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Keep Your Pits Fresh……With Baking Soda!

Here is a great comment from a HTHG Free Your Pits supporter that I thought those of you who are into home remedies might appreciate…

How to use Baking Soda as Deodorant!


More than 10 years ago, I freed my pits from their (our) enslavement to deodorant/antiperspirant; I thought you all might be interested…

I have been using aluminium-free baking soda as a deodorant for the last ten years & would never consider going back to regular antiperspirant, or to using one of the natural ‘deodorant’ products at the organic store – which, in my experience, simply don’t work. My only mode of transport is my bicycle, so I’m incredibly active – but I NEVER smell! The one or two times that I have been caught had to borrow a conventional deodorant, I have felt smelly after an hour or two.

This system worked perfectly for me during the extended periods (i.e. years) when I was not shaving or waxing my pits 🙂 (All this said, the friend who actually put me onto this wonderful system found the BS eventually irritated her skin, & so she had to stop using it. I have never had this problem!)

The morning ritual I have devised goes as follows:

I shower at night, so first thing in the morning, I walk into the bathroom, brush my teeth, then wet my pits dip wet fingertips into my pot of aluminium-free BS. I then rub the powder that sticks on my fingers into my pits!

You will find that a bit of the BS falls off, the floor around your sink gets a little crunchy 🙂

If I was a morning showerer, I might have my pot of BS in the shower itself, towel the rest of my body leave my pits wet – then apply the powder there. I would then hang out in my dressing gown while the powder dried, before getting dressed…

It’s important that you do it first thing, especially if you’re planning on wearing black or dark blue that day! Because, as your pits dry, some white powder does drop off into your clothes. So, it’s great to do it while you’re still in your Pjs or dressing gown. I’ve never found it to damage any clothing – in fact, in my experience, it causes a lot less damage than antiperspirant… The drying & dusting-off period is not at all noticeable, in terms of sensation or comfort, just in terms of colour…

This is all making the process sound a lot messier than it actually is – but I wanted you to have all the facts! I would never, in my wildest dreams go back to supermarket deodorant. I feel 100% confident cycling in 40 deg C Australian heat (104 deg F) with my pits powdered.

Yipeeeeee Bring on the Revolution.


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  1. Angie C

    I just made my own deodorant this week and love it! It’s BS, bentonite, and arrowrot in a coconut oil/shea base. I added EOs for yummy smells and apply like a lotion. It works great and no mess! Much simpler recipes are effective, too, but I had the ingredients and felt like concocting.

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