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More Fierce Braids for Viking Babes

7U6A6434A while back, I had the pleasure of shooting photos and playing with the hair of two beautiful and very nordic-looking babes, Birch and Cameron. They brought the fierce to the shoot, and I brought the camera and the sweaters. They demonstrated some incredible cool Viking Warrioress-inspired hairstyles.

This second one is from a feature series that I am calling Fierce Braids, which will be running through the late Winter/Spring at HTHG. The purpose of this feature is to show you the possibilities that come with basic braiding if you use your imagination and channel the fierceness of warrior women who fought battles and raised children at the same time. Hopefully, you will find a bit of strength and inspiration to get you through till Spring:)

This Viking Hairstyle involves making 2 small accent braids on one side, scrunching them, and pinning them to the head. The effect is a very intricate looking mess of braids that looks difficult to do but is actually super easy!

viking braidsTo begin with, take a small section of hair from one side of the front hairline, above the ear. Divide it into 3 subsections, and make a braid all the way to the ends. At the end, separate out the center sub-section of your braid and pinch it between the fingers In your non-dominant hand. with your dominant hand, take the two outter subsections of your braid and pinch them between your fingers.

Now holding the braid down tightly with your non-dominant hand, pull the two pinched sub-sections with the other hand up towards the base of the braid, scrunching the braid up along the center section.

Flip the scrunched braid back against your head, and pin it into place discreetly. Make sure your pin straddles all 3 braid subsections to secure them so the scrunched braid doesn’t unravel!

If you want to, you can repeat these steps on another braid below the first one, and pin it back as well.

Want more Inspo? Click Here for more Viking Hair.


xoxo, HTHG

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