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Guest Post…..DIY Coconut Sugar Perfect facial cleanser!

Reader Submission!

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 3.28.02 PMThis post comes from AJ in Reykjavík, Iceland! She wrote in to tell me how much she was loving her ShamPHree hair, and wanted to share this recipe for a DIY facial cleanser.

*The Photo came from a sugar scrub recipe on a blog called Doula Notes. Yum!

” I’d like to share with you my latest recipe for facial cleanser. I use it twice a day ( ok, I plan on using it twice a day… But sometimes.. you know:)

Coconut Sugar Perfect Facial Cleanser Recipe


2 tblsp coconut oil
1 tblsp honey
1/2 tblsp sugar
1/2 tblsp baking soda
2 drops sandalwood EO
2 drops orange EO
1 drop lavender EO

How to use it……

mix, I saw you already know about the “mixing coconut oil and honey”-problem, apply generously to face, let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse with a wash cloth and warm water. Afterwards I moisturize with coconut oil+lavender EO. My skin has never been better, I’ve been following this routine for years and haven’t bought any commercial skin care products. And haven’t missed them.”

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  1. AJ

    yay! I’d really love to hear testemonials if anyone tries 🙂

  2. Jade

    Actually, baking soda is *not* good for skin at all. It has an incredibly high pH, like 9+, which is not a good thing! Besides, you’ve already got sugar and honey in the recipe, it doesn’t need any more grit. 🙂

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