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How to Flower your dudes beard.

7U6A4920Obvies, flowers accessorizing is not limited to ladies. Beards, however are (mostly) limited to men. I’m loving the flower beard thing.

7U6A4967Meet Alex. He is the stud from across the street, husband of Jenny. He is a born woodsman, which makes it awesome that he wears such a manly beard….It is not an ironic beard or a beard-for-show. It is a true mans beard. And he let me flower it.

Alex just quit his job of over 15 years at Microsoft as a coding security wizard to start a company converting vans into custom campers. One day, I will call upon his services for a tiny salon/van conversion. More on that later. Check him out though, because what he is doing is inspiring and exciting. In a nutshell, he aims to promote a lifestyle for urbanites of much more REAL living, close to the earth and her bounty, enjoying the beauty and simplicity of nature, and making it all more accessible.

bbpbalmThe flower beard project was for the label of an upcoming product that I am excited to release on the masses (more on that soon!) and It was a first time experiment for me to put flowers in a mans beard.

Alex’s beard is incredibly dense and quite long as far as beards go, and I wasn’t sure what the best way to get the flowers to stick would be…..Turns out, raw thick honey
works fine if you are shooting some photos but for more of a longer wearing flower beard, a man may require some bobby pins.

Here is how we did it.

How to make a flower beard

7U6A4895Start by choosing your flowers. Delicate lightweight ones like small daisies and hydrangea and flox are great choices. But you can basically cruise your neighborhood and taking little clippings.

You will want to separate and remove the stems of each flower, leaving just a tiny 1/4 bit of stem on the end so you can poke it into the beard a ways. You will also need tweezers and a spoonful of raw sticky honey in a little bowl.

7U6A4893Use your tweezers to gently pick up a flower and dip the stem in honey. Poke it firmly into the beard. 7U6A49037U6A49117U6A49127U6A4918

Continue with all the flowers you want, until your flower beard is full and lovely. Add some little leaves in their. Now take pictures fast because they won’t stay long!

I suppose if you wanted your flower beard to last longer, you could certainly use more branchy flowering plants that will tangle in with the beard hairs better. Either way, this project is super fun for a photo shoot. I personally would love to see a man get married with a flower beard.

Play around with it and give it a try! I would love to see what you come up with:)

In my opinion, men should put flowers in their beards. Also braids and ribbons etc.

xoxo, HTHG

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  1. Celeste

    Love this post, the flower beard is TOO COOL… but I notice you didn’t link to a way to contact this most excellent Alex if we wanted to talk to him about a van conversion, or drool over his portfolio of work! Please halp 🙂

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Links coming soon!!! I promise. His site isn’t live quite yet:)

  2. cat coule

    this is so beautiful! such a good idea

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      🙂 thanks! It was a super fun experiment.

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