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Do’s and Dont’s of DIY Hair Coloring.

dos and donts*This post has inspired SO MANY GREAT QUESTIONS from HTHG readers regarding their hair color. Many of the questions are quite complicated and require a bit of time and complex color theory knowledge. I wish I could answer all of them, but unfortunately I don’t have the time to keep up! 

I wrote this post because I saw a need for more options and information for people who color their hair at home. In this post, I link to and suggest the line Madison Reed because It is the best color line out there available to non-professionals in terms of quality, results, and safety. I work with them as an affiliate and am proud to promote their products because I believe in great DIY hair, and I have high standards when it comes to hair color.

If you are interested in  DIY home-hair coloring, I highly recommend using DIY hair color by Madison Reed, which is Resorcinol-Free.

They are a very conscious and effective at-home hair color line that is gentle and comes in incredible, predictable shades. The whole line is designed for DIY colorers!

If you purchase a Madison Reed Radiant Color Kit, you will receive not only the colors of hair colors your choice, but also the necessary tools to apply it. The entire line is designed for the DIY hair colorer! And if you need to touch up your roots in between coloring, be sure to check out their Root Reboot to refresh and revive your hair.

If you want to know my #1 choice tool for healthy, balanced hair, look no further than the FREE YOUR HAIR BRUSH! Invest in a gorgeous brush and keep your hair growing longer and stronger forever, without the use of any chemicals or products.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 12.14.38 PMIf you are in the market for a genius new system of haircare designed by hairstylists with a less-is-more vibe perfect for DIY Color Care, check out the Hairstory Studio Haircare line, starring New-Wash magic cleansing cream. My hair has literally never looked of felt better. I use it once a week and my hair is never greasy, and always healthy!

They have a line of 4 simple products for all hair types to help you master happy healthy hair without a fight. Check their shop out here, and make sure you mention that How-to Hair Girl referred you when you go to make your purchase. If you are a hairstylist and want to try the line out or carry it in-salon, click here and mention How-to Hair Girl as your Referral! I love this line for color-treated hair because it doesn’t strip out the pigment in your hair, keeping color fresh and gorgeous.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 12.55.13 PMBefore we talk about the logistics of color, let’s talk about colored-hair care. The answer to keeping your colored hair healthy and vibrant is NOT a color-treated shampoo. Instead, opt for a cleansing cream to gently cleanse and condition the hair, without removing color. We ( along with many informed colorists) Swear by the Hairstory Studio New Wash, and their line of simple, nourishing natural hair products designed and formulated by hairstylists and colorists. Before you embark on your DIY color journey, be sure to be prepared with the tools you need to keep that hair bright and healthy. Here is a link to their shop, and if you are an independent stylist/colorist, check out how rad this line is for you and your clients (When making your purchase, please be sure and tell them that How-to Hair Girl referred you! We love you for it, and for being here in general:)

There are some basic rules to hair coloring that you don’t have to be a professional to understand. They are rules that when applied, just might make your DIY color experience easier, save your hair color from brassiness, save yourself from unplanned color surprises, save your hair from falling out, save your wallet from emptiness.

This post has been a long time coming…..I have been thinking about it and planning it and trying to decide just how detailed to get. I decided to keep it on the simple side, and save you all that Eyes Glazing Over thing that happens when you are in over your head with information.

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 2.28.19 PM Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 2.27.46 PMFirst off, here is the color wheel, and here is a color level chart. These things are necessary to have on hand when deciding how to get your hair color from point A to point B. When I refer to the level of the hair, I am talking about the amount of darkness. When I refer to the tone, I am refering to the color.

Also, here is another good breakdown of hair color chemistry for beginners, in case you are interested.

Let’s start by talking a bit about developers.

Developers. What are they? Developer is the peroxide or oxidizing component to the chemistry of color. Permanent color comes with developer, no matter where you get it and who makes it. To put it simply, it is the chemical that strips out your natural color, making it possible for the artificial color to work it’s way into the cortex of the hair, where the color molecules live. To understand hair color, you need to understand your developer.

When you go to Sally’s, you often can buy your desired hair color and then choose which developer you want…..10 volume, 20 volume, 30 volume, and 40 volume. 10 is the slowest acting developer, 40 is the fastest. Think of the volume of your developer as the amount of lift or lightening you want to achieve. Using too high of a volume developer can result in unnecessary lightening and major damage to the hair. Too low a volume, and you may not get as light as you want.

When going darker or changing the tone of your hair, say going red and one shade darker, Generally, 20 volume is a good bet. When working with very fine and fragile hair, I always use a 10 volume. When highlighting very dark coarse hair, usually 30 or 40 volume is necessary. When toning light hair, I like to use 1o volume.

So, to put it simply, 20 volume is the safest bet but always consider the condition and texture of the hair and desired result when choosing your developer.

And for the record, for better DIY color options, get your color at Sally’s where you have more choices. Box color from the drug store is just a bad idea, all around.

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 2.37.38 PMScreen Shot 2013-12-04 at 2.38.02 PMDarkening light hair. Your inclination would be to get a box of the color you want and slap it on thinking that it must be pretty harmless. What would happen if you put a level 3 dark brown over a level 12 light blonde (see color level chart.) Your hair color would be a flat, gross gray-green-brown.

Now, we must talk about filling the hair. To go from pre-lightened to dark hair, it takes 2 steps. First step, Fill. Filling the hair means replacing lost pigment to the hair before applying your desired color. I’m not going to go too far in depth with this one but I will give you a healthy bite of knowledge.

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 2.50.41 PMIf your hair is pre-lightened and you want to go darker, you need to replace some of the lost color first. You need to get your color here before you move on to step 2.

You almost can’t lose by filling with a level 7 warm gold and 10 volume developer. So apply your filler color first, let it process, then dry the hair, and then step 2. apply your desired color. This is the key to going from light blonde to rich and beautiful dark hair.

just an FYI, I always refer my clients who DIY their color to the Madison Reed Radiant Color Kit for going darker shades, as well as vibrant reds and coppers. They make incredible toning glosses as well, but we will get to that later.

Permanent vs Demi-permanent color. Here is what I tell my clients when trying to decide between these 2 options. Are you ready to commit to being dark haired, or red haired, or black haired, or gold haired for at least 6 months? Are you prepared to keep up with the root line that permanent color inevitably leaves you with? Are you going for a bold, rich, high impact color to call your own for a long while? Are you willing to invest in the proper hair care products to keep your color looking nice? Let’s go with permanent. Are you general more finicky about your hair? Do you like to change up the color with the seasons? Do you want the option of going from light to dark and back? Do you like a more natural, translucent look without the upkeep? Do you want more of a tonal change, rather than changing the level of your hair color? Do you want a nice, shiny refresh of the color you already have? let’s go with Demi-permanent.

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 4.10.27 PM Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 4.11.34 PMLightening dark hair. Do you have virgin hair, never been colored before? If so, then you can choose your lighter shade, keeping in mind that as you lighten, your hair gets more gold. If you don’t want to see much gold or red, make SURE you choose a shade that is ash or violet based. Look on the color wheel. Violet is across from yellow orange. That means they are opposite colors. The violet in the color will help nuetralize the gold tones. Keep this in mind.

If you have existing color on your hair at all, know that a box color will not remove that color. You cannot lighten pre-dyed hair with box dye. That’s where bleaching comes in. Bleaching your own hair is not easy, and not for the faint of heart. I will not go too deep into bleaching and corrective color but I think it is important to consider these points………..

Bleaching hair When bleaching your hair, know that whatever developer you choose will drastically effect the outcome. All developers when mixed with bleach have the capacity to lighten hair to the same color, it’s just a matter of speed. Bleach and 40 volume works fast and strong. 10 V can get you to the same place, but much slower and much gentler.

The first inch of hair at your roots will always lighten much faster than the rest because of the heat from the head. You can use a 10v developer on the root section and 30 on the ends, or leave the bleach off the roots at first. There are many ways to get around this fact, but you have to get creative and be careful.

If you just need to lighten 1 level or possibly 2, a French Shampoo can be a great trick. To do this, mix bleach and 40 v developer. Add equal parts shampoo to your mixture. Apply and suds evenly into wet hair and let it sit for  15 minutes or so. Shampoo out. This can be great for stripping out color, if all you want is a bit of lightening or to prep for a toner.

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 3.27.43 PM Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 3.28.12 PMToning. Why do we use toners? When you don’t want to change the level of your hair color, just the tone. For example, after you bleach to a pale yellow, but you want to be an icy blonde.

When choosing a toner, look at your hair. What color do you see that you want to go away? is it slightly brassy or too yellow? Check out your color wheel. To tone these unwanted colors away, choose colors that contain the opposite color tones in them. Blue and violet ash based toners are great for unwanted golds. Blue and green based toners are what you want to cancel out red in the hair. You following me?

The color glosses from the Madison Reed Radiant Color Kit make incredible tones that are gentle and come in soft and beautiful shades.

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 11.13.18 AMScreen Shot 2013-12-04 at 5.11.53 PMVeggie dyes. When you see vivid pinks, blues, greens, purples, oranges, and yellows in peoples hair , you can bet that it is the result of a bleach and veggie dye. Veggie dye is a single process, deposit only color. This means simply that it doesn’t use any caustic chemicals to lift out color molecules and deposit new ones. It only adds color. This is why it should be used over pre-lightened hair for best results.

Although you can put it over any virgin hair color, if you want a true vivid color, the hair should first be bleached first. On virgin hair, veggie dyes will be very semi-permanent. On bleached hair, veggie dyes will stick around, fading slowly over time.

Popular veggie dyes are Pravana, Special Effects, and Manic Panic. I am a sucker for Special Effects. Their colors are gorgeous and they seem to stick around longer.

For the record, red color molecules are the smallest and they penetrate the deepest into the hair. This makes reds harder to remove. Reds, pinks, oranges, and some purples will fade slower than cooler colors. Blue color molecules are the largest, and they don’t penetrate nearly as deeply as reds. Blues and lavenders and cool greens should be applied to very light hair for best results. But don’t count on them staying vibrant for long. Mix some color in with your conditioner and use it weekly to help keep those colors fresh;)

Also, the longer you leave the color on your hair, the longer it will last after you wash it out. And heat will help the color penetrate. So cover your head with a processing cap and sit under some heat while that color is on your head.

Pastel Hair

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 11.18.58 AM 7U6A3534Do you like the look of those very muted vivid colors like dusty rose, mauve, and silver purple? My favorite trick for that is to bleach the hair, and tone it to a very beige-y silver before applying the veggie dye. Then, mix your veggie dye up with Hairstory New Wash to perfectly dilute your color into creamy pastel perfection.

Another fantastic option for Pastel Hair is the fabulous Tinge Pastel Color Conditioner, magical fantasy haircolor shades to perfect your pastel tone, and keep it bright at home! Tinge Pastels are supe easy to apply in the shower. Check em! Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 11.19.21 AM

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 3.15.30 PMTouching up your roots……Here is what you need to know. There is this thing called hot roots. It is a result of what happens when your color processes faster and more thoroughly because of the heat at your scalp. It results in scarily bright roots. Unless you want your color to look like this (fake!) you must account for hot roots any time you touch up your color. To do this, go one shade darker than your desired color when touching up your roots. Or use a lower developer, like 10v. This will eliminate unwanted brightness in the root section. Touching up your own roots? Check out this post. Touching up your bleached hair? check this post out.

Covering grays.

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 3.31.08 PM Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 3.32.10 PMGray hairs are more resistant to color and generally take a bit longer to process. You will want to use a higher developer if you have a lot of grey, 20v or higher.

When coloring gray, you must also account for the missing pigment. IF you have a lot of gray, and you want to be a cool blonde, you will need to use a neutral or gold shade to make up for the color that is missing. If your grays are super coarse or resistant, I suggest you use a 30 volume developer to really help your hair grab that color.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 11.11.13 AMIf you are interested in a natural option for gray coverage, check out the groundbreaking Hairprint, developed by green chemists to help restore original color to your gray hair, without the use of harmful chemicals…….This at-home haircolor kit uses100% food grade ingredients to stimulate production of Pheomelanin in each hair strand!

Hair condition and keeping your color fresh.  To keep your color fresh, let’s talk about the condition of your hair. The healthier your hair is, the better it will take and hold color. If your hair has been processed and doesn’t wa7U6A0064nt to hold color, give yourself a couple of protein treatments, then do your color, then focus on moisturizing to help seal the color in.

If you are trying to maintain a pastel shade over bleach, good luck. These colors were not made to last. My tip for this is to add some of your pastel color to your conditioner and shake it up. Deposit a bit of color every time you condition to keep the shade fresh. Or, again, use Tinge Pastel Color Conditioner.….it is nourishing and ready-made in 5 shades!

My best advice for keeping more natural-hued color fresh is to use a great quality at-home color like the Madison Reed Radiant Color Kit and find alternatives to shampoo-ing. Again, we highly recommend New Wash by Hairstory Studio as your colored-hair cleansing creme.

If you are using the ShamPHree method, use a diluted BS mixture and a more concentrated ACV. Here is more on the subject. Keep your hair in the best condition that you can. Get regular trims. Use hair powder or dry shampoo. Brush your hair more, with the FREE YOUR HAIR BRUSH and wash less!

Also, I want to add that conditioning is ESSENTIAL to mindful DIY hair coloring. If your hair is very dry and not holding color, we highly recommend using Hair Balm by Hairstory Studio daily as your dry hair quenching treatment, to help protect and repair your hair in between washes. Just remember to tell them How-to Hair Girl referred you when you make your purchase:)

Want DIY hair color inspiration? browse HTHG’s DIY color category and learn how to master your own color!

If you purchase a Madison Reed Radiant Color Kit, you will receive not only the colors of hair colors your choice, but also the necessary tools to apply it. The entire line is designed for the DIY hair colorer!

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  1. Jennifer

    I dyed my hair 6r/7rc yesterday but really want to do ombre. Will bleaching the ends turn my hair pink?

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      yep. They will turn pink. I would wait a couple weeks till your red fades and then do your ombre and have a nice beige-y toner with a hint of green in it to tone out the pink:)

      1. cody jo

        No… Your hair will not turn pink! When you lighten red hair it would first go to orange, then to yellow and hopefully to blonde!

        1. Jennyjen27

          That’s funny because I do my hair all the time and I love putting a very bold red in and every time I bleach my ends it turns pink. My sisters turned orange doing the same thing. It’s different for everyone depending on the shade of red and which developer is used.

    2. Jenni

      Depends on the base tone in the product you used. It could turn orange or pink. I’ve had both happen.

      And as mentioned above, red color molecules are very small, so it’s hard to remove.

      I would try a color remover before using a lightener/bleach. I find they work better on fresh color than color that has sat in the hair for months.

      Hope this helps.

      Also, when you ombre, tease the hair above where you plan to make the ombre. This will give you the gradient blend you are looking for.

  2. Sofia


    My natural level is between a 2 and 3. I recently dyed it black and used color oops a few times to remove the black. At the present time, my hair color looks like a medium brown with red highlights. I want to dye it so it can have a more even tone but I’m scared that it will just go back to dark because I used color oops instead of bleach to breakdown the black. Do you think a french shampoo would do the trick? Is that as damaging as just bleaching my hair?

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      I think you should wait a week, and do some deep cleansing to remove all the color oops residue before you do anything else. Add some Baking Soda to your shampoo for some deep cleansing. Then, do a french shampoo to remove more color and lighten you up a tad more. Then, use a toner to correct any unwanted red/brassiness:)

      1. Misty

        First off, thanks for all the great information.

        I’m in the same boat as Sofia. I’m going to follow your advice to her, but I have a question. Forgive my ignorance, but what level developer would you use for the toner or would it be better to use a shampoo like Shimmer Lights?

        I know peroxide can cause hair to re-oxidize and become dark again after using color oops.


      2. akhan

        Hey im going to color my mom’s hair shes currently 3 on ur scale and i wanted to do some highlights like the no. 5 or 6 max. I bought bleaching powder and a 40vol.developer. and a dark ash blonde color with 20 vol developer to remove any brassiness. I wanted to ask you if its ok to use 40 vol. Developer because 30 vol. Doesnt work on dark brown hair. Just tell me an i doing it right and wat is the right ratio of mixing bleach n dev. Is it 1:2 or 1:1

        1. Teena Madden

          30 vol most certainly does work on dark brown it just takes longer to develop ☺

    2. Minuca

      Use a color eliminator like Rusk elimina8.

  3. Sela

    Hey so I have a question. I’ve recently dyed my hair but i used garnier nutrisse ultra color (R0 darkest intense auburn). Now the back of my hair was bleached ALOT so when I dyed my hair using garnier my roots and the rest of my unbleached hair came out good but the bleached part didn’t. I guess the color didnt really stick. I have another box of the same dye and i want to re-dye it again to cover the bleached part BECAUSEE hair has different colors in it and I don’t like it. What would you recommend? Also since the hair dyes in box come with developer can i add a different type or is that bad?

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      The only way to get that color to stick in the bleached parts would be to recondition the hair with protein to build up the integrity a bit, then fill it with color in between the bleach and your desired result. I would suggest a medium golden brown. Then, condition a couple more times over the course of a week and THEN apply your dark red. Should stay better. And I recommend always using the developer that comes with the color just to be safe:)

      1. Jane

        what do you mean by protein?

        1. Jenni

          Protein enriched deep conditioners.

          Look for keratin treatments. And read the directions well. Some can make the hair very fragile while it’s working. Any movement will break the hair.

          I also suggest an overnight coconut oil treatment. When you color again, use a red filler on the blonde areas.

  4. Korka

    Hi and thanks so much for this post. I’ve been reading A LOT on hair coloring and I feel like this is the best DIY information I’ve come across. Now I finally understand developers better and why my roots are one color after coloring while the ends are not!

    I do have a question though, maybe you can help me? I went from half dark ash (my virgin hair, untouched, long roots) and half pale blonde (old highlights) to bleaching my hair a few weeks ago. I want to go silver. When I bleached with a purple bleach powder and 20 vol. developer the roots were still a bit orange and not knowing better I toned it twice in the following weeks with T14 and T18 from Wella with a 10 vol. developer. The roots were still yellow-ish so I went to my local beauty store where they advised me to give my hair a week’s rest and then bleach and tone again. I just bleached it today with the same bleach and developer and now the roots are very pale yellow but the rest of the hair is close to pale orange. I’m afraid that if I tone it again in the same way the toner won’t take on the orange-ish part and I’m also worried that if I bleach over the orange parts my hair will become totally fried (it has gone from super healthy to pretty brittle). Any advice?

    Thanks again! 🙂

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      My advice is to do a couple deep protein conditioners over the next couple weeks (Redken CAT is a great one.)
      Then, do a french shampoo to lighten it up and strip out a bit of the existing yellow/orange. Then, retone. Good luck!

      1. Korka

        Thanks a bunch! 🙂

  5. Kayla

    I have virgin hair, about a 6/7 at this moment, and would love to go towards a 10/11. I am VERY scared about bleach produts as I have used them in the past and fryed my hair. Its finally long and healthy and would love for it to be a light blonde that i can add a strip of bright/vivid blue or pink in for summer. I have had different suggestions for this process, from colour zap, to using a box dye, ect… I want my hair to stay healthy but know the risks when it comes to DIY treatments… Open to all suggestions, and there is a Sally very close to me, but they were the ones who instruced me to use 40vol.bleach combo on virgin hair… again very nervous with bleach ha ha ha

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      I think that you cant go wrong with bleach and 20 v, as long as you have someone to help you apply it. Then, use a toner depending on what color your hair bleaches to:) If this idea scares you, try a high-lift cool blonde from Sally’s:)

      1. Jen

        If i use a high lift color on the hair i just bleached yesterday will be become lighter and take out some of the brassy yellow tones? The hair color i did the bleach on was.. previously colored too. Thats why i think it didnt bleach lighter.

  6. Jessica

    Hi! Thank you for all of your posts! I’d like to ask your advise… My hair is currently between a 3 & 4 (closer to a 3) on your scale with highlights that are between a 4 & a 5 (closer to a 4). I’m getting ready to go to a 2 base with 1 lowlights (& am using boxed dye, so am aware that I may end up with different tones because of my current highlights, & am ok with that). I don’t really want the “low lights” (or black streaks) to be too bold, & would rather they blend at least to some degree, so my first instinct was to do the black streaks first & then the dark brown/brown-black color all over, but don’t want to make it so that the black just totally disappears into the dark brown… Am i correct in thinking that the black will still show through as different tones by doing this, or will the dark brown cover up the black totally? Do you think that this is the best order for me to do this, or should I switch the order that I’m planning? Thank you for all of your great info (again & always!)!!! 😉

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Hi there. Good question! I would consider doing your black pieces in foils and coloring around them with brown all in one process. You can use foil placement to keep the black from being too bold. Section out the hair around your natural part, an inch on both sides. clip the section out of the way and put some low-light foils in around that section so that they fall under the top layer of your hair and peek through:)

  7. Ashley


    So I bleached my hair a couple of weeks ago to remove a really dark brown, I put a light ash brown over it and it was a bit brassy for my liking so tried another natural ash brown and it came out browner- I wanted a natural cool light brown- but it was still brassy so I’ve given it a week to settle but washed it last night and some yellowy bleached bits are coming through at the top and still a bit brassy looking.
    I’m so frustrated!! Please help! Do I re-dye with a light brown? What do in do to achieve an ash brown with no brassiness!!!

    Thanks:) Ash

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      It depends……Are you seeing too much yellow, orange, or red? Also consider that your hair needs a bit of R and R and strength-building after all that processing to be able to hold onto color. So do some protein treatments before you color again. IF you are seeing yellow brass, tone out with a violet based color. If you are seeing orange brass, tone out with a blue/silver based color. If you are seeing red, tone out with a green based color.

  8. Zoe kelly

    My hair is like brown/ ginger / dark brown and I want to ombré it blonde, if it goes gingery blonde do you just put on a purple toner?

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      If you see too much orange in your ombre, find a good blue-based toner like a 9-1 or silver:)

      1. Mel.El

        My hair is currently in an ombre-type situation. My natural being very dark. I want to go all over red. Should I use a 30 developer with my dark, coarse hair? or should I play it safe with a 20, because I have the variation in color?

  9. Keisha

    I’ve dyed my hair black at home for years. I have natural, unprocessed, curly/coily/kinky hair. Recently tried to do at home highlights using bleach and 10 volume developer. Not really feeling the results. Now I’m thinking of just lightening my entire hair to some shade of Brown. What do you suggest? Will the already lightened sections pose a problem?

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Because you used 10 V developer, i dont think that the pre-lightened sections will pose a problem. I would suggest doing a couple french shampoos to see if that strips out enough black for you to be able to go back in with a pretty brown to get you to your perfect shade:)

  10. Marley

    I bleached my hair a week ago and it came out fairly brassy. I applied Garnier Nutrisse light golden blonde a couple of days ago and it blended my roots to tip pretty good but is still kinda yellow. I’m wanting to have a medium blonde with highlights and lowlights. What should I apply to get a good base color that will take out the brassiness and not turn green?

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      If it is yellow you want to tone out, use a violet based toner ( Always tone using the opposite color on the color wheel:)
      If you were trying to tone out red, you would use a green based toner. Orange would be a blue based toner. So something like a 8v or 8-1 would be great.

  11. Kelsey

    I bleached my hair a few months ago and had almost white hair. Then I dyed over it with a reddish brown dye and kept that for awhile. But I decided that I wanted purple hair so i used color fix and it got my hair pretty light, even my roots which were not bleached. I used ion color brilliance brights purple semi-permanent dye, and I like the color, however my only problem is that it didn’t cover my roots enough. My question is, should I bleach my roots using volume 10 developer to get a color that kind of matches what color my hair was after I stripped it?

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      yep. That is what you should do to get your color consistant. Try not to overlap the bleach onto your pre-lightened ends. You can dampen your hair and apply conditioner all over it, leaving out the roots, then apply bleach to the roots:)

  12. danielle

    love this article! so helpful. but now my question is, I had super bright red hair, I wanted all red out and go back to my natural dark brown. i used one n only color fix. waited a day, then colored it an ash medium brown. It still has the gold/red/blonde tint to it. I was wondering if i could mix light blonde ash toner with a cool dark brown and apply it all at the same time. or am i getting toner completely mixed up lol I see you’ve said green toner, but have no idea how to find that out. I use wella hair color from sallys with level 30 developer.

  13. patty

    HI there, hope i can get a response soon before i take a blind guess. I recently had someone try to ombre my hair and it wasnt dark to begin with, more of a darker shade of caramel but not dark brown or black. she has bleached my hair three times and still hasnt got it right. i want a light ash blonde with almost platinum ends. Right now my roots and top are between a 3-5, i wanted a 3 tone ombre but i dont see it, the second and third part of my hair are between an 8-10 with a lot of yellow in it. question is, do i bleach it again to get it lighter and then dye it the ash blonde color that i want or do i dye it first then try to ombre my ends with the bleach. and if so whats the best what to do it, ends tao root or root to ends?

  14. zahra

    I have level 12 lightest blonde dyed hair but I want it number 1 black, will dying it number 10 then applying black in a week or so get me to that colour ? Thx x

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      no, that is a recipe for green/gray hair! You will need to fill it first with a 6-warm.

      1. Khardae

        I love your article but one question for you I’m like a dark blonde some is a little lighter but I’m trying to go black what should I do?

  15. Edith

    I have an ombre (from a box) that i’ve had for a while now (4-6 months) but I want to dye it red. Is my only choice is to go with a professional or am I able to achieve it on my own? I know I can’t just add red to my whole head. What can I do?

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      you can do it at home. I can help walk you through it if you want a DIY color consultation. xo

  16. Wendy

    I want to apply lowlights in a level 6N to my level 9G existing hair color, my question is should I stick to GOLD tone, or can I safely go over to NATURAL tone without something funky happening? I should also add that I don’t have much grow out at this point and my natural color is around a level 6N, trying to revert, lol.

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Hey! I can totally help you with this if you are interested in a DIY color consultation. Let me know:)

  17. Nicole

    Great advise!! I do have a question though. I am deposing a red into my hair tomorrow andnive done this before with great results.. But cant remember what exactly i did!
    I have dyed my hair a medium golden brown (level 4) for about 3 years (its a bit darker on the end because of all the coloring) and my roots right now are about 1/2inch of natural hair color, which is a dark dirty blonde.

    I just did a strand test with sallys ion intense red blonde on the whole length of the hair strand. Obviosuly it came out a bit light up top, but i didnt add the color to the top inch until 15mins towards the end. It also has too much of an orangy tinge to the root area compared to the rest.

    My question is: should i try and lighten the ends of the brown with a bleach cocktail or would it be better to just dye my roots the medium golden brown to match the rest and then put the red in all over??

    I really like the color that developed in the middle towards the end of the strand.
    Im aiming for a nice brown/ cool red, like a light cherry coke color. Definately want to stay away from any orangy color.

    I also purchased a pre color filler to apply before the red as the girl at sallys suggested its great for evening out the color.

  18. Cassie

    I have blonde hair with pink underneath. I have had my hair died underneath pink for about 3 weeks is it safe for me to die all of my hair back to blonde already or will it color my green?

  19. Anne

    Great post!

    I naturally have black hair and dyed it to a 5. If I used blonde hair dye (no bleach), would it turn my roots brown and the rest would be unaffected since color can’t lift color? Or if I tried ombre, would it turn my hair orange?

  20. Brittany

    I love the kimchi hair. Right now I am pravana pastel pink and ion color brilliance lavender. Everytime I try to touch up my regrowtj it turns a minty green. How should I retouch or remove color to start over like you did in kimchi hair?? Thanks a million

    1. Brittany

      Never mind!! I ended up using high lift color to a light mint then I toned with shades eq 09RB. I wanted to let you know so you wouldn’t waste your time on this case.

      I love your blog….

  21. amanda

    hey, I’m needing some advice on what do to.. my hair was a medium dark brown, it had a few deep red strips in the underneath and my old bleach blonde highlights were starting to pull threw the brown, and I had a obvious red/brown color around the entire crown of my hair that was a good inch and a half long.. so went to Sally’s and the lady told me to use a medium brown ash dye (ion color brilliance is the brand) with a 20 developer and that would fix the red, and it would be all one color. So I used that, and it didn’t do anything to the red, the Onlyy thing it did was give all of my hair an ugly green tent. so I went back and she recommended that I strip my hair using Color Fix One n’ Only, I did 2 applications (one kit) and left it in my hair for an hour each. I ended up with a yellow golden/orange color, that faded to darker toward the ends and the red strips are still there, but the red on the top is completely gone. well within a day it slowly started to darken and it currently at the roots is a orangish brass color, and the middle is a darker orangish/brown mix and the ends are darker more of a medium to dark brown but still has the orange look to it. all together it looks like my hair is a 3 shade orange color.. and the blonde highlight can be seen in all of it, and the few strips of red are still obvious in the underneath. HOW on earth do I fix this?! I want a light sandy blonde with lighter blonde small highlights. I have no idea what to do. I do plan on going to a salon this weekend..but I just want to know if I can fix it myself..or if anything what to expect the salon to do to fix it… thanks! hope someone can help me.

  22. Bec

    Hey I was wondering if it’s a good idea to go to a dark brown , at the moment I have bleach blonde tips through the top and brown underneath?

  23. valerie

    Hi, I bleached my hair two days ago and for the most part its white, some of the longer layers look almost pink, can I tone that out or do I need more bleach?

  24. jen

    I’m naturally a level 4/5, my hair is fine and just touching my shoulders. I had been coloring my hair with clairol semi permanent 4r but it wasn’t picking up on my roots in some spots and in other spots it was too bright. I noticed I have some grays now. I waited 3 months to color my hair and used clairol permanent 5r age defy. My roots came out lighter then the rest I have a dark band mid shafts and the rest is spotty i have pictures. Now I have multiple shades of ugly reds and my roots in part my roots are brighter than the rest. I have no idea what to do and I can’t afford a hair salon. Should I wait then try Ion color from Sallys? I really need advice.

  25. Skye

    H E L P HAIR GODS!!!!! This is going to be my third time around trying to get the perfect brown shade that I’ve wanted for YEARS. My hair pulls so much brass every damn time! So before I try this incredibly tiresome and unsuccessful task again I’m going to need your guidance! Pleeeeeease. This past time around (which was my second attempt mind you) I bleached my previously died black hair for the first time (I dye it black when I fail to achieve my desired color and get the nastiest brownish/red/orange hair) and of course my hair was crazy shades of orange….. So then I dyed it an ash brown BUT this time I added this wella color charm additive thing the lady said to use a little of to tone down my brass (I’ve used an ash toner on brown hair and it didn’t do much so I was hoping this blue stuff would). So I poured some.. Then all of the blue to my dye hoping for a very ashy brown…. Butttttt of course I didn’t get it. Please help me! The ashier the better. Xoxo

  26. Tina

    I got my hair colored today and it wasn’t a single process, so iam assuming they bleached me to lighten the color I had to dye mine red. Well it’s a super bright red and now I want to dye it dark brown. Will it be dark brown or look funny?

  27. Sarah

    Back in October I bleached my hair and died it red. I haven’t bleached again just dyed it red my roots are black I like to use loreal hi lift reds what do you suggest I do to my roots

  28. Nikki

    Hey um I have a question, oky I’m a African American girl soo I dyed my hair black and I been searching online on how to get rid of Black hair dye so I can dye my hair a Different color I been told to use hair bleach but I don’t wanna damage my hair..

  29. Mel

    Hi, I have very dark brown hair and I’ve been struggling to get a red/blonde ombré. My hairdresser told me that if I wanted a red that would stay and be the shade I wanted, I would have to prelighten my entire hair. But I just want ombré not my scalp, the ends of my hair. She also said it would be very difficult to maintain my hair if I lightened it,that I would have to get my roots redyed like every month, and that I won’t ever have the same natural hair color. Is all this true? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about this? I’ve really wanted that type of ombré for a long time…

  30. Chris

    i have level 3 hair, want to foil a carmel color lowlight, what do you suggust i use? maybe a level 6?

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      I would go with a level 7 and 30 volume:)

  31. Deena

    Hi, I’ve been dying my hair blond for 2 years using 40 developer and a high lift color. I would like to throw in some highlights just on the crown area. What number developer do I use? And if you have any reconendations on what to use? I heard Schwarzkopf is a good product.

  32. Charlotte

    Wow, I’m definitely linking this to my friends! We’ve been going through a hair dying craze haha.
    A couple of questions: I have natural level 1 hair, thick, coarse, and virgin. I want to do a blue and purple ombre with Special Effects (Blue Velvet and Purple Smoke) on the lower 1/3 to 1/2 of my hair. Would a box dye in a light blonde lighten my hair enough for the colours to show up, or should I bleach it (30 volume? is toner necessary before the blue and purple?)

  33. Jess

    I have a extra tube of a dark brown color brilliance that I want to use to try to dye my hair close to my natural color which is a light brown/medium brown. Right now I have highlights and lowlights my question is if I mix with the right volume developer if even tho it’s a dark brown if it could be developed to a lighter brown using the right steps. I’m just trying to get it close to my natural color. Or just go buy another shade like i said it was just extra i have.I hope that made sense.
    Thank you in advance!

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Definately buy another shade in the correct level:)

  34. Jo

    I love your blog. I would like to lighten My hair which is a 2 (virgin) to a 4. What products would I buy?

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      You could use a permanent color in a level 4 with 30v developer. 20 v would probably work too, but you may not get as much lightening as you want.

  35. Illia

    Okay, question for using 30 vol developer for lift: I’ve done a strand test on some of my cutoffs from a hair cut. When comparing the 3% bottle peroxide to 9% cream from Ion, I’m seeing a very slow difference between the two. I was told that there isn’t a big difference minus one being cream. I thought I’ve done all my research, but am I missing something? I’ve found faster results with using regular liquid bottle peroxide, and I find that the hair ends up being less dry than Ion’s developer. With a good coating of coconut oil, I feel like it’ll come out just as healthy as before. I plan on hennaing once I get the lift I want. On the strand test I did, so far it looks the way I pictured it while fresh, though I know it’ll darken a bit. Either way, I just want to be sure that I’m doing everything right. I’d sooner use the cream since it’s much easier to apply.

  36. lexi

    hi! here’s my dilemma. my hair was a dyed violet based dark brown. I wanted to lighten up just s couple shades to color it a deep burgundy. the lady at sally’s told me I wouldn’t need bleach, just mix a 30 vol developer with the color I wanted. I did that, and although it did lift the dark brown a little bit and deposit done red, it was very hardly a noticeable difference. should I have just done a bleach bath like I originally planned, and what can I do now to get it just a little lighter/redder?

  37. Emma

    I dyed my hair a couple of weeks ago, my natural hair colour is light blonde on the underneath on my hair and a mouses colour on top I dyed it a berry red colour all over since dying it lots of the red has come out and it’s now gone like a brown/red on the bottom and really faded and a light red colour on top, I want all the red colour out of my hair so I can get it back to my natural hair colour. Without dying my hair lots and spending lots of money? What would you suggest please? Many thanks

  38. Tricia Varano

    I have a friend who has a natural level 3 she wanted to be a blonde so had it bleached. She hated it and had it professionally darkened but she has alot of gold coming throuh w a half inch gold band at the root. She wants to be a rich brown and asked me to help her any advice before I try and tackle this.?

  39. brandi

    Around 11 months ago I used a lightening spray and a hair dryer to turn my already dyed dark brown hair a caramel color towards the middle and increasingly lighter all the way to the tips. I left the roots dark brown. I’ve cut my hair a couple times since then and the really light gold blonde has been trimmed away leaving only a couple inches of a deep caramel color. Now I would like to pull heavy amounts of the top layers of my hair through a cap and color them caramel and dye the bottom layer that’s underneath back to a deep golden brown. I bought a kaleidacolors kit from Sally’s as well as 2 boxes of permanent dye in 5N and 6W. Do I just put the brown on my underneath layer and then use the tonal lightening powder on the top to lift to desired color? Or do I need to wait a certain amount of time in between so I don’t accidentally mix the colors if I do them at the same time? Or can I use 20 vol with the 6W and lighten the top layers without the powder? My hair can be fragile so I bought a neutral protein filler but I’m not sure which step to add it in. Or if I need to use the powder and then wait a few days and then go back over it with the 6W to get the prailine color I want? I don’t want to mess up since my hair breaks and splits if I try to correct mistakes and recolor or strip it to try and correct the error of my ways. I want to get it right the first time. If you can help me out on using the right product in the right steps I would be ever so grateful. I don’t trust walking into the first salon I find in the phone book since my hair can be finicky and it takes a true professional to know how to deal with it to get the right results. You seem to really know your stuff so I’m putting my faith in you. Thanks in advance!

  40. Zubi

    Hi there!
    So, I am currently a vibrant red. Like stop sign RED.
    I really want to go much lighter. I’d love to be an light auburn and bright copper mix.
    Doing the highlights myself is no problem for me to do. I just don’t know how to fade this red I have now, and lighten it properly, not to much… To achieve this.
    Would I have to add in the yellow/golds back into my hair once it is faded and ready for the new red to be dyed?
    I’m confused! Please help me.
    Btw, I used L’oreal high lift Highlights in RED and in MAGENTA over light brown hair.
    I then used Manic Panic vampire red and Hot Hot Pink over the above listed.
    It is now a bright cherry stop sign red.

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      LOVE all these DIY color questions. If I’d be happy to consult with you via HTHG’s DIY color consultations:)

  41. Bianca

    Hi there! This is an awesome blog! Thank you for producing it! My question is about creating a more custom color. I am curious about mixing 6g with 9g (wella color gel) and using a 20 developer, as I am looking for a “bronde” blonde brown golden color. Please let me know your thoughts on what to expect from this process. Currently my hair is dark beige blonde with less than half an inch of dark brown roots.

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      I am so glad you found me! I think mixing shades from within a color line is great. For a more in depth consult, id be happy to help you via HTHG’s color consultation:)

  42. Sweetsie

    Hi, my normal color is between 2-3. I recently colored it to cover greys (at home dpHue color if you are familiar with them, it’s low peroxide, product is cream-based from Italy) which I guess are about 10% of my hair but very white/silver. The color is a close match to my natural which is awesome, but the greys have kind of an orangey hue. I processed the roots for 45 minutes (dry hair to start) and 10 for the ends–the company gives consultations with cosmetologists and that was what she said to do. How do I get the roots of the greys to be less brassy/orange?

  43. jodie


    Hey 🙂 I really want to dip dye my tips so need to bleach my ends! I am vegan so only use dye not tested on animals, last time I used a super drug platinum um permanent color, I left it on for an hour and my tips are still brown!!! They are 2 shades lighter than the rest of the hair, but definitively not platinum! Should I dye it again with the same superdrug dye? Will this make it blonde? Or should I try something else like manic panic lightening dye? And does it matter how long I leave it on for?

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      I think you will need to use bleach:)

  44. Giz

    My hair color is a 1 and I have ombré highlights of a 4 but I want a 7 can I just buy a box of a dye and just apply on all of my tips of my hair . And than the highlights would turn to a 7 and would my other hair still stay a 1 …. Helpppp

  45. Cat

    First off this blog is awesome! I have, what I’m assuming is a pretty basic question but I’m oblivious to it. I use Splat (bleach and all) for a vibrant burgundy red and have dyed it 3 times (not bleaching every time only doing the untouched roots). If i switch to a vibrant purple do i need to dye the entire section or (assuming i let the current red wash out over time) will the purple show up as it should? I just don’t want a weird color to show up that I’m gonna be stuck with for awhile if I pull a dumb. Thank you so much and I love your blog!

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Purple tends to go over red quite nicely. Just keep in mind that your purple will be a very red-purple. It you want a more blue purple, you will want to use a purple with more blue in it than you actually want to see because it will counterbalance the red:)

  46. Meagan

    Thank you so much for your amazing article! I want to highlight my hair and dye the rest at the same time. My color is between 2 and 3 and I’d like to highlight anywhere from 8-11. I’d like to lighten the rest of my hair to a mocha-ish. After applying the bleach and the color for the allotted time and rinsing do I tone it? Do you apply toner all over? Thanks!

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Yes you can just put the toner over everything, as long as you are using a very low volume or semi-permanent developer:)

  47. Sarah

    Hi, Im so glad I found your blog. I have ombré hair. My roots are an ash based 7 and the ends are like a 10 but I feel to dark at my roots and want a change. Would it be easier for me to bleach my hair a 10 and add level 8 lowlights or dye my hair an 8 and add 10 highlights to get the multi coloured blonde? And what would I use?

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      the least amount of all-over lightening the better. So I think that lightening to an 8 and adding highlights is a better deal:)

  48. Gloria

    Hi All!
    Further to covering grey hair… a little tip I learnt from one of the ”Hollywood” stylists on resistant grey hair.

    Resistant grey has up to twice as many cuticle layers, so if you pat on just the color creme, where it’s resistant, and leave it for ten mins, it changes the ph enough for all those layers to start to lift.

    Then you pat on your color/developer mix as usual. This avoids the damage of high vol developers.

    I use this method on my Mom, time after time, and we only need to use 10 or 20vol, depending on her color. We used to always have grey patches at the temples and crown. No longer!

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      LOVE this! thanks!!

  49. hollyphillips

    I have virgin hair and its a shade 6-7 I would love to die my hair a magenta red colour but what colour will my hair go if I dye a dirty blonde coloured hair a magenta colour?

  50. Sky

    The post was very helpful! I usually do my own hair and i do a pretty decent job but I have a question about dying my hair. So I bleached and toned my hair again back for the summer and I toned it into an ash blonde. Then I decided I wanted to move it up higher because it was an ombre and it still is but now its more of a drop root, and the bleach made it look more orangey blonde, you know what I mean. And I also toned it with my toner and it came out more goldenish orange. Like it looks fine but I was just wondering if there is a way of re-bleaching so I can back it the same all through out my hair without touch my previous ash blonde? Like if i were to re bleach everything it would be too costy and Im afraid it may ruin my hair. I heard putting conditioner on the parts where you dont want to be colored helps, anything else?

  51. Kelsey

    Loved the article, but just a quick question! I have a box of Manic Panic Amplified 40vol. Developer/Bleach, the place I bought it from recommended it (i have medium-lightish brown hair that has never been bleached). I want to use a red Manic Panic dye over it, but I am sketchy about the strength of the bleach. Would the red cover it if it went a brassy yellow or orangeish colour?

  52. Jess

    My natural color is auburn not really close to the above chart. I’m aiming for blonde 7 all over to eliminate the red but want violet low lights. Sallys recommended bleaching & going back in 3 days for the color. My hair is fairly healthy & I’m pretty scared to bleach it. Is it my only option?

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Yep bleaching is your only option. I would recommend not trying to get your ideal results immediately, but working towards the goal, making sure to give your hair time to rest and recuperate:)

  53. Kate

    Hi! This article is super helpful! I wanted to ask, I have naturally dark brown hair (like a 3) and I dyed it bright red about 6 months ago. As my hair has grown out the color has dulled a bit (so now my roots are dark brown and everything lower than that (well past my shoulders) and it looks auburn now which isn’t terrible except I want to get rid of the red so it doesn’t clash when I bleach a couple inches of my ends and dye them purple. How do I blend the 7 or 8 inches of hair that is currently red/brown in with my brown roots so it’s not noticeable? My original plan was to use a dye remover (I bought Color B4 today) but when I looked up use reviews on it I found out it turns your hair a gingery color? So my current idea is to dye my hair as close to my natural brown as I can, wait about a week, then dye the ends and color them purple. Does that sound like it will work or should I do something else?

    Please help! I am relatively new to home-hair-dye and I don’t want to screw it up!

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Definitely dont use the color stripper. I would suggest your natural brown hair color, applying it to your hair, but leaving out the ends that you mean to dye purple. Because you don’t want to dye them dark brown just to bleach them. It will be a mess. SO……Apply a deep conditioner to your ends, and work the dark brown into your mid-strand grown out red. use no higher than a 20v developer. THEN, bleach and color your ends:)

  54. Lizzy

    I got highlights on my hair 2 and a half months ago and it fried my hair… I have tried everything from deep conditioners to using Biolage for overprocessed hair and its slowly recooperating. It still looks a little dried at ends and that’s cus I’ve cut it about 2 times since then… I want to color my hair now since highlights seem to have grown out. Is it safe to do so? Or will it damage my hair more? Didn’t even get to enjoy my highlights cus of how badly it damaged my hair :/ Advise please!!?

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      I would be very careful and make sure that if you are just highlighting your roots, that none of the dye overlaps with any of your processed hair. And there is an AMAZING deep-conditioning reconstructor by davines called Natural Tech!

  55. Rachel

    Hello! This was a great, informative post. I think I know what to do, but I thought I’d ask just to be sure. Naturally, I’m somewhere around a 4/5, but have been coloring my hair a 2 for years. A month ago I went to the salon to strip my hair and try to match it to my natural color so I can grow it out. It looked alright for a week or so, but has started getting lighter and lighter. It’s a brassy blonde/orangey brown and I don’t particularly want to go back to the salon and pay MORE (I paid quite a bit the first time) to fix it. Would you recommend a blue, ashy brown toner? And do you have a brand in particular that you prefer? Much appreciated, thanks!

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      I think that depending on your brass ( is it a red-orange brass or a yellow-green brass) Use the colorwheel to nuetralize with a semi-permanent or low volume toner in your same level. Wella color-charm is my go-to:)

  56. Kirsten

    Love your article! Thank you! I have been alternating using a 9N/9A with 20 volume and then highlighting with bleach and 20 vol every other time and then using highlift 12N with 40 volume the alternate times. I am an 8 at the roots and was wondering if I were to refresh my roots with a 12N but using a 20 volume, what that would do? Would it be a darker color? Would it just need to be left in longer? 40 just seems so strong though it works. Any info you could give would be awesome if you have a moment. Thank you!!!!

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Using a 20 as opposed to a 40v will lift you about half as much:) You may end up with more brassiness with 20.

      1. Kirsten

        Thank you!

        1. roxie.hunt Author

          you are most welcome:)

  57. emmalee skoglund

    I recently dyed parts of my hair purple and tried to go back to my 11 shade of blonde 3 days later. The parts of my hair that were purple faded to a light blueish/green color. I just want to go back to my original shade of blonde…i tried a vinegar treatment but saw no please!

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Make a thin paste with water and baking soda and put it on the green parts. Let it sit for 1/2 hour. If that doesn’t work, Try a french shampoo only on the green parts. Vinegar will never lift color. It seals color in.

  58. Noelle

    I just got highlights on my dark brown hair (he made then really ashy blonde, but I got him to tone then to a more coppery blonde), but I want to lighten the dark parts so there isn’t such a stark contrast. I refuse to pay another $300, can I use a box dye to lift the darkness? I’m going to achieve a Miranda Kerr hair color, but don’t know how my existing highlights will react. Thanks!

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      You can use a box dye to lift your hair but it will only lift your virgin hair ( won’t lift existing color:)

  59. Sabrina

    I have blonde hair at the bottom like peek a boo and I was wondering if I’d have to dye my blonde back to brown before I dye my whole head burgundy? If so how long do I wait to dye it burgundy

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Yes. You should first fill in your blonde with a nice golden brown before burgundy. I would use wella-colorcharm in like a level 6 wg and 10 V developer. Then do a couple conditioning treatments over the course of a week and then do burgundy:)

  60. Alex

    Love this article! Wish I had discovered it sooner! I spent way too much money at salons and still haven’t gotten the idea results.

    I am naturally a 2 level.

    I had ombre last year and it looked fab, I used purple shampoo to maintain.

    I wanted some highlights/ balayage added to the look and this went horribly wrong.

    Despite lengthy consolations the stylists either added too many highlights/ balayage and it went orange brassy and when I asked them to darken some sections it they pulled red brass.

    Finally now it’s acceptable but there are some strands that are grey/ white – I guess they are totally stripped.

    My question is; to get those few pieces from grey/ white to a level 8 should I do a 10v + ? a toner that is a level 7 for 10 minutes – but how can you tell the levels on the hair color boxes/ bottles?

    I was thinking of using L’Oreal Excellence Liquid Baby Beige but I’m not sure if that is correct.

    Also in terms of maintenance if the red was to start appearing could I use the level 7 toner on it with 10v?

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      SOunds to me like you just need to find a good level 8 toner in a nuetral-gold to balance out the gray. I would go with the wella colorcharm line and semi-permanent developer.

  61. Rachel


    I attempted to do a ombre at home. I have been growing my hair out and my natural color is just a brown down to my ear lope. The rest of my hair was dyed dark brown i think loreal perfect 10 multiple times. I did have my hair permed in end of march. So needless to say i have brassy hair from the bottom up to wear my dyed hair meets my natural color and that is blonde. I did a wella t11 toner with t18 mix and it is still brassy. Please help any advice would be appreciated. Id like to do ombre still if I could but dont know what to do now? Thank you!

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      The only thing you can do would be to apply bleach only to the area that was pre-darkened and is now brassy, lighten it to the level you want it, then tone it with T14 again. Not sure how your processessed hair will take it though… a strand test:)

  62. Ashley B

    Ok I have been pulling my hair through a cap and using clairol frost n glow for about 8 months now. My husband is now refusing to help me pull it through a cap so I went to Sally’s and the girl told me I needed a high lift natural blonde for my roots to just sort of make it an allover color. I purchased 2 boxes of ion color brilliance HL/N-12.0 and 8 oz of 40 volume developer. I told her that I pull red really easily and normally I use red out but she recommended I use 2 packs of red gold corrector with my mix. I was told to put it on my roots and leave in for 45 min and about 2/3 of the way through sort of paint a few streaks down the rest of my hair. She then told me after the 45 minutes mix the leftover mixture with equal parts shampoo and lather it into all of my hair except the roots then leave on for 10 more minutes then rinse. I did this and my hair is now orange/yellow. My roots were between dark blonde and medium brown. (My natural hair is a mix of a lot of colors. I went back and she told me to use the silver lights shampoo and beyond the zone shock therapy Bold Blonde packet. Please help! What can I do to fix this? My husband can’t even look at me!!

  63. shelby

    Hi, love the site! I have had the worst luck as of late. I am a natural brown and have been dying my hair last few years with Ash Browns and last week for some reason it took very dark with red tones, so I colored again, total disaster! Omg, just got worse and worse, I tried to lighten with Vitamin C, Dawn, nothing. Finally, I tried Color Oops and it turned bright orange. I recolored this morning with Dark Ash Blonde and I am now a Dark Orange / Red! Can anyone help me? I am in dire straits here. My hair is pretty dry, however not tragically bad, I am conditioning it and it’s doing ok, but I cannot stand to look in the mirror and do not want to wear hats everyday… Anyone? So embarrassed. Thanks!

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Hello! Thank you so much for visiting the site. This post gets a huge volume of traffic and DIY color trouble-shooting questions. It would take me all day to keep up. I wish I could help you all on my off-time, but I would be happy to help you with your color via HTHG’s DIY color consultation
      It is a $10 charge, and will likely save you lots more $ in the end! xo

  64. Cristin

    So, I’m looking for help. I’ve been coloring my hair at home for years using Ion Medium-Intense Red-Blonde. I have long hair. I never used to have issues with color buildup on my ends. But, the past couple of dye jobs my ends have ended up super dark (nowhere near the perfect vibrant red I’m used to) and it looks like I have hot roots. But, it’s not hot roots because it’s like half way down my hair is vibrant and the bottom is dull and dark. I keep up with trims and take care of my hair. What I’m getting at here is do you have any suggestions or insight as to why my hair is all of the sudden acting crazy and not coloring properly? I even tried using Color Fix to pull the existing color out and it still came out in an unwanted ombre deal. Please help! I’d be ever so grateful!

    1. Cristin

      I probably should have added that my natural color is blonde. I have no idea what shade on the scale though. I’ve been coloring it various shades of red for about 10 years now. I also use a volume 20 developer.

      1. roxie.hunt Author

        Hello! Thank you so much for visiting the site. This post gets a huge volume of traffic and DIY color trouble-shooting questions. It would take me all day to keep up. I wish I could help you all on my off-time, but I would be happy to help you with your color via HTHG’s DIY color consultation
        It is a $10 charge, and will likely save you lots more $ in the end! xo

    2. roxie.hunt Author

      Hello! Thank you so much for visiting the site. This post gets a huge volume of traffic and DIY color trouble-shooting questions. It would take me all day to keep up. I wish I could help you all on my off-time, but I would be happy to help you with your color via HTHG’s DIY color consultation
      It is a $10 charge, and will likely save you lots more $ in the end! xo

  65. Stacic

    I really really need help. I am so unhappy with my hair. I have bleached blonde hair. I went to the hair dressers 10 days ago to have my roots done and provide me with an even looking blonde and 10 days later my roots are back! I hate it!!! I want to darken my hair to something warmer. I dont want to pay another £80 so i want to use a box dye. What would you recommend that i use please? Something nice and warm thats easier to manage? Please help

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Hello! Thank you so much for visiting the site. This post gets a huge volume of traffic and DIY color trouble-shooting questions. It would take me all day to keep up. I wish I could help you all on my off-time, but I would be happy to help you with your color via HTHG’s DIY color consultation
      It is a $10 charge, and will likely save you lots more $ in the end! xo

  66. kinsey

    I have been using I believe a 7RR with a red booster on my hair on the top and a different redish brown on the underneath. I think I have been using 30 developer but I am unsure. My hair has about 2 or possibly 3 inches of root on it and my hair is like an ashy blonde brown naturally. I want to get a bit of a more intense red this time. Well I have never colored my hair alone (which my fiance is going to help this time) but anyways, I am unsure of what developer to use and what hair colors from Sally’s to buy to get my desired results. My main concern is developer however. I have pretty thick (except at the ends where it is a bit thin from where I had it thinned out before and my hair is growing back) I do not have much damage really, just a few split ends but nothing serious. Any help with developer?

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Hello! Thank you so much for visiting the site. This post gets a huge volume of traffic and DIY color trouble-shooting questions. It would take me all day to keep up. I wish I could help you all on my off-time, but I would be happy to help you with your color via HTHG’s DIY color consultation
      It is a $10 charge, and will likely save you lots more $ in the end! xo

  67. iris

    Hi there. Everything posted was very helpful thank you so much for posting this. My 1st question would be, of my prob, I dyed my hair 4 days ago with Ion medium intense red from Sallys, which is the same color I dyed it back in Dec 2013, but this time my hair is darker than it was the 1st time I dyed it. How long after do I have to wait to redye/correct my hair with Ion magenta witout damage my hair and get the color I want?

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Hello! Thank you so much for visiting the site. This post gets a huge volume of traffic and DIY color trouble-shooting questions. It would take me all day to keep up. I wish I could help you all on my off-time, but I would be happy to help you with your color via HTHG’s DIY color consultation
      It is a $10 charge, and will likely save you lots more $ in the end! xo

  68. Mercedes

    Almost a year ago, I went to a professional and lightened my dark brown hair to a medium brown with light brown highlights. It seems to have gotten darker with time. I now want to put a purple and aqua rinse in my hair. The aqua shows up as green and the purple doesn’t show at all. How can I lighten again? Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Hello! Thank you so much for visiting the site. This post gets a huge volume of traffic and DIY color trouble-shooting questions. It would take me all day to keep up. I wish I could help you all on my off-time, but I would be happy to help you with your color via HTHG’s DIY color consultation
      It is a $10 charge, and will likely save you lots more $ in the end! xo

  69. Livia

    I am 15 and in a few weeks I am planning on bleaching my very curly waist length medium brown hair and dying it all bright purple. Should I bleach and then tone it? Or just bleach? If I tone it, how much time should i leave in between? Also, I normally use Manic Panic but it does not seem to last very long, does anyone know of dye that lasts longer?
    Thanks for all the help in advance.

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Hello! Thank you so much for visiting the site. This post gets a huge volume of traffic and DIY color trouble-shooting questions. It would take me all day to keep up. I wish I could help you all on my off-time, but I would be happy to help you with your color via HTHG’s DIY color consultation
      It is a $10 charge, and will likely save you lots more $ in the end! xo

  70. Amanda

    I bleached the tips of my hair and applied a veggie dye.. The color I used was a blue aqua. It has faded into an ugly light sea green color and I want to dye it back to a level 3 brown but don’t want to wait for it to return to the bleach color. Can I just apply a dark brown over the green to achieve a normal looking brown???

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Hello! Thank you so much for visiting the site. This post gets a huge volume of traffic and DIY color trouble-shooting questions. It would take me all day to keep up. I wish I could help you all on my off-time, but I would be happy to help you with your color via HTHG’s DIY color consultation
      It is a $10 charge, and will likely save you lots more $ in the end! xo

  71. Jennifer M.

    Hi! I’m only 35 but have 50/50 gray and dark brown hair. I have been coloring my gray roots dark brown for years now and wear my hair very long, like down to my bra strap. I am thinking of trying to go auburn red with it and I’ll probably cut some of it off in the process just because I realize that it will need to be bleached and dyed again and all of that processing will result in damage to my ends. My question is this…I will probably get the initial bleach and dye done in a salon, but then I will want to color my roots at home. Will gray roots take an auburn color the same way they have always taken my dark brown? Any sort of tips? I’m a bit worried that when it starts to grow out, it’s going to look weird because of the color variance in my hair…if I apply the dye to all of it, will it just look like I have highlights? I have a lot of gray on top and more dark brown underneath. Thanks!

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Hello! Thank you so much for visiting the site. This post gets a huge volume of traffic and DIY color trouble-shooting questions. It would take me all day to keep up. I wish I could help you all on my off-time, but I would be happy to help you with your color via HTHG’s DIY color consultation
      It is a $10 charge, and will likely save you lots more $ in the end! xo

  72. callie

    I have always gone to a professional to get my hair colored. It has been every color you can imagine. My natural hair color is dark brown, but right now its a few shades lighter with some old blonde highlights that have lasted forever and have about 6 inches of roots. I was curious to know if I bought a box dye that is really close to my natural color, would it cover up my previously bleached highlights? Or do you think it would at least blend pretty well?

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Hello! Thank you so much for visiting the site. This post gets a huge volume of traffic and DIY color trouble-shooting questions. It would take me all day to keep up. I wish I could help you all on my off-time, but I would be happy to help you with your color via HTHG’s DIY color consultation
      It is a $10 charge, and will likely save you lots more $ in the end! xo

  73. Kate

    This post is so helpful! My natural colour is probably between 2 and 3, very dark brown with auburn red undertones but as I got into my 20s, the red faded a lot. I am always trying to find a way to get to maybe like a 5? But a rich chocolate colour with a hint of reddish tone. Maybe chestnut? Lol not sure. But just a lighter version of my natural hair colour really.

    So I tried box dye for dark hair and ended up ORANGE roots and lightish brown hair with blondey tones and frizzy hair… So I waited months and it thankfully faded out and then I used a regular shade and it turned dark purple… so I used Colour Oops, waited another month, went to a salon and it was dyed a nice dark auburn but still too dark and too mahogany. I waited about 6 months then used 20 volume developer and a 6R dye and it turned out very nice but not as light as I hoped but still lighter than it had been. I have stuck with that dye because it’s the closest to what I like. The ends are pretty good but my roots are always daaark no matter how I play around with the timing.

    But is there any way to get lighter without having to grow it all out? A salon told me no… but I have seen other people do it! Would Colour Oopsing, then waiting, then using 30 volume do anything? Even if the roots are different and it looks a bit funny, I’m a stay at home mom so it’s ok lol. Then eventually as it grew out, it would be more even so I could cut the ends off…

    Any advice anyone? 🙂 I want to start working towards a lighter colour then keep it that way.

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Hello! Thank you so much for visiting the site. This post gets a huge volume of traffic and DIY color trouble-shooting questions. It would take me all day to keep up. I wish I could help you all on my off-time, but I would be happy to help you with your color via HTHG’s DIY color consultation
      It is a $10 charge, and will likely save you lots more $ in the end! xo

  74. Marie

    a year ago I bleached half of my very dark(almost black hair)to get that cruella de vil look. However I grew tired of it and I decided I wanted a dark red. When I went into the salon the hair stylist refused to bleach the other half of my hair saying that the color should blend evenly, and of course it didn’t. My bleached half came out the red I wanted, and my roots and unbleached hair were dark brown with bits of red highlights. the color has now faded and I have been wanting to bleach my roots and the half unbleached hair and then applying a red dye to even out my hair.
    would this process work?

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Hello! Thank you so much for visiting the site. This post gets a huge volume of traffic and DIY color trouble-shooting questions. It would take me all day to keep up. I wish I could help you all on my off-time, but I would be happy to help you with your color via HTHG’s DIY color consultation
      It is a $10 charge, and will likely save you lots more $ in the end! xo

  75. Amy

    Hi! Awesome info! I have dark blonde hair & want to dye my hair pastel pink. My hubby went to Sally’s for me & bought Clairol Professional BW 2 powder lightener & Salon Care Professional 40 volume cream developer. I have read that the 40 volume would burn my scalp, fry my hair & would be too harsh. Is this true? Or do I just keep it in for a shorter period of time & it won’t do this? Or should I just take it back & get another volume? If I take it back, which volume do you recommend? Also, do i need a toner? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    ~Amy 🙂

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Hello! Thank you so much for visiting the site. This post gets a huge volume of traffic and DIY color trouble-shooting questions. It would take me all day to keep up. I wish I could help you all on my off-time, but I would be happy to help you with your color via HTHG’s DIY color consultation
      It is a $10 charge, and will likely save you lots more $ in the end! xo

  76. Trecella

    Hi i need some help,
    For a long time i had white blonde hair then later faded to yellow, i wanted to go darker but not too dark at one point. I then dyed my hair a gloden blonde 7 (ithink) but then got bored in a week and went purple. Its been almost two months since ive dyed it and its looking abit purple/red. I want to go dark brown but dont knkw what number to choose or if its safe to do so? Help?

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Hello! Thank you so much for visiting the site. This post gets a huge volume of traffic and DIY color trouble-shooting questions. It would take me all day to keep up. I wish I could help you all on my off-time, but I would be happy to help you with your color via HTHG’s DIY color consultation
      It is a $10 charge, and will likely save you lots more $ in the end! xo

  77. Sam

    Hi! Thanks for a great article!

    A little over a month ago I went to my stylist to get a natural looking ombre on the lower 2-3 inches of my hair and balayage highlights. i was aiming for 5-6 from a 4 that had faded lighter for the base and strawberry blondish 7 from faded red highlights. She added the balayage but skipped the ombre and the base came out darker (more of a mousy 4) then I wanted and the highlights a little too dark and coppery. I figured in time it would lighten to the colors that I wanted and it has to an extent, but I was wondering, is it possible to use just a 10 vol on top and a 20 vol on the bottom without adding color to lighten everything a little bit and create an ombre effect and then use a toner to kill any brassiness?

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Hello! Thank you so much for visiting the site. This post gets a huge volume of traffic and DIY color trouble-shooting questions. It would take me all day to keep up. I wish I could help you all on my off-time, but I would be happy to help you with your color via HTHG’s DIY color consultation
      It is a $10 charge, and will likely save you lots more $ in the end! xo

  78. Dhea

    Hi! I have a natural asian black hair. I’ve bleached and dip dye my hair with manic panic a few times. Now my hair is ombre-ed from black at the top to almost blonde at the tips (around lvl 8 or 9). The blonde is from hair dye after bleaching. I was wondering if it’s okay to use manic panic over my ombre-ed hair right now? Is the color going to soak in? Thanks a lot! 🙂

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Hello! Thank you so much for visiting the site. This post gets a huge volume of traffic and DIY color trouble-shooting questions. It would take me all day to keep up. I wish I could help you all on my off-time, but I would be happy to help you with your color via HTHG’s DIY color consultation
      It is a $10 charge, and will likely save you lots more $ in the end! xo

  79. Yomna

    Hi! I have my hair highlighted but the highlights are more of a yellow golden tone (level 7-10) and i would like for them to be lighter (level 10-11). Would applying an all over base color that’s a level 11-12 lighten up my existing highlights?

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Hello! Thank you so much for visiting the site. This post gets a huge volume of traffic and DIY color trouble-shooting questions. It would take me all day to keep up. I wish I could help you all on my off-time, but I would be happy to help you with your color via HTHG’s DIY color consultation
      It is a $10 charge, and will likely save you lots more $ in the end! xo

  80. Ricia

    Hey I have a question about bleached hair. I am naturally very light ash blond and have been bleaching my hair white blond for years professionally. Recently however my hair started turning green.
    My hairdresser then bleached my hair again to get rid of the green which resulted in most of my hair breaking off but the green was gone. However my hair soon started turning green again after this process. I have now decided to go back to my natural colour.
    Why did my hair turn green and why does it kerp turning green if i have never had such a problem before?

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Hello! Thank you so much for visiting the site. This post gets a huge volume of traffic and DIY color trouble-shooting questions. It would take me all day to keep up. I wish I could help you all on my off-time, but I would be happy to help you with your color via HTHG’s DIY color consultation
      It is a $10 charge, and will likely save you lots more $ in the end! xo

  81. Shelly

    I was going to purchase Loreal Richesse 6.40 copper demi permanent. My hair stylists said that I should get a level 9 developer but I do not see one made by the same name brand. There is other one’s in the Loreal professional series but I do not see one by Richesse. Do you need to use the same developer as the brand name? Does it make a difference? I have been this color for a long time but moved several states away from my hair stylist so I can not go back to him to find out now.

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Hello! Thank you so much for visiting the site. This post gets a huge volume of traffic and DIY color trouble-shooting questions. It would take me all day to keep up. I wish I could help you all on my off-time, but I would be happy to help you with your color via HTHG’s DIY color consultation
      It is a $10 charge, and will likely save you lots more $ in the end! xo

  82. Jamie

    Thank you very much for your post Roxie. Helped me a lot. Twas my first time to color my hair. Thanks really. If you wanna see how I did

  83. Julia


    I had virgin hair, between a 2/3, and wanted to add lilac highlights to my hair (concentrated towards the ends of my hair only). I had my hair bleached and then manic panic was applied to my hair. I did not get the results I had hoped. My hair turned out a very dark purple, almost plum colour that wasn’t even noticeable. I have since washed my hair a few times and have noticed that it is now turning orange and brassy. I believe the colourist did not lighten my hair enough before she applied the colour. I want to have the lilac hair but I’m unsure about how to proceed. I still have some of the manic panic colour left in my hair. Can I re-bleach my hair over this? Or will I need to strip the colour? If so, how do I do this and with what product? If I bleach it again, will I have to tone it after before applying the colour? I really have no idea how to go about correcting this issue. Please help!

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Hello! Thank you so much for visiting the site. This post gets a huge volume of traffic and DIY color trouble-shooting questions. It would take me all day to keep up. I wish I could help you all on my off-time, but I would be happy to help you with your color via HTHG’s DIY color consultation
      It is a $10 charge, and will likely save you lots more $ in the end! xo

  84. Parul

    Hi there,

    I had blonde foil in my hair then I went to the hair dresser to get my regrowth done, she did blonde foil and rest of the hair my natural color but while she was washing it off, black went to blonde which became somewhere grey and somewhere purple.
    Went back to get it fixed but got worst, in the end she dye all over black. But I dont like it.

    Can anyone please advise me what should I do to get back my blonde foils.


    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Hello! Thank you so much for visiting the site. This post gets a huge volume of traffic and DIY color trouble-shooting questions. It would take me all day to keep up. I wish I could help you all on my off-time, but I would be happy to help you with your color via HTHG’s DIY color consultation
      It is a $10 charge, and will likely save you lots more $ in the end! xo

  85. Abby

    Hi!! So this article helped me a ton but I’m still a little lost. I am a natural blonde with some blonde highlights in the mix. I needed a change so last night I dyed my hair brown. It did not come out brown whatsoever!! It came out like a strawberry blonde so kinda orange. I was just wondering what my next step should be. For hair dye I used medium golden brown… What should my filler be or do I already have my filler? Do I need to just go ahead and dye it a darker brown? I know this is a old post but I hope to hear back from you 🙂 it’d be greatly appreciated.

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Hello! Thank you so much for visiting the site. This post gets a huge volume of traffic and DIY color trouble-shooting questions. It would take me all day to keep up. I wish I could help you all on my off-time, but I would be happy to help you with your color via HTHG’s DIY color consultation
      It is a $10 charge, and will likely save you lots more $ in the end! xo

  86. Carolina

    Hi so I’m going to bleach my hair currently my hair is at a level 5 and I want to be a fuschia
    But I have a question after bleaching it do I have to tone it or can I just add the color right away? Please help me

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Hello! Thank you so much for visiting the site. This post gets a huge volume of traffic and DIY color trouble-shooting questions. It would take me all day to keep up. I wish I could help you all on my off-time, but I would be happy to help you with your color via HTHG’s DIY color consultation
      It is a $10 charge, and will likely save you lots more $ in the end! xo

  87. roxane

    my step daughter has medium blonde hair(she dyed her ends last month with light blonde with box color from the store) and she wants them to be, light strawberry blonde, we bought our supplies at Sally, I used 30Volume for the developer and the hair color, and the next day, her hair color only got lighter and didnt have the tad red that she is looking for, do you i fix the issues..??? how do you achieve the true light strawberry blonde? please help

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Hello! Thank you so much for visiting the site. This post gets a huge volume of traffic and DIY color trouble-shooting questions. It would take me all day to keep up. I wish I could help you all on my off-time, but I would be happy to help you with your color via HTHG’s DIY color consultation
      It is a $10 charge, and will likely save you lots more $ in the end! xo

  88. Karen

    Hi Ive got a question 🙂

    So my hair is naturally a 1-2 and Ive just recently balayaged it with a loreal hi lite in magenta and I was wondering if I wanted to ombre balayage it would I need to put a green toner in my hair to canel out the red and then I wanted to lighten it to a light ash brown so do I pick the color and mix with a 20 volume and leave it to process till the right color? and then after that I go in and balayage it with a bleach and 20 volume and leave in for a bit till its a lighter brown and im planning to do it in 2 sessions so the next session for the balayage do i rebase the base a lighter color or just use the same color then go re balayage with bleach with 20vol and process it for an hour or so and when i tone the hair with an ash blonde color should i just put it all over or should i only put it where the blonde is or will it affect the base color? and when i rebase can i just put it all over or will it mess up the first session balayage?

    sorry for so many questions haha im just super nervous about this!

    and is a balayage ombre when you balayage it with to bleaches and base it with two colors or? because I just balayaged my hair with red with level 1-2 bc i didnt know if i need to use two volumes with two reds to make the ombre so i just didna regular one please explain

  89. Jen

    Hi, I have a question. I have naturally black hair, but I bleached it to a color similar to a lvl 6 on your hair chart. 6 months ago I then dyed it permanent black. Now I plan to bleach it to a lvl 10 or so. Do you recommend using a color stripper first to get rid of the black dye? Or would it better to just skip the color stripper and go straight to the bleach?

  90. viewable

    hello i have a question too!
    I have had my hair blue for the past two years, and ive let it fade to a lighter shade of blue, im now wanting to go a lightish copper/red tone. i want to know what volume developer i will need to achieve this colour?

  91. Nicole

    Hi there,

    I currently have light golden/bleach blonde highlights in my hair (almost fully blonde on top) but rocking it dark underneath which is my natural hair color (dirty blonde) I’ve gone to the salon a couple of times to get my hair dyed back to it’s natural color and for some reason it always seems to go a deep brown with red in it. I don’t have any red in my hair naturally and I definately don’t want it. I’m at my wits end and thinking of doing my hair myself.

    What should I be avoiding and what should I be looking for?

    Thanks so much!

  92. Sabrina

    Hi thank you for this site it is very informative and helpful
    I had been using L’oreal sublime mousse to color my hair which I really
    loved the ease of use and the results unfortunately it has been discontinued and will no longer be available I found some at a local
    discount store but it is the wrong color I went to Sally’s beauty supply and bought the loreal color I needed can I just use it with the sublime mousse developer instead of the wrong color that came with it?
    I really hope so as I do/did love this product but I don’t want to make a big hair color disater by doing so I tried contacting the manufacturer but only get a standard robot response of we are sorry this product is no longer available we hope you will find another product in our line lol not much help to my question
    I really hope you can help me thank you so much

  93. Gina

    Hi! I’ve been getting my hair dyed 7-medium blonde with I think a 10-lightest blonde, and I simply can’t afford to go to the salon to get my roots touched up anymore. So I was thinking of going to Sally’s and getting either 6-dark blonde or 5-light brown with a 20 developer because I still want my hair to be on the light side of brown with my blonde peeking through. Do you think I am on the right track & think this will achieve what I want?? Please 🙂 Also, my natural hair color is between 4-medium brown & 3-dark brown.

  94. Cel

    I have curly-kinky hair that is dark brown (2 or 3) with reddish undertones. When I was little and spent all of my time in the sun I would end up with natural reddish blonde highlights. A few years ago when I relaxed my hair it was more of a medium brown ( 3 or 4). I want to dye a section of my hair a deep (eggplant) purple, but I don’t want to bleach or lift color from my hair. Will I be able to achieve a subtle purple that isn’t full of pink undertones if I just dye it using something semi-permemneant like Manic Panic? I understand that it may not be super vibrant but I don’t want it to be really bright anyway.

  95. Amanda

    These tips are very helpful, however, I still need a little advice. My hair is a medium red with a hint of brown with the top being lighter :(. I was wondering if when I retouch my color at the roots, should I do the roots and the very ends first to help lighten it? Im a natural dark brunette so I figured if I lightened the darkest parts first then add the rest of the color to the midsection of my hair it could help even it out? Any replys are welcomed, thanks.

  96. Monica

    Hi, I dyed my hair light natural brown with a 40 developer, my hair burned I had to cut it, the next i used oops hair color remover and did a dark ash blonde and lightest golden brown with a 20 developer, and the color is red auburn and I don’t like it can I dye it darker, I don’t want dark brown but i don’t like it red?oh by the i had to cut my hair a little above the shoulder. Help??

  97. Melissa

    I love your post. About a week ago I used Ice cream product to go from my natural dirty blonde color to a bright red. It came out more orange then red also several parts didn’t get covered. I have an appointment in about 2 weeks at a salon to go the bright ombres red I originally wanted for my wedding coming up. I have used dishsoap and baking soda to try and remove the color. It seems to have worked a little and each time I wash my hair a little bit more color comes out. It has brought it to a dark/ medium auburn. To avoid paying more at my salon for corrections should I use color oops to remove the remaining color so that I can give the salon a good base to work with? Or would it affect my color from the salon?

  98. Nimi

    I am naturally a level 3 in hair colour and I used 20 volume developer with shade 7-0 hair dye. It came out as a dark brown with a chocolate tone. It’s nice but I think I would like to go slightly lighter next time.
    Do you think I will still achieve a slight lift with using a shade 8-1 hair dye with 20 volume developer? I don’t want to use 30 volume developer just yet. Thanks

  99. laneshia

    Hi, I was curious about some things. I have black coarse natural hair and I want to change my haircolor to a medium brown semi permanent color. I also will be perming my hair with a box perm kit. I have trouble with my hair being really dry & I am told its not best to do all this in one day. I read that I have to bleach my black hair for the medium brown shades to show. Should i do the full time for processing or would the French Shampoo help me? Im very cautious about bleaching my hair & im not willing to go over a certain shade in the bleaching process, if I follow thru… but I want a nice change…Another reason I am even more cautious is cause I have a dark skin tone. I naturally shy away from bright colors but I would love to step out and try at least a brown shade palette. I dont frequently dye my hair and I dont know much about the colors that would benefit my skin tone so I was wondering if you had any info to share. Thanks a lot!

  100. Caitlin

    Hi so about 3 years ago my hair was a virgin and i just did some streaks with the schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde streaking kit, and the streaks came out an amazing blonde. Since then I have died my hair quite a bit trying to get the right blonde but always came back to dark brown, im about a 2-3 right now and havent died it for about 5 or so months. I’m just wondering if i was to get the same streaking kit as I mentioned earlier but use it on my wholehead would all my hair go that nice blonde that my streaks were? like a 8ish 10ish.. but didnt use any toner or bleach?

  101. Jenny

    I have been getting my level 6 brown/blonde hair colored with Pravana Red for almost 2 years and I LOVE IT! I am attending a wedding next week and really need to get my roots done but money is tight. my colorist usually does a 6RR on my roots then applies the Pravana red all over, my question is what does she mean by 6RR, and can I do this at home without totally destroying my hair??? Help! It looks really bad!

  102. Viv

    Question?! Help, please! L’Oréal HiColor intense red is what I used from Sally’s. Used 30 developer because that’s what it called for and I loved the color but I tried dying it today to a Light Auburn same brand same HiColor line and I used 30 again but instead of being a light brown/light auburn it’s more of a light purple/light red. It still has a red tint. Can someone tell me what I did wrong or how I could fix this?

  103. ro

    i am and black female and i dyed my hair aqua like 3 months ago but now i want another color. what will happen if i put developer on top of the aqua color?

  104. Vemadi

    Natural hair color dark brown. Now with grey roots which I’ve been coloring for years. Last night colored with Joico Age Defy 5NN+ (always use professional products) and it’s a bit darker than I care for so I’m just shooting in the dark here wondering if I add 20V to my shampoo and let it sit for about 5 minutes would it help lift out some of the pigment?

  105. Stephanie

    Hello, I have a few questions, my hair is normally dark brown almost black and I have been using a red box colour from lorel its R69 and has a red booster, my hair comes out a dark red but I would like it to be lighter but not super red, what would you suggest I use?? and what if I added developer to that red box color?? I do not want to bleach my hair

  106. Kim

    I just had my hair bleached today by a professional because I wanted to be blonde. However, my hairs at an 11 now when I only wanted to be about an 8 or a 9. She only used bleach and a toner. She charged me $300 so I really can’t afford to have it professionally done again. How would I go about darkening it only a few shades? Or maybe even lowlights or something it just looks so fake and so light. Please help!

  107. Mariana

    HI 🙂 Omg im so happy i found this Blog. I’ve been searching so much to know if what i want to do with my hair will turn out how i want it…or not. First of all my hair color is a level 2(dark brown) a month ago i dyed my hair with the Garnie 53 Medium Golden brown.. but it didn’t really do anything.. the only time it looked a lil different was when i was in the sun. You could see a lil brown…. Now that i waited a bit i went to Sallys yesturday & with a lil help from them they told me to pick my colo which i picked Ion Color Brilliance Ppd Free Creme Medium Golden Brown 4G-4.3
    I Actually got two of the Ion dyes because they are 2.05oz & i have lots of hair. The lady there told me i would need a Developer, so i got the Ion Sensitive Scalp 12% Developer 40. The lasy said i would then have to mix all the Developer(4fl oz) with both of the dyes (2.05oz & 2.05oz)
    To tell you the truth im so nervous & scared my hair will not turn out the tone i want it to be.. a level 4 or between 4-5 level.

  108. Majesty

    Hi, I dye my hair burgundy ( my natural hair color Is dark brown) but now I want to go honey blonde. How would I go about doing this

  109. Dina Akl

    my original hair colour is black from almost 2 years i changed it to medium chesnut,and i kept dying the roots every time and it went ok !
    now i want to change the whole colour of my hair to medium blonde but the roots are black and the rst of the hair is medium chesnut from (koleston ) how can i make all my hair the same colour with the new diy colour?

  110. Stephanie

    My natural hair color was very dark brown and i dyed it at the salon but the color wasnt right so they readied it but they didn tell me that they dyes it with a non permanent dye so afeter a few wweka it went back to the color i dint want its been like 6 months and my hiar is brassy its like a light orange but looks bad when it hits the sun i want to dye it at home but i dint knowif i ahould choose a dark ccolor or light color to cancel out the brasiness plzzzzz helpppoo

  111. Leona

    Hi, the last time I used permanent color was about 6 months ago…..the last time I used demi-permanent……I want to go one level lighter… I need to do the French Shampoo for demi-permanent color? Has it been long enough since the permanent color? I have fine, short hair

  112. Keme Jointer

    Okay I have virgin hair… when I first got the hair I bleached the ends so It could be blonde . Then I had got the hair re-installed but I wanted to make it look like new hair so I got a box dye & dyed it jet black . I’ve been reusing this hair a lot , I soon have a hair appointment I was wondering could I bleached the ends and use a honey blonde box dye over it or will it mess up the hair and the ends ?

  113. Miyuki Tsurara

    Hi, I have asian black roots on top and permanent dark brown (sometimes looks orange/yellow). Actually i had ash brown dyed at saloon but now it turns dark brown or orangy. It looks almost black in photo. So if want to get dark rich brown or mocha/chestnut brown color so what color should I use to cover my pre dyed hair? I want to dye my hair by myself at home.

  114. Diana

    i colored my hair last year with highlights and dark brown hair color now this year i want to be a redhead i tried coloring my hair with loreal high color highlights in intense red and the color didn’t last for so long especially where i had my highlights i feel like the color didn’t grab, then this month i did the magenta in loral high color highlights also and after the second shampoo seems like the highlights are still there and the color just washed off what can i do?

  115. Tanya brown

    I bleached my hair now I want to go dark didn’t know I need to apply a filler first so I dyed it a red and now it’s a lt pint with the blond hi light on the top still! My question is now what do I do to get true color in my hair I want to go dark! Help!!! I am a mess!!!

  116. suzanne

    I have always had my hair colored professionaly. But my hairdresser went on Maternity Leave for a year. I went to another hairdresser and she colored my hair with bleach only. But I normally get low lights and hi-lights. Well my hair is so white blonde all over that I hate it. I then took things into my own hands and went to a Sallys Beauty Supply store and bought a 8N + 8A I plan on mixing them together. Would that work at this point. I also plan on using foils and weave the low lights into my hair myself. I cant wait for my favorite hair dresser to come back to work……I miss her. Its so hard to find a good colorist. Could you please advise what would be the best low light.

  117. Jessica

    Hi! I recently had my professional hairstylist give me a red ombre. I am naturally a dark brown hair color with fine hair. When she did the red ombre, it didn’t lift very well and faded back to my natural color after one wash. I went back to her a few days later and she put more shades of red, 2 days later I washed it and again it faded. I want to try dying it myself, but am wondering what volume developer to use. I would like a rich “cherry cola” color for the ombre that is bright and noticeable. What volume for developer would you suggest? Thanks in advance!

  118. Haley L

    I have bleached patinum/silver hair I want to put dark brown streaks in it, but whenever i do it bleeds into my blonde, always makes it gross brown or it starts getting brassy. How do I keep my blonde bright and the brown bold?

  119. Janelle

    Oh dear. So I did a bleach bath today, (french shampoo). My hair before was about a level 3 with level 6 on the ends due to an earlier ombre.
    I’m wanting to just go to a lighter brown, and I ended up with a horrible uneven bleach job. It’s yellow near my roots, blonde is at the ends and light/dark orange everywhere else, especially the underneath. That’s after 2 bleach baths actually. The second time I went over some roots and dark spots. You can tell it’s damaged but not near as much as I expected. I had coconut oil on it the first time that I had slept all night in. Anyways, I got an 8N and 7A demi permanent hair color that I’m planning on mixing. My question is: if that color proves to be dark enough even for the dark orange spots, will my hair turn out pretty even?

  120. Jennifer

    How would you remove all hair dye from your hair so that it goes back to your natural state?

  121. Zohal

    Hi I need help! I have naturally dark brown hair and have been dyeing my hair for years, I recently went lighter through foils, and have light brown/blonde foils. The base of my colour especially the roots are still dark and the blonde is developing an orange tinge! I want to achieve a light brown allover colour, what is the best way for me to do this? Would dying it a dark blonde achieve this or would it become too patchy due to the foils?
    Thank you!

  122. Briana Baeza

    so a couple of days ago i dyed my hair using a sallys salon brand of demi permanent red. its already washing out and before i look like i prostitute, i would like to know if i can go ahead and dye my hair? and if i do dye it today, will it change the color of my hair to a pink or a unwanted dramatic color.? the new shade of hair dye that i bought was a shade or two darker than the previous demi permanent color i had purchased?

  123. Tabi

    I just discovered your website and wished I would have found it before. I have natural virgin African American hair that is a 1 for sure. I bought Feria hi-lift brown die exclusively for dark hair. Kept it in for like 40 minutes and it is still black. Even the grey is still grey how is that possible?

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      WOW! sounds like you have some resistant hair! You may need to try a different brand. Glad to have you as a reader.

  124. lexy

    Mysister has been dying her hair monthly for about 7 years black. She recently noticed it has a purple tone? What can cause this? She has only dyed it black nothing else.

  125. Shayla M

    I dyed my hair a purple, then bleached it so it would be a pink. I made my hair the other day a dark brown and I just dyed it (well tried to) my natural dirty blonde color. Will the dirty blonde go to no effect since the dark brown was the color I put in my hair a day ago?

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      It will only cause totally unnecessary damage.

  126. tanya

    I bought my box hair dye 2 weeks ago and I’m going to dye it today will the color be any different course I am going to be using the dye after 2 weeks?

  127. Ashley

    I recently had my hair bleached to ombre. Brown roots with blondish ends. The bleach was left on way too long and caused severe damage to my hair. I cut a lot of it off and it has been a few weeks. I have been using the Joico k-pak reconstructor and lanza healing line shampoo and conditioner. I want to dye my hair back one color but I am unsure of a few things. Is it safer to use Demi developer since my hair still has some damage? Also, I want to dye my hair a medium ash brown. Would it be safe to use a light golden brown as a filler?

  128. Kayla

    Hi I have a question 🙂 I mixed some developer and toner on Sunday and I had a lot leftover so I figured I can use it again on Thursday, because I didn’t get the color I wanted yet. But my question is will it still be effective even though its been sitting out for a while?

    Thank you so much!

  129. Paige

    I had medium dark hair and have bleached it to a decent blonde with some yellow AND red still in it. What toner I use to get BOTH yellow AND red out?

  130. Shronda Jade Martin

    So i had a question about dying my hair for the first time, i have black thick hair i wanted to go blue was wondering will just rinsing it work ? i didnt really want to bleach it but even like a dark blue that atleast can be seen will work. Any tips or anything will help thank you !

  131. Raquelle

    You’re a fantastic source of knowledge!!
    I’m looking to dye my hair dark (about a 1 or 2) and its currently a 9 with large streaks of blonde (11 or 12). The thing is I also want to put purple highlights in it, but not the bright, punch you in the face kind. I want to achieve a subtle look, but I’m not sure how to go about it since I have such light blonde arranged in my hair. Would I go all over dark then purple? I know bleached hair is desirable to hold colors like that but I worry it would end up being far too purple.

  132. christina

    i have a friend who died her hair dark violet brown n it turned an auburn brown color but she was going for violet a vibrant violet or plum to be exact she wants me to fix it should i lighten again n then deposit color and tone if need be or becuz of the lightness of the color can i just deposit like 5vv max

  133. Lynn

    Hiiii! Ur amazing thanks for this post!
    I have a question!!
    A week ago i bleach my hair on the roots, i wanted to look like an ombre…
    Now i dont like it that much, i want to go to a darker color but i dont know which color i should put on.. my roots look really unhealthy and idk which brand or what color.. Please help me

  134. krista miller

    I need some help I usually bleach my hair but its grwn out but naturally my hair is a light blonde so not very drastic but I bought splat pink fetish (which includes bleach) and black dye. I want to do black underneath and a little pink in the middle with bleach on top or black under neith and pink in my bangs I just really need help with how or the order I need to do it in I don’t know if I should bleach then black or don’t bleach were I’m putting the black…. Please help!!!!

    1. Betina Pieterse

      I wouldn’t bleach were you’re putting the black, you’re trying to make it darker after all, then bleach the rest then add pink. Part your hair from where you want the black and bleach, then do either first (I’ve heard to do bleach last if you’re trying something like this because you don’t want to have the bleach dry up while you’re doing the black *not 100% sure on This)

  135. Ruchi

    Can i colour my hair again tomorrow or day after tomortow if i have coloured it today?

  136. abbie

    I have medium / dark brown hair. Now I haven’t done much coloring to my hair in. 4 months. I plan to add some blonde with the. Nice and easy frost and tip kit but I’m worried about getting red tones in my hair. How can I prevent this or fix it?? Please help (:

  137. Stephanie

    I want to dye my hair red and green for christmas. I have not dyed in over a year due to thinning, but I am sick of my boring hair. I tried a strand test with maic panic but it didn’t do a whole lot, used pillarbox red and it turned orange over my med brown hair. So lemme ask you this. If I were to use a Hi-Lift red, would Green MP or Special effects go over the red ok without looking weird? Or should I just leave it in for a whole day over my untreated hair and hope for the best?

  138. Jackie

    I have green hair, I didn’t bleach to dye it. I want it back to my medium brown natural color. What hair dye should I use. I already tried a light brown but it didn’t really do anything. I watched a video and the girl said to get rid of her green hair she used a auburn brown hair dye and the red eliminates the green since they are opposites on the color wheel. IS this true? Please help

  139. Tiffany

    Loved reading your article. It helped so much. I bought a thing of purple manic panic. My hair is between a 2-3 depending where you look at it. I was wondering if you could tell me what the hair looks like once you’ve used developer and the color has faded. For example, I used bleach back in high school and had awful orange highlights in my hair after the color I used faded away. I just don’t want to use a developer and have the same issue. I really want to have the vibrant purple color but I also don’t want orange hair again lol…. Help!

  140. Stephanie

    I dyed my hair burgundy but now I have to dye my hair blonde asap and I’m sorta broke and can’t afford tones of boxes of dye let alone a single trip to the salon. How can I dye it burgundy to blonde asap?

  141. xxx

    Hi, I previously bleached my hair and coloured it red using semi-permanent dyes. Now I want to change my colour to pink and purple. I used a colour remover on my hair and it became a very dull orange. I then used Loreal Preference Platinum Blond box dye to try and lighten the darker parts of my hair. Everything is a lot more yellow now. Can I still use the pink (with blue undertones) and purple (plum shade) over my hair now? I’m hoping my hair won’t turn brown. Thanks a lot!

  142. Angela

    I dyed my hair a medium auburn with a box color about 3 months ago. I decided to go back blonde so I bleached it using ion powder bleach and a 20v developer. Then put a frosty ash blonde toner also using 20v developer. My hair is a very light blonde especially the roots. Some of it appears to have a slightly gray hue. I would like it to be a more golden or natural blonde. Should I try putting another toner on it in a week or so after using some deep conditioning? What color would I use as to not turn it orange or green?

  143. Heather

    Anyone who can answer this for me will be a true life saver! So about a year ago i started dying my hair. i started off with a red. Over the summer so about 3-4 months ago i dyed my hair black at home. since then i have had the color stripped and another red added so my hair was dark brown with a red tint to it. Today I dyed it red with Loreal Hicolor with a 20 volume developer and i left it for like 20 minutes and it made my roots a beautiful red color that I love, but then the rest of my head is super dark. Like almost black cherry! Is there any way i can fix it(preferrably using the same brand) I want a burgundy plumish red and no i am not apposed to bleach just it says that brand is for dark colored hair only! someone pleaseee help!!

  144. Raluca M

    Hey! I was a blonde for 6 years, I usuallt used garnier color naturals 9-10, yesterday I unfortunately used a syoss dye alitle bit darker and my hair turned gray and green. I had a panic attack and I went and got a L’oreal sublime mousse 700, fairly light shade. This turned my hair into a dark BROWN with a few green shades of course! Tell me pleaaaase what can I do to turn my hair lighter!!! I know I can’t get back to blonde fast but at least lighter than I am now! Please help….I loved my blonde hair! i don’t know what was I thinking! :(((

  145. Mars

    I went to a hair stylist yesterday and I have never had my hair dyed before I wanted a really rich red (almost like the girl next to the color wheel in the article), but I got a dark brown with a red tint to it. Originally I was a 4 on the scale and the stylist said I didn’t need to bleach. I heard it could take a few dyes to get it the right red. My friend’s sister said she could give me the red I want, but she wants to bleach my hair first. Will my hair be ok to bleach after getting my hair colored so soon? or go back to my hair stylist and get another round of hair dye? thanks!

  146. dane

    hey i want to asked a question i had black natural hair i was used loreal 9.1shade now its so dark on my routes i want to reduce or remove color from my roots what i can do???

  147. Ariel

    So a friend my hair red about a month ago and she used to different reds to get a specific color I wanted and she used vol 30 developer I want to touch it up because obviously red fades so it got a bit darker than what it was so because of that should I still use vol 30 developer or will it be even lighter from when I first dyed it since I already have red?

  148. Maria

    So I blached my hair yesterday but I mixes a 30 with a 20 develapor
    Cause I didn’t have enough of 30
    And my hair didn’t even bleach
    But the color is like golden brown
    Idk what happen?

  149. Betina Pieterse

    Hi there, I used to have my hair dyed sky blue with the ion color brilliance and then tried to dye it a medium to dark blonde/brown and it looked black, I left it for two months until it faded to a medium golden brown but when I tried to dye it recently with light ash blonde/white chocolate, it only dyed my roots to an orangey color and the ends only budged a little, I did it again and used unred and now my roots area light golden blonde but the tips are still brown with like a small green/great tint. What could I do to fix the ends?? My hair is short because I cut it all off so the ends are still from my previous damaged hair….

  150. Hannah

    My natural hair is somewhere in between a 2 & 3 however this summer I got an ombre and the lightest parts are a 6, will it turn green if I dye it dark brown?

  151. joan

    Is it okay to combine oxymilk lotion and cream developer with the 2 different color cream?

  152. Vanessa

    Hi. Please help! I recently got my hair dyed and highlighted. My normal hair used to be 2-3 but I dyed it red and had it highlighted. I was going for red hair with pink highlights but it ended up being a weird mixture of red and blonde. The blonde highlights REALLY don’t work with me. I was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to remove it. Like, what hair dye color could I use or something or if maybe there’s a chance I could dye it so the blonde highlights would turn pink.

  153. Lucy

    Hi! Thanks so much for your post, it was really helpful to a beginner such as myself. I previously dyed my hair with hair dye from a salon, 6RV i think? it’s slowly washing away back into my lightly bleached hair cause my hair is originally black but it’s been dyed so much over the years into different shades of brown that the salon lady bleached my hair lightly so my hair would accept the red dye. If I want to go to an ash blonde or light ash brown, how would achieve that?

  154. Madhu

    You website is so informative.
    I have a question. Recently i had dip dye and toner, which left my hair very frizzy like hair has burnt. I want to color my hair with garnier olia to give some shine and nice color.

    I am wondering what this leaves my hair like. Is it ok?
    Your answer is much appreciated and thank you very much in advance.

  155. nikki

    How do I get back the natural colour of my virgin hair after bleaching it?

  156. Allison

    Hi! Last time I dyed my hair I used a 30 volume developer. I LOVED how it came out. Now im ready to dye it again with the same color but im not sure which developer id use seeing how I dont want it to be lighter or darker. Which volume developer would you suggest I use to reach the same result ? Thank you!

  157. ashley

    i recently dyed my dark blonde hair red and it is way too red how can i tone it down some without going dark brown

  158. Rida Naseem

    Hi. I just dyed my hair with kuene tinta color red infinity medium red violet 4.76ri. And only my roots took up the color. My natural hair is a dark shade of brown. This is the first time I tried hair color. I dyed it without bleaching. I’m thinking of bleaching all of my hair now and dying with the same color all over again. Since I like that color. It’s a bit like plum color but lighter. Any advice?

  159. Rebekah

    Hi. In September I dyed my hair from a 4 to a 2/3 dark brown on your chart using Wella 4n dye and 20 volume developer. It has bareley faded at all and I’d really like to lighten it to a 4/5 on your chart. Also, my hair turns brassy so I have to use blue and green based colors rather than red bases. How can I go about lightening the shade of brown and what developer would be best to use? Would 20 get the job done? I’ve been told only 30 & 40 will lift but I’m scared to go beyond 20. Do I have to bleach or can I just apply the color/develope mixture and get the job done? In other words will the develope strip the color enough for the new color to show up?

  160. Dani

    I have medium/light brown hair (I think I was told it was a 4 or 5 on the color chart). I want to dye it a level or two darker with brown but have a warm red tint to it similar to Cheryl Cole’s. I was thinking of a using a 4 medium golden brown or 3 dark golden brown to darken, and mix it with either a 4 medium intense red or 3 dark red brown. Are these good options and which one should I go with?

  161. libbie

    I dye my eyebrows because I have blonde hair and natural blonde eyebrows and blonde eyebrows just isn’t for me, I like to see my eyebrows. I was wondering what developer to use with a 6NN. I tried 10 volume earlier and it didn’t do anything.

  162. Rayyana Shah

    My natural hair color is a level 1/2 but I have previously dyed my hair so my ends are a level 4. My hair type is also 3a. I want to dye my hair a magentaish red. Should using a 20 volume developer do the job? Because I plan to dye the ends first by using less developer and more dye and then like a week later use a bit more developer and less dye at the roots to get an even red all over.

    1. KCKC ellisKkC

      slow down cowboy, that is doing too much at once.
      First try to get your hair all one color.
      We need photos of your hair to advise correctly any other advice would not be smart.
      #1 suggestion, get off the boxed color, on to professional color.
      YOur plan about using less versus more developer is not how hair color works. One should always use what the hair color instructions advise which is either 1 to 1 or 1 to 12.
      Killerstrands Hair

  163. arlette

    I had my hair ombre for about 5 months and I tried dying it a 7 and it turned orange /red and all my blonde from ombre was still blonde so I sallys told me to put an medium ash blonde to get rid of the orange/red and now my ombre ends are silver/gray and on top a light orange would the silver wash off or what to do help please.

  164. Katie B

    I have about a level 5 color hair and I really want to dye my hair some crazy colors like hot hot pink but I’ve been told in all my research that I’ll need to bleach it. However, my hair is very very thick and healthy and I really don’t want to damage it a lot. If I dis bleach could I use a 10 developer once a week while deep conditioning to keep damage at a minimum until
    My hair is light enough? Also, are there any hair dyes that will dye my hair hot pink without me having to bleach it.
    If I do bleach will it grow back in as healthy as it is now???

  165. Jen

    I naturally have dark brown hair. About 10 months ago I had ombré done from brown to copper on the ends using bleach.I’ve dyed over it with red, which washed out pretty quick. Most recently I dyed over with a Demi permanent golden brown. It’s been about 12 weeks since then and it still hasn’t faded back to the ombré. Do you think the dye will eventually fade back to the ombré, or will I have to go trough the process of using bleach again to get the ombré back? Or is there something I can do to strip the dye to reveal the ombré again?

  166. KC ellisKkC

    TAKE DOWN MY GRAPHICS…………its bad enough this is a complete copy of my work, but to be such a jerk you stole my graphics?

    Or I have an attorney cousin who’s hair I do in trade to contact people like you.
    Killer Chemist
    your website is broken you do realize that right?

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      which one is yours? I would be happy to remove it.

  167. Yasmin

    Please help. Is it necessary to remove permanent red hair color with color oops before coloring the hair jet black? Thanks so much!

  168. Jade Louise

    Hello! Okay i have no idea where to start, i went to a salon yesterday & asked for a darker blonde. I’m sure someone told me my hair was a level 10 & should put it to a level 8 so it wouldn’t be to dark to what I’m used to anyway this hairdresser has put this colour onto my hair & when it was time to wash off it had turned a really dark brown level 6 but was also kakhi green in colour, from what i can gather she’s put an ash brown onto my hair. she then put three colours over the top of this which didn’t lift off the green tinge she then sent me on my way & told me she wasn’t in until next week I’m supposed to be going away this weekend & it looks awful. I keep washing it & the colour has faded a little but not much & also has the green tinge. I know you need a red toner to counteract the green but i still want it blonde. Is it possible to be able to get a colour with is blonde but also had red pigments. I can’t afford anothrr hair dresser because she charged me for this mistake & like an idiot i payed her! Also I’ve been coming to this salon for years & have the same stylist so i would have thought she knows my colour history etc. Anyway i hope someone can help me!

  169. Kelsey

    My hair is naturally a 4/3 and I am planning on dying it a teal/blue color over Spring-break, I was just wondering if anyone had any advice as to the best way for me to dye it, or what products you guys have found to work the best? Anything would help, I have never bleached or dyed my hair myself, I’ve always had my friend do it for me(but we are no longer in touch), so I could really use some advice!

  170. Emmy

    Hi! I was wondering if you could help me; my natural hair color is about a 2 and a few months ago I bleached the ends to about a 6. I was going for an ombre look, and I planned on adding red to the bleached parts, which I did. I just used Manic Panic, and now it’s fading out. I planned on buying Ion Color Brilliance in the Liquid 4IR to redye it a bit more permanently. Do you think 20v developer would be best for my hair? It’s a little on the think side, but it isn’t course and I thought that because I’m just re-dying it that might be best. Just looking for your opinion! I thought this was a brilliant article, thank you so much for posting! (:

  171. samantha

    i have never died my hair it is very dark brown and i want to lighten it but I don’t want any blond or bleach please help

  172. nei

    I tried to remove burgundy with bleach and it turned orange. should i bleach it more to get back a blondish color

  173. Michelle

    My hair is naturally strawberry blonde (about a level 7) and I have lighter blonde highlights (about a level 9 maybe 10). I had wanted rose gold highlights but the hairdresser never bothered with a toner so they’re just golden blonde. If I were to use a pink toner on my hair now, would my base color turn pink as well? Would mixing some clear in with the pink toner and using a <5 developer help avoid that?

  174. Saquoia

    Not sure if you all can help but I’vr been planning on dying some extensions from dark brown to hey black. I dont want to use a developer because its so harsh on the hair and I’ve heard of people mixing white conditioner with the dye in place of developer. Now, the thing is I’ve only seen videos of people doing this with bright colors like purple, red, blue, etc. because addis gorge conditioner actually makes the dye a bit lighter. So if i were to mix conditioner with her black dye do you think it would possibly fade to a regular black, thats what im hoping for.

  175. Micha

    I had red ombre & now it is washed outmyhair still has a redish tinge to it. Now i bought ION sky blue. What developer do i use to bleach myhair b4 use…. I do not want any more damage haha

  176. fdasfads


    I have dark brown wavy hair and want to lighten it to a nice light ash brown. I use ash because my hair turns red or orange easily. I also have alot of grey hair. I have been coloring my hair with light ash brown with 20 volume developer and it only turns to a dark/meduim brown. My question is, if I use 30 volume developer, will it give me a lighter color and more be the light ash brown I’m looking for? Also, will it still hide the greys? Another question is which hair color is best. I have used ION and Age beautiful and even aragon and I feel their colors are dull and leaves my hair dry.

    Your help is much appreciated!

  177. […] How-To Hair Girl | Do’s and Dont’s of DIY hair coloring. – *This post has inspired SO MANY GREAT QUESTIONS from HTHG readers regarding their hair color. Many of the questions are quite complicated and require a bit of time …… […]

  178. […] How-To Hair Girl | Do’s and Dont’s of DIY hair coloring. – *This post has inspired SO MANY GREAT QUESTIONS from HTHG readers regarding their hair color. Many of the questions are quite complicated and require a bit of time …… […]

  179. Kourtney

    Hi, I’ve been dying my hair for years always dark brow or red, it about a level 2 now. I would like try try out blonde, what is they best way to go about bleaching pre colored hair to get it to a level 9 or 10? Once it’s blonde I would also like to put lowlights in as well.

  180. Keri

    Hi my natural hair is around 2/3 but over summer last year I used a sun lightening kit on my hair because I wanted to try having lighter highlights and it just turned all of my hair ginger ish, I dont like it any more as my roots have grown to a few inches so I was wondering how i would die my hair back to my natural colour without it going patchy??

  181. Samantha Earl

    Hi, i love all your advice:) for the pacst couple of years ive been dying my hair black jet black, it has been 5 months since ive dyed it jet black, would i be able to box dye it a dark burgundy red?

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      If you can still see any of the black in your hair, you will not be able to lighten it at all with a bergundy red. So unless you bleach the black out first, or cut it off, I advise against putting a lighter all-over color over it. It will not be consistent.

  182. SasSSam

    Hi, I have a question. I started off with virgin dark brown hair then dyed my hair bright red. After that, blonde highlights were put into my hair over the red, and dark brown on the rest of my head. I am now wanting to dye my hair a jet black 1v color, which on the box says that it has 100% gray coverage and I was told by a girl who works at Sally’s that it would cover my blonde but I’m still worried that it isn’t going to turn out right. Is it likely that it will turn out jet black like I am wanting?

  183. Lula

    I just dyed my hair four days ago . The lady did a black red violet brown . It’s too much red . I want more like a violet black . what can I do ?

  184. Gigi

    I’ve been highlighting my hair and touching up my highlights for the past 2 years but My base color is too lighter my highlights are not really showing. Should I dye my hair all dark-medium brown again and get full head of highlights? If so, how can I getmy dark blonde/light brown hair back without harming my hair too much. I’m opting out on box color bc it’s too much unnecessary lift. Would Demi permanent be ok?

  185. KT

    Hi there! Great article! 🙂

    Question: I’m a natural light blonde, and my hair was recently about a level 5, coppery red. I asked my stylist to add some brown to tone down the copper & give me an auburn look, but she added too much dark brown and too much green – it turned black, with my highlighted areas left gray on the ends and red at the roots. Disaster.

    I used a 30 vol and l’oreal high color hilights to add some red back into it in hopes of getting close to my former color… it’s not bad, just very dark – probably a level 2 with intense red undertones. Considering my hair is damaged now, what is the safest way to get to a level 5 auburn/red? Thanks!!

  186. Grace

    Need some advice…. I have dyed very dark brown/black hair and my natural coulour is a warmer chocolate brown but with quite a few grays in my parting. I would like to go back to a similar couloir to my natural coulour by colour stripping it (I’ve done this myself before and it worked very well) and then going to a salon to have an ombre effect done with lighter ends. My problem is that I don’t know whether to dye my hair before having the ombre done as I need to cover the grays but don’t know if having dye on my hair makes it harder to lighten? Or do you think it’s possible for them to colour my hair brown and do the ombre lightening in the salon? Once it’s done I would just dye my roots the brown colour to keep on top of the grays. Thanks!

  187. G. Allyn

    Hi! Hope someone can give me some ideas. I have medium to dark brown virgin hair, worn in a chin length bob, with about 5% grey, mostly at the front of my ears. It seems to be starting to grey a little more in this area, especially on the left.

    I don’t want to spend time at the salon due to a medical issue. Can I cover with some caramel streaks at home or is this a foolish idea?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  188. LisalsdjflkajwerLisa Lisa

    There’s one thing I’m confused about. If I just want to color tone my natural hair color, would using the “opposite” rule with color cancelling work to tone it without needing to use a natural-colored hair dye later? I’m debating on going with henna or toning toward the color henna would give me. I’ve actually done a color test on hair clippings using henna, henna plus Manic, but not with color toning toward the red I want. Naturally I can go a few shades lighter with developer only and my more yellow skin tone works with it very well as-is. But I want to go a bit redder. before deciding how red with henna I want to go.

    1. Lisa

      Oops, sorry if my name looked weird. The form was doing weird things and I couldn’t see my typing in the other fields.

  189. aaisha

    heey i dyed lightened my hair so that it is between 5-6 now would i need to lighten purple for say a dark blur or purple?

  190. Yaya

    So I had ombre in my hair & I had been applying toner to it cause for some reason it looked super orangey twds the roots. Well last night I decided to dye it, since I had done it before to get rid of the Orange & yellow tones. I got a light ash brown like always but I tried a different brand. All from Sally’s. So I put it in my hair notice the dye starts looking dark purplish in my hair. I wash it out right away & now I have no more ombre I have a dark green brown in my hair. I literally cried. Why the hell did this happen & how can I fix it!!!!

  191. MMmamay

    I have a big problem. My natural color is black. I started with partial natural hair and dyed black hair because it was lighter about 8 months ago. I got my hair highlighted on about a week ago. I wasn’t happy it wasn’t light enough and I wanted to go all blonde. About 3 days later she lightened and then bleached all over once on the bottom and then the roots. My hair came out a scary orange blonde with red like the girl on the photo on top. She decided to tone it with a violet toner. It did nothing. My hair was completely damaged and I left the shop really upset. I tried to cover it up 2 days later with a chestnut demi-permenant color. I was told it could possibly cover up the red. Instead some of my hair came out blue and my roots were orange. So the next day I decided to try to cover that up with a jet black demi-permanent color. Now my hair is blue, purple, grey, and still slight orange on my roots. I don’t know what to do.

  192. Ashley

    Hello, less than a week ago I had my hair done and it was supposed to be ombr. I naturally have a 3/4 color and ends are now like a copperish 6. It’s not a subtle ombré, it goes from the 3/4 to the 6 quite drastically. How long should I wait to dye my hair back to my natural color?

  193. Mairin

    Hi I would love to have a consult with you. Please let me know when I can.

  194. Maya

    I’m gonna make my hair pastel purple soon but before I do, I already have remaining blue and purple hair dyes in my hair. I was wondering how long I should bleach my hair to remove the hair dyes out. I have L’Oreal 40 volume developer and was also wondering if that’s what it takes to get it out fast.

  195. jena

    I want to achieve a silver white platinum hair and my color level is 2. Should I bleach then dye my hair? I would love to hear your suggestions. Thank you.

  196. Jessica

    I dyed my hair hot red mixed with copper red hi lift loreal from Sally’s two months ago it turned out a dark red auburn. My hair is now a more natural brown red orange color. But I want it light brown. Would any ash dye help? I was planning on buying lorealparis natural blonde and mixing it with a dark blonde. Would it lighten without turning it orange?

  197. Robyn B

    Hi, My natural colour is a 5/6, I’ve dyed my hair red using Loreal Féria Hot chilli red. But I want to dye my hair back to a more natural brown colour in a couple of months. Would it be okay to apply dye over the top of the red? Or do something else?

  198. Karen

    i dyed my hair burgundy yesterday with box dye the garnier brand . I did it and some parts came out purpleish but the rest of my hair is the same color ( dark brownish ) I’ve dyed my hair before . I’m wondering if it’s safe if I bleach my hair ? Will my hair fall out or turn green ? I want to do a teal or dark purple Ombré .

  199. Michelle

    So i just colored my hair bright red and figured out after that i have hot roots. My roots are insainly bright red and the rest is a more darker toned down red. Is there anything i can do to my roots to make it look not so insainly bright?

  200. yesenia

    Hello! I want to go lighter. I usually do my own hair and do a great job but always before I do I get crazy and nervous! I have an ombre now that I did and loce myself. My ends are obviously lightr amd my roots are kinda a medium brown. I wanna get a little lughter. I’m think about getting the splat lighten kit and doing it that way and if I need a toner get one. Or getting different developers maybe a 20 and a 40 and work from there.. ends lighter and bayalage it all around and adding a toner if I need to. Please let me know if u think that’s ok. Or what I should do instead.

  201. Nina

    I recently got dark blonde highlights on my dark brown hair at the salon. It looked great, it was a lovely ashy colour (like I wanted) until a few washes later it started to go a bit orange and brassy, so I went back to the hair salon and they got rid of it – a little too well. Now you can barely see the highlights D: I feel like I got my hair bleached for no reason. Is there any way to get back to that original blonde colour I got done in the first place?

  202. Fromhils

    Hi, So I recently purchased a bottle of Wella White Lady T18 hair toner. My aim is to apply and turn the already naturally very light/white blonde highlights of my hair to a nice lavender/ purple. I’m trying to determine if I need a developer if I am not actually trying to lighten my hair? Or if I can simply overlay the toner to my dry hair and let it do its thing for 2-30 mins?

    Thanks so much!

  203. Sam

    i have Virgin brown hair and i want to get to a midnight blue but not one i have to recolor monthly (midnight blue only comes in semi- permeant colors) because there is no way i want to be blonde (it doesn’t look good on me) do you think if i bleached is and and then colored it with a black with a blue base plus more blue toner i can make it a more permeant midnight blue hair color or would it just be black

  204. Megan

    Hi! I recently had my hair bleached professionally and it turned out much lighter than I would like it. I don’t know if it suits me. Anyways, if I wanted to darker it up so maybe a dark golden blonde rather than a platinum like it is now, what do you think would be the best way to go about doing that without going back to the salon? Any advice would be great! 🙂

  205. gargi dey

    ii have virgin black hair. i colored my hair with garnier nutrise copper red but it stills seem look black. what type of developer i should use ?

  206. Yun

    Hi, i absolutely have no experience in this but i want to do ombre and have a bit of highlights. i have long hair so i want to aim for a super light blonde for my tips with a caramel bworn in the middle as it blends in with my (i’m 2nd level) very dark brown hair. i’m thinking of using 20-30 developer for this?? Do you have any suggestions for me in getting my hair done before my Formal comes. haha

    Thank you in advance.

  207. Nub

    Filling? What do you mean by filling? my hair was a virgin but i bleached it a while ago for an event but i honestly i want to get it dark as quickly as i can. Can I really do that? If can for how long? Do I just color it dark shades or do i have to wait somemore. If I just color it, will it fade away along with my blonde hair? help 🙁

  208. rizwanasalim

    Hello. So I had gotten an ombre from a salon a couple of weeks back, he dyed the upper half of my hair a dark brown(almost black) and I’m not really pleased with the result. I want to lighten my hair just a wee bit, so would using a box dye help in lightening my hair a bit, although there’s already a dark brown dye on my hair?

  209. cristincrsa

    I have a question. I do not color my hair as i am afraid it will damage my already thin fine hair and half because i do not want to be bothered with the mantainance. that being said i purchased some weave i plan on using for clip in extension but it is just a bit lighter than my dark blonde/light brown hair. someone suggested using a product like redken blonde idol to lighten up my hair a bit. this is like a toner correct? if my hair isnt artificailly colored will this product even work? Thanks!!!!!

  210. Khardae

    Hello again I like to say I love this article but I have a question my natural hair color is black but I went blonde a darker blonde and was trying to go back black what should I do?

  211. Patti Saltsman Mundey

    My hair is driving me crazy. All I ever wanted was dark blonde hair with lighter highlights. Well, now the hairdresser has me really blonde with hardly any lowlights, and all I see are dark roots after a week and a half. I have been going through this for two years, and no one seems to get what I want. I am thinking about just getting a box mix and trying it myself, but am afraid it will turn out even worse than it is, or break off. Help!!

  212. Abigail

    I have a question, so i went to the salon about a month and a half ago wanting to color my hair burgundy, and my stylist didnt lift my natural color, so my hair came out more red and brassy than i wanted. now i have garnier BR2 dark intense burgundy, and i was wondering how the burgundy color will work on my hair. my mom is worried my hair will turn greenish and i want to be sure that the color will work and hopefully color over the brassiness instead of reacting and mixing with it. is that something you can help me with

  213. ashley

    So i bleached my hair to get it indigo blue now it faded to a green i want magenta hair with light purple ends but i bought a loreal hicolor hilights in magenta with 30 vol developer but i onlywant to use that on my roots and bring it down to 2 inches above my ends then bleach the undyed hair to add a semi permanent . would the permanent hair dye come out a different color? Please help ive searched videos and people with lots of hair experience but nobody has done this and nobody has been able to help me

  214. Nicole


    I have dyed black hair, but haven’t dyed it in about 5 months. My natural hair color is dark brown. And I would like to lighten my hair to a more light golden brown for summer.

    I was wondering if I should do a color corrector to remove the black, then bleach and then dye my hair?

    Or what would be the best steps to take to achieve a light brown from dyed black hair?

  215. Karen

    Hi, so I have ombre hair (my roots are half virgin and half #2 my ends are a #7) and I want to go back to my root color with its #2 but virgin hair idk what to do if I should use a filler so it can come out evenly. I know I should probably go to a pro but I cant afford it

  216. Welcome to

    […] How-To Hair Girl | Do's and Dont's of DIY hair coloring.*This post has inspired SO MANY GREAT QUESTIONS from HTHG readers regarding their hair color. Many of the questions are quite complicated and require a bit of time and complex color theory knowledge. In order to … […]

  217. carmen

    Hi there question I just died my hair red scarlet red I have dark brown hair now I just want to know in case ive missed some spots can I ask my fiance to go over the spots for me but hes coming home in like 4hours or is it not going to work?

  218. Brooke

    This is complicated, my hair has bleached highlights weaved through out and it’s colored a level 1. I have natural gray throughout my hair so I started going lighter. After going to the salon and getting the bleached weaved through my hair I decided to color it (by the box) with high lift blond color. My hair is a really pretty color but it’s dry and frizzy, I have natural fine wavy/curly hair! Each time I color I color it all over, is this what’s making my hair so dry? Ive always had dry hair but I feel it’s necessary to color all over to rid the brassy color. What Do You RECOMEND I Use On My Hair ( Color OR CONDITIONER Wise To Help With THE dryness? What’s the best products for this? I would like to go ice blond but I figured out I can’t achieve this by a box so I settle with ash platinum blond! Any advice on color/ shampoo/ conditioners?

  219. Mandy

    My natural color is about a 7. I normally keep it at a 10 using box colors. I went darker in steps. I took it to around a 6, and now and at around a 3 in a reddish brown/auburn color. Although it is permanent it is fading very quickly. I would like to go for for more of a golden medium or light golden brown If that makes sense. What would be the steps of going to a lighter color from a non-natural color. Never done that route, I guess. I have just maintained my blonde roots to the 10 color.

  220. Lesley Ducoing

    My friend who’s a hairdresser bleached my hair with 40. Then she had Aqua and Violet with a ten, and unfortunately my blue came out but violet didn’t. She gave my dye and told me if I wanted to fix it myself or add color when it starts to wear out what can I do to fix it. Why did violet not come out?

  221. Anna

    Hi, i bleached my hair and it is an orange colour. Can i use a light ash blonde dye to tone the hair to get rid of the orange or would i have to buy toner? This post was really helpful. 🙂

  222. Natisha


    I have a question, a couple of months ago I got purple highlites now my purple dye coming out, I wanted to dye my hair back to dark brown. What will happen if I jus dye over my highlites an/or what do I need to do?

    Please email me at:

  223. Faye Saunders

    I’m naturally medium brown and have recently gone medium blonde, well my roots went ginger and I put another dye on of the same colour and still my roots are ginger but not as bright, I’ve also been using boiler pigment shampoo but it’s not budging the ginger, the rest of my hair is close to how I want it though…what should I do?

  224. Jennifer owens

    I have pastel faded purple roots greenish blue hair I want to go back natural help!!!!

  225. Farrah

    I died my hair red and recently decided i want to change back to a light ash blonde. I have put hair colour remover on twice and twice put ash blonde colour over. It was still looking a dark blonde with slight orange tint. So I now Highligted it so i have loads of blonde but i have an area that didnt seem to take. My question is please, if I bleech my whole head and then put on an ash blonde colour after, will this work and leave me with ash blonde coloured hair?

  226. Stef

    I would like to dye my hair a cloudy blue; however I’ve been dyeing my hair burgundy for the past 9 months. I need help on how to tone it after I bleach it!’

  227. Ashley

    I just bleached my hair its like between 1/2 I want to do it red the dye says its called pomegranate if I use this will my hair turn orange instead?

  228. Jen

    I have naturally medium brown hair but after coloring for several years my roots are growing out a lighter brown and the rest of my hair seems to be a very dark brown. what is the best way to go back to make the rest of my hair lighten up and match my roots?

  229. Alexandra

    I used to be a very light beige-y/silver blonde and decided for fun to dye my hair a pastel lavender using the conditioner and ion color brilliance method. Well I was tired of the color and the maintenance and decided to use color oops to get rid of it to make it easier for my stylist to take me back to a dark ash blonde…BUT now my hair is all kinds of mermaid blue/light blue/teal. FML. Should I use color oops again or just dye over this myself and if I do that should I use a orange red color or a light ash brown?

  230. serena

    hii i’m serena and i have a question i need you to help me .
    so my hair is medium brown and it’s my natural colour i have never dyed my hair before and i want to lighten my hair like taylor swift hair and do some ombre / balayage and i don’t know what hair dye number i must use ?? is it 8n and 8a ??

  231. Alyssa Taylor

    i natural blonde hair. I dyed my hair black at the beginning of June. Am I able to safely bleach my hair and get it to a blonde? If so, which bleach should I use on black hair? I wanna use manic panic bleach but don’t know if I should use 30 volume or 40 volume.

  232. Stacie Fourroux

    My question is which bleach color version (blue or violet?) is best if I’m a virgin 2-3 level brown? I’m looking to do bayalage high lights to a 10-11 level and I want to also do low lights maybe a level 6 or so? Which volume do you recommend 20,30 or 40 for highlights, blue or violet bleach (I don’t want brassiness?), should I add the no brass packet? And which color would u recommend to lighten to level 6? I have a caramel color and all my stuff I purchased at sallys. Thanks so much, this site helps tremendously. Thank you for helping us that cant afford to see Guy Tang and his finished masterpieces!

  233. Regina

    Hi, so I have a very long (upto my waist) black and wavy hair and I wanted to dye it a dark blue with hints of lilac. A few months back I had my hair colored blue at the local shop but my hair turned brown. Would it work if I try to have it colored blue again?

  234. Sharday

    I have a question about going back to blonde from a vivid neon blue. I still have a bunch of splochy minty greens hues in my hair and I was wondering if I was to put a hair color with 9bv with a vol 20 should it be okay? My hair is currently a lvl 12 and pretty whiteish.

  235. Stephanie Padilla

    Hi guys, my natural hair color is a really dark brown almost black, at the moment I have really light blonde hair with previous highlights in it. It was all professionally done with the use of bleach doing bleach washes and weaves of bleach. It has been a long painstaking process which has been very expensive. I can’t keep up with the cost of touching up my roots every month. I would like to dye my hair dark brown but I am afraid of it turning green and I don’t know what to do. Please help>

  236. eneerenee

    my hair is about a level 4 with red tones and slightly green in certain areas. i would like to become a level 5 while canceling out the red and what could possibly turn green at the same time

  237. Vada

    I dyed my hair a blue at the base of my hair and green going down. I was wondering how I got back to brown. All my friends are saying I have to go black and work my way to brown. But I need to know for sure what to do before I do anything.

  238. JaiJaimeJJJaimeJaijAIMEjAIMEjAIME

    I colored my hair from a level 7/8 blonde with a lot of warmth in my hair with a 6n and 5ch. It turned my hair pretty dark like a level 5 but it has so much red/warmth in it. I am wondering if I can go back over it with my 6n to get some of the warmth out of it. It definitely has a lot of red in it. I feel like my hair pulls the warmth. I mixed the two with equal parts of each.

  239. Leslie

    So I had dyed my hair a turquoise color which faded to a green. I want to dye that part purple now. Do I have to re bleach it then dye or can I just dye the purple over the green?

  240. Lee J

    Hi.. so i’ve bleached almost all my hair -it was dark brown and now its bright blonde- and i wanna dye it ashy blonde, or golden blonde.. but i’m worried about the end result.. like what colors should i go for and what colors should i avoid ?
    is palette 9.1 a good color? will it turn out greenish or reddish?!
    any other color suggestions?

  241. Morin

    I have black hair and want to dye my hair 7.0 dark blonde, how will it turn out?

    1. Mariya


      First, I’d like to thank you for all the great info you’ve provided here. But there’s still one thing I am not completely clear on. So, my natural level is between 1 and 2, it’s really dark, but somehow I’ve managed to bleach it to a level 10-11. Only the root part is a bit darker obviously, and the actual roots. But my lengths are pretty light. I have a box dye of L’oreal Excellence, a 9.1 Natural light ash blonde. Now my question is: do I need to use the developer at all? Because the way I’m thinking it is that, it’s already lightened enough and just putting the colourant should do the job. Because it’s already damaged enough and I want to prevent any further damaging. But I might be wrong, so could you please tell me if I should use the developer (it doesnt say what volume it is, though).

  242. Wanda

    i have bleached my hair twice now and it is a really light blonde with a yellow tint. Now I am wondering because I have to many box hair dye kits saved because I’ve been wanting to change my hair but couldn’t make up my mind on how. Now my question is can I use the box dye to create a grey hair look? If I were to add less dye to twice the stuff you add the dye to would that create the look I’m trying to find? If so that would be great because I wouldn’t have to buy anything else.

  243. Louise

    I have been colouring my hair black for a few years now but would like to change it to a vibrant red how do I go about doing it or more to the point will I be able to do it without damaging my hair.

  244. Louise

    I have coloured my hair black for many years and want to hang it to a vibrant red, how do igoabout doing this and will it work without damaging my hair.

  245. Sardi

    I’d like some advice on how to darken my hair. I bleached it and added a strawberry blonde color a couple months ago but now id like to go golden brown/ deep red…what color would be best to get it to either shade? and what steps are necessary?

  246. DIY Eyebrow Tinting

    […] demi permanent cream color.  That means, that you need a tube of color, as well as a milky white developer that has a volume of 6 or 10.  Anything above that will permenantly tint your eyebrows, which can […]

  247. Maria

    About a month and a half ago I colored my hair red (it’s naturally dark brown). Now, obviously, the roots are growing in and it’s time to recolor it. How would I go about getting am even color all over with my roots being so dark and the rest of it a faded auburn red?

  248. Sabrina

    So I have 613 human hair extensions that I’m going to dye ombre, dark brown roots(1b),dark purple, grey,pastel cotton candy pink. I especially want the color to stick but i also want the pastels pastel so can I mix the semi perm colors with 10 or 20 developer AND mix that in conditioner? So I want the developer to help the color deposit more but also lighten the color to my desired tone w/conditioner. Is that possible? Or no its one or the other? I will be using adore semi perm colors for dark brown and dark purple, shimmer lights true steel, manic panic cotton candy pink. If that helps any.

  249. Wilgrace

    THANK YOU! Your post is very helpful! Anyway, I’d like to ask for your advice. I’ve been dying my hair light brown. Then I got bored with it so I dyed my hair black. I keep trimming my hair until no treated hair was left from all those rebonding, etc. Just the dyed black color. Now my natural hair grew about 3-inches. I’d like to dye my hair light brown ‘coz black makes me look pale. What do you think should I do about it? Should I wait until my natural hair color to grow until shoulder length then color it or should I bleach it then dye? I’m kindda scared about this bleaching thing. I don’t want to damage my hair from bleaching then rebond it afterwards etc etc. I just want to dye it without other chemical treatments. What can you suggest? My natural hair color is dark brown and the length is just below my jaw.

  250. […] I sincerely hope this little guide helps you understand a little bit more about at-home hair coloring. Here is to dispelling myths, clarifying details and being informed. May your at-home hair color days be bright and predictable! For more detailed DIY hair color information, check out this guide, the Do’s and Don’ts of DIY Color. […]

  251. […] I sincerely hope this little guide helps you understand a little bit more about at-home hair coloring. Here is to dispelling myths, clarifying details and being informed. May your at-home hair color days be bright and predictable! For more detailed DIY hair color information, check out this guide, the Do’s and Don’ts of DIY Color. […]

  252. […] I sincerely hope this little guide helps you understand a little bit more about at-home hair coloring. Here is to dispelling myths, clarifying details and being informed. May your at-home hair color days be bright and predictable! For more detailed DIY hair color information, check out this guide, the Do’s and Don’ts of DIY Color. […]

  253. Whitney

    I have dark hair with blonde highlights. I’m wanting to color it plum- do I need to strip first and then apply color or can I just apply color normally with a 20?

  254. […] I unequivocally wish this small beam helps we know a small bit some-more about at-home hair coloring. Here is to dispelling myths, clarifying sum and being informed. May your at-home hair tinge days be splendid and predictable! For some-more minute DIY hair tinge information, check out this guide, a Do’s and Don’ts of DIY Color. […]

  255. […] I sincerely hope this little guide helps you understand a little bit more about at-home hair coloring. Here is to dispelling myths, clarifying details and being informed. May your at-home hair color days be bright and predictable! For more detailed DIY hair color information, check out this guide, the Do’s and Don’ts of DIY Color. […]

  256. […] I sincerely hope this little guide helps you understand a little bit more about at-home hair coloring. Here is to dispelling myths, clarifying details and being informed. May your at-home hair color days be bright and predictable! For more detailed DIY hair color information, check out this guide, the Do’s and Don’ts of DIY Color. […]

  257. Christina

    Hi i’m a level 10 blonde my natural color is light browm i would love to change it a little and give a go for a pretty strawberry blond for the fall. Should i just get a toner or do i do a complete dye ? And do i take a 10 or 20 developper ?

  258. njoud

    I’ve dyed my hair before 3 months with garnier light blonde and then i rinse it with lakme blue in 0/70 . now it comes like number 5 with orange shine i want to dye in dark ash brown blonde what is the best way to get this shade at home?
    notice my natural hair is black and the roots comes out ( it looks disaster )

  259. Kayla

    I went bleach blonde a month ago and decided I didn’t want to keep up with toners so I baught a dark ash blonde to take a step to go back to a dark brown/ soft black. My hair turned out great besides the tips becuase they turned kinda green ( probably becuase I got some blue dye stuck at the tips) and o was wondering if now I can just dye my hair to the soft black or will it not turn out so great?

  260. Emma

    Hi! I just went to my hairdresser a few days ago and the results are less than stellar. I want to fix my hair but I’m terrified of getting hot roots (it’s happened in the past and it was awful). As of right now I don’t have any roots because it’s all fresh dye. The color I picked up at Sally Beauty Supply is a deep red/brown. So I have two questions: 1, if I use a 10 volume developer and demi permanent dye(dying my hair darker) is there still a chance I could get hot roots? If there is, what is the best way to avoid that? And 2, the ends of my hair are a very ashy brown (the top quarter of my hair is a beautiful rich red/brown color – bad dye job, long story), by using a red/brown dye will that deposit the red back into the ends of my hair? Thank you!

  261. Mary

    There is a picture in this post of a girl with blue/purple/violet hair. It’s a profile shot and she has a nose ring. I am totally in love with this combination of colors and those shades. I’d love to know what products were used. If it was not one that you did, do have the info for the original source?

  262. Hunter Rose Comtois

    I have naturally a medium ash blond. I bleached some pieces in my hair to create some highlights. Eventually i wanted to go darker and put brown over it and the bleached sections turned green. Since then i colored my hair back to blond and let it rest for a bit but now want to do a fun fall color (a dark reddish purple) and am unsure with what chemical reaction will happen to my hair. Will it come as the color I’m hoping it will be or do i need to do other steps in order to succeed in reaching the desired color? I don’t want that swamp green again! Haha, thank you!

  263. DDeanDeanna

    My hair is several different shades. Bleached/overhighlighed ends, medium blonde root touch up of about four inches, and dark roots, about a quarter inch. I want to get it all the same color. Preferably a nice warm blonde. I went to a professional colorist and she didn’t do any better than I had at home to matching the outgrow. What do you suggest?

  264. Jodi

    I’ve used an ion brilliance demi-permanent twice and I love the color, but my hair stylist says store bought colors will make my hair chalky. (I do my roots and then only run color through entire head for 5 mins). Is that true with ion brilliance? Is Madison Reed color of better quality? Should I switch even though I am happy with my color?

  265. jo

    Hi I bleached my hair and am trying to get a carmel light color. Bought light golden brown with a yellow base and a extra light ash blond with a blue base. Am worried of my hair turning green if I didnt select the right colors can you make a suggestion. My original hair color was salt and pepper

  266. mykaela

    I dyed my hair box black months ago, can I dye it magenta with loreal hilight?

  267. MRG

    I use Just For Men – Medium Brown – every three weeks. I am naturally 100% grey. Is this blog saying I can use “…the groundbreaking Hairprint” to go back to 100% grey if that is what I desire? It has been about a week since I last used Just For Men – Medium Brown. What are the risk for me? Any other options besides “Hairprint” ?

  268. Sher0rE

    I am currently at a level 3 color on the color chart but I am getting ready to color my hair to a light grey. I have bought the Berina A21 hair color and I am trying to figure out the process in which to do this. Please help!!!

  269. Fabby

    its a little silly too tell people too apply 30 vol too their hair when its grey, its simply not needed! hair that is completely white from greying usually benefits form 10 vol for 40 minutes as you are only depositing colour, thats what the 10 vol does, if they have salt and pepper grey, use 20 vol as it can even out the tone a little, but if they have very resistant hair, you should use pure peroxide without colour at 20 vol and apply it too the hair as if you were doing a colour, then blow-dry the hair too soften the hair and follow up with the 10 vol colour. Its much better for the clients hair and will result in an easier time for the stylist too cut and finish their hair! and if you’re at home (and i dont recommend colouring DIY unless you know your colours) it can help you keep your length and visit the salon a lot less often

  270. Rebekka

    Hi, I’m around a level 2 to 3 (closer to two) brown according to your chart, with all sorts of natural (i.e. not dyed) highlights that make my hair look lighter, and I have a dyed streak on the front right section of my hair. It was bright purple when I got it done, and it was the very first time I got my hair colored. We had it done at a salon, but truth be told it wasn’t really what I wanted to do with my hair as far as color goes, it’s just what was cheaper and would let me get at least some color done. Anyway, my hair grows super fast, and now the purple has completely faded in some spots, and turned a weird shade of pink in others, plus I have about an inch or two of brown above it where the roots have grown over the past 3 or 4 months since I got it. This time around, my mom and I are going to dye my hair ourselves. Any tips for how to take out the color so I can make it blue? We’ve bought the hair dye, bleach, 30v conditioner, brushes, and bowls already from Sally’s, and I’m considering doing what I wanted to do originally, which is ombre the natural color in my hair, to the blues I got for the ombre, all across my head. But my mom is suggesting only re-dyeing the streak. Which of these two options wold you recommend? Also, if it helps, the blues I’ll be using are ion color brilliance neon brights cyan, gemstones jade, and I was considering mixing both of those with a drop or two of ion color brilliance brights mint each.

  271. Living Dead Girl Nicole

    So Iso i.color chart has a fun mixture of purples you can do with their 4VV African Amethyst hair dye to achieve various versions. I am drawn to a couple of them because they look more purple then the color normally results in.

    The basis seems to be the 4VV African Amethyst mixed with 10AA Lightest Ash Blonde and Blue Intensifier. Any idea why the add in of the Ash Blonde? Is that to lift more? I understand the blue would contradict the red tones to make the end result more purple but what would the Ash blonde be for?

  272. Carolina Covarrubia

    I want to dye my hair a magenta/red color and my natural hair color is dark brown, almost black, what do you recommend I should do it? And what volume of developer should I use?

  273. Jennifer Stokes

    I’m in the process of dying my my hair light purple on top fading to a dark purple…if I go over the light purple a little with the dark purple will it make a different purple to in the middle of the light and dark purples

  274. Terry

    My hair is fading out from 4N (naturally a little lighter brown with some red undertones). I want to dye it using Red Hot H9, should I use 30 or 20 developer to achieve a deep dark red? Will it turn out too bright if my hair is not dark to start out with?

  275. Kelly

    Hi, I have freshly dyed magenta red hair, 8 can’t stand it. How long should I wait before dying it dark brown?

  276. Nadia

    Hi. I dyed my hair grey about a month ago and want to dye it back to my natural hair color that is sort if dark blonde/light brown. What are the steps I need to take? Do I have to color it ginger/red or go another way? Thank you very much

  277. Cher Ander

    I am going grey, purposely. After dye removing as much color as I could I noticed a PINK hue near my scalp and hair.
    Does it need toning or removal/bleaching. Help
    I just want the grey I’m growing.

  278. Tina

    Hello! I have been using box dye on my hair, usually a 6-7 medium blonde. Last night I used a High Lift Caramel Brown (I believe it was a 6). My roots were dark brown (my natural color) and the rest of my hair was medium blonde. The dye made my roots look great! The rest of my hair looks dull and colorless.
    What would be your suggestions? I am thinking about letting my hair rest for about a week and then putting a brown (4-5) in it, in hopes of adding some color back to it. Let me know what you think I should do!
    Thank you!

  279. Sarah

    I have red Splat hair dye in my hair I have died it this red now for about 4 months now I am ready to get it out and go to a pastel color by sparks either a rose gold pink color which I already bought or maybe do some lavender, anyways I understand my hair has to be at a level 10 to do this so how do I go from red to a level 10 blonde?

  280. Stephanie


    I saw bright red “highlighter” in the beauty supply store and loved the color more than any of the other options. I believe it was Loreal.

    Can I use “highlighter” to dye my whole head?

    1. Samantha

      Stephanie, I’m not 100% sure if this is what you are talking about but I do know that L’Oreal does make a high lift red that is sold in Sally Beauty. I used it years ago with success but I don’t believe it was a highlighter. If you are looking for a good color line and you don’t mind ordering online I use Joico Color Intensity and it will last almost 2 months on me. It is a henna based color so if you are allergic to henna it may not be for you. It is a pro brand so you probably can’t get it in store where you are unless you have a cosmo license but I order mine on Sleek Hair. So far I’ve used their sapphire blue, indigo and amethyst purple and have not been disappointed. They also have an awesome color eraser that you can use to color out with minimal damage to your hair.

  281. Morgan

    Help trying to go from level 2/3 red to level 5/6 dark blond/light brown! I’ve been putting semi-permanent fiery red on my level 3 dark brown hair for a year now and I want to get rid of the red and also go up three levels. Should I use bleach or toner? How would I “fill” my hair? Thanks!!

  282. Janice Schaal

    How can I even Out my hair color? I used Zoroaster Age Beautiful 7RC with a 30 developer. My roots are much darker than the rest of my hair. I hadn’t dyed my hair in about two years, so when I say “roots” I mean like 4 inches of my hair is darker and the rest is lighter. Was I supposed to use a larger number developer on my roots and a smaller number on the lighter hair? It was also kind of brassy at first. What color toner should I have used?

  283. Janice Schaal

    How can I even out my hair color? I used Zoros Age Beautiful 7RC with a 30 developer. My roots are much darker than the rest of my hair. I hadn’t dyed my hair in about two years, so when I say “roots” I mean like 4 inches of my hair is darker and the rest is lighter. Was I supposed to use a larger number developer on my roots and a smaller number on the lighter hair? It was also kind of brassy at first. What color toner should I have used?

  284. Melissa

    I have black hair and I dyed my hair to a really light blonde so I could reach a lavender color. I did, and now it has been fading to blues and greens. I want to go back to the blonde I had before. Can I just bleach over the green and blue? or will that magically turn into something other than blonde. or will my hair ever go back to that blonde again on its own?

  285. Sarytta

    Awesome article! I’ve been reading my hair at home since forever, dying, cutting and straightening. Now I’m on a break of everything, giving a rest to my hair. I’ve been lightening with vitamin C, so I can try to do some low lights after I reach a good blonde at the ends, the thing is that the vitamin c is not working anymore and I don’t want to bleach my hair. Right now it’s a dark blonde color. My goal is darkening the roots with a light brown and use something else at the ends, using the ombre hair V technique. But I’m afraid I can’t do both at the same time, since it’s going to take a long time to do everything. Can you help with suggestions of what should I use at the ends, I don’t know if a toner would help. Such a noob, lol. And if I have no other option but bleach, would it be safe to color the roots and bleach the ends at the same time?

  286. shelley greenaway

    will directions pillarbox red work well on unbleached dark brown hair? i wan to have red hair and the semi permanent ones seem safe. the thing is i am a little wary about bleaching. if not what are the safest ways of lightening hair without any harsh chemicals

  287. Nat

    I had very blond highlights with my natural dark blond roots. My hairdresser added some red color all over cause I wanted a change but I ended up with darker red bangs and lighter red all around.In addition the front bang area and sides was orangy. Is that normwal?

  288. Melissa

    I went from purple passion from Sparks to a raspberry color by L’oreal Ion Brilliance. Btw, my original hair color is dark I have done a bleach wash with a 20v developer and am now a orangy-red/brassiness tone in my hair. I am going to do one more bleach wash. then apply Pravana’s Wild Orchid to my roots and melt it into Magenta the rest of the way. From their color instructions it says I have to be a level 7 to apply both of these colors. With that being said I feel I am currently a level 4 by my roots, a level 5 midway through and level 6 by the ends. Once I do the next bleach wash I’m wondering is it necessary to put toner in my hair? I’m sure my next bleach wash will still leave me with some of the brassiness and orangy color. I don’t want the colors to be super bright, but I do want them to be noticeable, but not too dark either. Kind of somewhere in the middle. So would I need to add toner? Any advice would help please.

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