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Perfect braid-waves with Masterbraider!

IMG_9705 sea salt waves 7U6A6442Finally, babes. Masterbraider is here. It has been 3 months now, testing recipes and ingredients to create the perfect beach wave spray, with muscles.

I wanted a spray that you could spray into dry hair, braid, sleep on it, and wake up with perfect long-lasting braid-waves. Done.

I wanted a spray that would add a ton of body to the hair that would last for days without getting heavy or greasy. Done. I wanted it to have a grippy without sticky finish to make it easy to scrunch, twist, and braid for those finer hair ladies. Done.

And lastly, I wanted something that would help you all create bigger, better braids.

Today, I’m proud to introduce you to Masterbraider. Your texture, wave and braid spray BFF. Now available in the ShamPHree shop.

xoxo, HTHG

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  1. Angie Canary

    Masterbraider sure does make my braids bulky, grippy, and happy, which is impressive, given my super slippery/fine hair. My hair also didn’t feel crispy. I did notice, however, that when I took my hair down the next day, instead of beachy waves, my hair had a thick, almost waxy/greasy coating. If it helps to know, my hair was relatively clean, I don’t *think* I used very much, I’ve used various store-bought & homemade salt sprays in the past without this effect, and I use aloe (juice – not gel) regularly. My hair had no other product in it – any ideas/suggestions?

    Thanks for all that you do!

    Btw – after noticing the coating, I restyled my hair into the bun that I posted on Instagram (@chlorophylliac) – my hair NEVER holds rope braids like that without tons of shedding & fraying!

  2. Caressa/Rock-it Ruby

    Could you give suggestions/tutorial on how I could use this on shorter (shoulder skimming or above) hair? I love piecey, dready, textured hair but my hair is Muppet feather fine & not quite long enough to do the awesome braids you show above. Also, I LOVE that this is designed to be used without blow drying, because I totally lack the coordination to wrangle those suckers lol Thanks!

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Hey gal. I will work on this:) thanks!

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