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Be a part of The Free Your Pits Movement!

Hey babes. The dust has settled here at HTHG, and the Free Your Pits Movement is a ‘thing’. This is really exciting for us here at HTHG, because we all did it together, and it has started a hugely important conversation between millions of people.

Last week, the Free Your Pits movement made headlines around the world. Today, the message is as clear as it has ever been…….Inspiring women to make empowered choices regarding their bodies and to have fun expressing their sense of personal style is fucking awesome. And it is our duty here at HTHG to keep the goods comin.’

Today, I want to ask you a favor on behalf of myself, HTHG editor and Pit Girl and FYP leader Rain Sissel, and Instagrammer and Pit Hair Crusader Anna Biotics of @ladypithair. Will you help us push the Free Your Pits concept further? I want you to personally have a hand in the further empowerment of women (and men! you are invited too!)

Here is what we need. We need your stories. We want to know what choices you make on a daily basis that make you feel empowered. We want to hear about why you have pit hair. Or why you choose to shave. On why you ditched shampoo. Or didn’t. We want to hear your voices on the subjects of personal style, feminism, empowerment, judgement, and our bodies. We want to publish these stories here, filed under the Free Your Pits Movement and share them with the worldDSC06536. Please send submissions along with a photo of yourself to

Then, we will make a book out of it. Like a real book. Or maybe a zine or something. Some kind of real tangible testament to our efforts, our voices, and our connection to each other. Something we can share with our daughters when they get older:)


I want to thank you all so much for being here. None of this would have happened without yall’s love.

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