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The Freedom Tail: Viking Hair for the modern lady.

7U6A8454A couple of months ago I did a tutorial post on the Vikey Tail. Today, I bring you round 2……More Viking hair for the modern lady.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 1.11.35 PMThis great hairstyle was inspired not only by the fierceness of Viking women, but also by pearl onions (yum!), and hairstyles from Valentino’s fall 2014 show at Paris Fashion Week. And also by Harley riders and hippie dudes in Guatamalan hats named Tom. Some of you know who I am talking about.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 1.15.07 PMPearl onions are lovely little sweet onions that are perfectly bite-sized. My grandma used to make them like this.

This hairstyle is perfect for riding a Harley because you can protect your hair from the elements and keep it from flying all over the place while still telling the world that you are the proud owner of your ponytail, and that you have worked hard for it. A ring for every year to be exact.

I once knew a strange hippie man named Tom who had long curly hair that he kept in a hairstyle like this, with a Guatamalan cap to top it off. I saw him once at the nude-y beach by Madison Park and I cried and have been trying since to erase that memory from existence ever since. He called his tail a ‘freedom tail’

When I saw this hairstyle on the runway I thought ‘oh no! Not the Tom tail!!’ Then, Nikki wore her hair like this one day at the River and it actually worked on her and I became obsessed with it.

Birch let me give her the tail later that week for this photo shoot, and she remarked as she pulled the sections into plump little poofs that they resembled pearl onions, which made me think of pearl onions, Grandma Suzi style. My mouth watered.

When we finished shooting, I thought to myself what a fierce little viking girl Birch is in general, but especially with this Modern Day Viking Woman Tail.

Here it is, ya’ll.

7U6A8186Start by brushing the hair straight back on the head. Take a small section of hair from the front bang area. The section should start at either temple and meet in the center, about 3 inches back from the hairline as if you were making a triangle. Secure the section with a small elastic into a ponytail.

farNow add in hair from either side, making parallel partings to your first ones. Make a second ponytail that includes the ends of your first pony. This is becoming a bit of a French Ponytail……See?

Now repeat the last steps and create a third ponytail. Keep adding in hair from the sides and making ponytails all the way until you run out of hair at the nape of the neck.

Keep adding more elastics every inch or so, all the way down to the ends of the hair, leaving a couple inches free at the very bottom. Make sure that the elastics are on their nice and tight.

Now starting at the bottom, begin gently pulling the sections apart from all angles to create your ‘pearl onion.’ Make em nice and plump. When you finish one, start on the section above it. Do this all the way to the very first section on top of your head.

Now pull down your lady parts to soften the look a bit. 7U6A8392

Now get out there and rock your Viking Tail. I guarantee you will feel FIERCE.7U6A8462



And if you see Tom, ( You will know him if you see him) tell him you are really feelin’ his freedom tail.

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  1. Leisa

    So rad!

  2. Lynn

    What about gals with shoulder-length or just above shoulder-length hair? Anything fun we can do or is all the fun for the long hair girls? I am in such a rut, would love to know what is going on with that length of hair these days…

  3. justjess

    I tried this for the first time tonight and got sooooooooo many compliments! And it was so easy to do! Thanks!

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      YAY! you are most welcome. I love this ‘do:)

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