.

I consider this ( and all twisted hairstyles) third day dream hair. When you don’t feel quite right about wearing your hair down but don’t want to wash your hair or fuss with a big old styling production.

Like the Third day twisted up-do for curls and waves this twisted ‘do works on gals of all hair textures. If you are super fine and slippery haired, may I suggest a bit of salt grip spray. If you are super thick and heavy haired, make sure and have some big bobbies on hand.

Your hair should be shoulder length or longer to  be able to pull it off right. All you need is your 3rd day hair, a couple bobbies, and your twisting fingers.

This hairstyle starts off with a deep side part.

On the heavy side of the part, begin a twist moving backwards, down the side and behind the ear.

Continue the twist down towards the nape of the neck.

When the twist is centered, pull in the rest of the hair from the other side of the nape.

Continue twisting all the way down the free end.

Wrap the twist into a bun on the side, and pin it discreetly.

Put on your favorite earrings and hit the weekend hard ( but not too hard. You know what I mean.)


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