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#DIYhair Friday ends with a bang! Beauty and the braids.

7U6A4871Hi friends! This tutorial officially wraps up almost 2 solid years of DIY hair Fridays on HTHG. Don’t worry, though because I will still be sharing plenty of DIY hair tutorials, I will just be taking more time to develop each post SO the quantity is going down but the quality is going up.

This is a very exciting step for me, HTHG! I am taking this year, my 30th to narrow my focus and turn this blog into a career. You can expect some great DIY hair content, as well as some beautiful vintage and handmade items in the HTHG boutique, and natural hair and beauty products in the Shamphree shop!

This DIY hair Friday is about the beauty and simplicity of braids, and what we can do with the. Beauty and the Braids is a stunningly elegant and easy to do braided hairstyle. You will need medium to long hair, and curly girls, please don’t hesitate to rock out a beautifully soft curly version of this hairstyle.

7U6A4306And BTW, this hairstyle is perfectly finished off with one of Nikki Jacoby’s lovely hair combs, now available in the HTHG shop. And, I’m throwing in a bonus tutorial to show you yet another fun way to rock her combs. Can you tell that NJ is my favorite designer and my friend-sister yet?

Here is how to do the hair.


Beauty and the Braids

happy new year1. Start by making a diagonal part across the back of the head, from above the ear on the right side, to below the ear on the left. Section off the bottom with a clip.

2. Make a braid with the top section, on the left side.

3. Secure the end.

4. Make another braid on the bottom section.

5. Pull the braids apart to bulk them up.

6. Take the bottom braid and wind it into a bun, spiraling up and inwards, flat against the head. Pin the bun into place securely.

7. Take the top braid and wind it in the same direction around your bun making sure to guide your braid so that it lays flat on the head. This makes it look more intricate.

8. Pin the second braid into place, and be sure both braid tails are tucked in and pinned so that you can’t see them. Add a beautiful comb or brooch or clip to finish your Beauty and the Braids New Years hairdo.

Here is your bonus tutorial:)


Have a fantastic up-coming new year!

xoxoxoxoxoxoxox, HTHG

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