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#tankbabesrealbodies Halloween Road Warrior Braids

Hello! Today, we take a quick minute to share another styling trick from our Tank...

The Worlds First Pit-In #freeyourpits

Hey babes. This last weekend, the worlds first official Free Your Pits Movement Pit-In happened....

Maddie’s Hair Transformation

Hi babes. Welcome to round 2 of Ritual Head Shave/ Hair Transformation. Meet Maddie. She...


  1. Free Your Pits Movement! | Glass Aubergine

    […] to do the same. We love you for it! If you want to check out more articles that feature the Pit Dye Experiment, feel free to use the following list as a reference. We ask you to join us by leaving comments and […]

  2. #freeyourpits | Glass Aubergine

    […] the surprise of Rain and I, the LA times featured our Dye Your Pit Hair post from Offbeat home/life in their style section two days ago. This felt like a big win for body […]

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