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Guest-post! No-heat styling tricks.

Tips and Tricks Of No-Heat Styling


Who doesn’t want to have great looking hair? After all, your hair is kind of like your crown, so-to-speak.

When it comes to creating hairstyles, tools that require heat are often used in order to create great look. If you are using those damaging tools, make sure you are at least use some type of heat protections spray or cream to help prevent further damage.

However, if you are super busy, or you just don’t want to subject your hair to the damaging effects of heat, you might be thinking that your hair will just have to look lackluster. Well, truth be told, you don’t have to use heat in order to create a fantastic looking hairstyle. Here are some simple styles that don’t require hair dryers, curling irons, flat irons or any other type of heating element to create – and the end results are pretty fabulous.

Beach Waves

The salt water does wonders for creating a carefree, tousled look. Well, you don’t have to visit the beach in order to achieve those subtle, yet stylish waves, and you don’t need to use any heat to create them, either.


To create this look, simply fill a spray bottle with warm water, 2 tablespoons of table salt and about ¼ cup of conditioner. Spray the mixture over clean, dry hair and then scrunch it. The salt will create the same effect that the salt water creates, and the conditioner will prevent your hair from drying out.


A Sock Bun

Create a voluminous bun with yes, a sock. To achieve this look, you’ll need to cut off the toes of a clean sock. Roll the remainder of the sock so that it looks like a donut. Next, pull your hair up into a ponytail, it can be either high or low, depending on the look you wish to achieve. Position the sock donut around the ponytail and pull it down to the end. Next, roll the sock down along the ponytail, pulling your hair into it as you go. Tuck the hair into the sock. When you reach the base of the ponytail, position the sock so that it is sitting around the hair tie. Wrap another hair tie around the bun to secure it in place, and use bobby pins to tuck in any stray pieces. Voila! In minutes, you have a super sized, super stylish bun, and all it takes is a sock. Here is a video of the Sock Bun, and here are 5 ways to sass up your sock bun even more;)


A Pony Twist


Give this staple hairstyle an updated look by adding in some twists. Smooth your hair down and pull out a small section on either side of your head. Twist each section, starting at the top of your head and working your way down to the bottom of your head. Secure the twists using bobby pins. Pull your hair, including the ends of the twisted portions, into a low pony. That’s all it takes to create an updated look for this traditional, go-to style.


Crimped Up


You can give your hair a crimped look without heat, and believe it or not, it’s easier to do it using this technique than it is using a crimping iron. All you have to do is wet your hair and then put it into a French braid. Allow your hair to dry completely (doing this before you go to bed is ideal, as your hair will have plenty of time to dry while you sleep). Once dry, undo the braid, loosen your hair and spray a little product in it.

You don’t have to use heat in order to achieve a fantastic look for your hair. These styles are super easy to achieve and they will save your hair from the damage heat can cause; a win-win situation.


Gwen Lewis is a freelance writer who lives in Southern California. She loves to write about beauty and fashion and is published on many sites. In her free time she loves staying active and baking with friends.

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