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DIY Patron Goddess of Holiday Spirit Hair Wreath

7U6A7334Happy Season of crafting and giving, my dears! I have to say that I tend to try to deny the existence of holidays through the beginning of December, but always, without fail, some holiday bug bites me and I start getting pumped on projects.

Today, as I rode my bike home from the post office, I smelled pine and I saw holly. Then, I saw and smelled rosemary. All of the sudden, all I saw and smelled were boughs of holiday worthy plants growing around me. I stopped and picked a couple branches here and there on the way home. While Selah was sleeping, I made a hair wreath and drank tea.

 DIY Patron Goddess of Holiday Spirit Hair Wreath


1. For this project, you will need a headband, ( I just used a cheepy plastic one that Marley had stashed in a drawer) some boughs, some twine, a pair of scissors, and optional bow to add at the end.

2. Tie the twine tightly and double knot it on one end of the headband.

3. Choose your first bough and begin wrapping it from one end around the headband. Don’t worry about wrapping it too neatly or too tight.

4. Add and layer more boughs as you wish and wrap them across the headband. Arrange the smaller details as you go.

5. When you are done adding and wrapping boughs onto your headband, tie off the end of the twine. Make sure to double knot it, and make sure the ends of the headband are very securely wrapped.

6. Add a bow if you wish.

Now use your Solstice wreath to adorn your favorite HTHG hairstyle:) You will smell so fresh and look like the patron goddess of holiday spirit:) Hope you got the spirit.


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