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Dark Alley Haircuts

IMG_1660Hey ya’ll.  I do a semi-annual impromptu pop-up hair salon in a dark alley behind my favorite Seattle bar, Al’s. I only do it if I happen to show up there on a Saturday when Holley is bartending, with my shears and enough people happen to complain to me about their long shaggy hair. Then, the chair gets pulled out the back door and I start cutting hairs in the dark. It is a personal challenge and I generally get my drinks payed for. It also makes me kind of feel like I’m part of some kind of off-beat speakeasy for the night, so I do it.

IMG_1649IMG_1655This time around, 2 brothers from Florida were in need of haircuts. Or so they said. I almost had to turn them down based on the fact that they both had fantastically pretty 70’s shags. And I wanted to braid their pretty hair so bad.

But they talked me into it. So I we went to the dark alley hair chair. One of em got a lot chopped off. The other just needed a little trim and a clean up.IMG_1651IMG_1658

Maybe I’ll see you at Al’s sometime. and If I have had enough to drink and I happen to have my shears on me, you might get invited to the Dark Alley.

xo, HTHG

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