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Kindergarten hair dreams.

IMG_404236616504322Here is a tiny hair gem from Angela, who wanted to share her awesome highly anticipated stylish haircut that lead to the broken hair dreams of a kindergartener. Can you relate? She says…..

“Sew, here goes…my mom really talked up this haircut she wanted for me, and I was psyched… until I looked in the mirror and wept.

And the face? Oh, I practiced and practiced for kindergarten picture day, but never took into account the flash. But overall? Quite fierce, I think.”

Angela, thanks for sharing this bit of your hair history. I think you were totally fierce for a kindergartener who was still figuring out your personal style preferences.

If you are reading this, and have a hair story, hair transformation, or great hair pics from old family albums, please consider submitting them to HTHG. All submissions can go to, and will be published for the sake of shear awesomeness and inspiration to others. Or maybe a hearty giggle, or the courage to make that big hair move.

xo, HTHG

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