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Hip Happenings with HTHG

New and exciting things are happening with the Free Your Pits movement and How To Hair Girl’s latest and greatest beauty renewal trend: Free Your Hair. Here’s an update so you can be in the know.

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This week The New York Times and Seattle Times both wrote articles about the growing demand for colorful pits. It’s a statement, it’s a lifestyle, and it’s also a wildly popular fashion choice. Yours Truly, How To Hair Girl got to lend some insight and give some voice to the movement.

“Our goal,” write Ms. Hunt and Rain Sissel, the site’s other founder, in what they call a manifesto, “is to use this demonstration of personal choice and expression to help broaden and challenge the standard of ‘beauty’ in a society that already places way too many harmful standards on women.”

Here’s the article, don’t forget to share it around! Women Who Dye Their (Armpit) Hair

And if that’s not exciting enough, How to Hair Girl just dropped a little sneak peak about a brand new product line! The upcoming Free Your Hair Earth Collection will featured seasonal hair revitalizing products using only organic and locally sourced ingredients.

Sun Infused organic coconut/hemp/avocado oil with foraged horsetail, chamomile, lavender, rosemary, borage, and nettles . The Free Your Hair Earth Collection is being made with much love and powerful earth elements/plant life force ingredients to help you elevate your hair care ritual. Coming this fall to the blog shop, and some of my favorite boutiques and salons around the country

So stay tuned Babes and stay fresh. There’s more to come in the world of hair freedom.

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