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My brother’s awesome Ghanaian wedding, and fixing a ducktail.

I attended my brother Jack’s wedding last weekend. It was a wedding ceremony performed by his brides family, the Acquayes. They are a charming and wonderful Ghanaian family who know how to laugh, cook, eat, dance, and party. I love my sister-in-law, and was really glad to meet her family.

I was also excited to see what kind of cool hairstyles I would encounter at the after-party, and I was not at all disappointed. Lots of natural hair, curls, kinks,braids, twists, itty-bitty afros, locks, beautiful hair all around. I was mostly inspired by how interesting some of the shorter hair styles were.

Here are some of my favorite hair photos from the wedding. 7U6A86607U6A83417U6A86837U6A84587U6A8571

















7U6A8666Before the wedding, I cut my brother’s hair. He has coarse, curly thick hair and he wanted to try something different. His hair was a bit longer then usual so I was able to do a little hipster hangover, using shear-over-comb on the sides to get it nice and short. I cut the edges sharp and precise to polish the look up. It really worked on his curls! He looked like a total stud. 7U6A8357 7U6A8359

Also while I was there, I cut my sister’s hair. She is 8 months pregnant and growing out a cute pixie cut. I took a couple pics to demonstrate how I took care of her duck- tail












A duck-tail is the inevitable floppy mullet that happens in the back of a growing out pixie. I basically treated it like a tiny little shlob. It looked so much better. I bet it will make birthing easier to not have a duck-tail. I can’t wait till I have a baby nephew. I’m hoping to be with her and her husband for the birth! San Francisco here I come!

Yay for weddings and new babies in the family!

7U6A8458Also, want to know my go-to 5 minute wedding up-do? It is this one, done on beautifully thick asian hair. Here is the tutorial for it.


xo, HTHG


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