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The Lunar Method: Growing your Hair with the Moon.

moonaHello dears.

How could I have left out something as simple and elemental as the moon and it’s powerful forces, for all this time in our hair talks? Well, I hadn’t given the subject very much credit or thought until recently. As I have gotten older and paid more attention, I feel the pull and push of the moon more strongly.  I feel space-y and light in the days leading up to a full moon, like the air is very thin. Then, the full moon night keeps me up, wired, with a racing mind. Who else experiences this? What other ways do you feel the moon’s energy effect yours? I think it is important that we explore the Lunar Hair Method.

2015-05-30 13.25.39-1What inspired this post initially was a photo my science-babe sister took with her microscope of a keratinocyte, a singular isolated cell, one of millions which makes up the epidermal layer of skin, and also our hair follicles (where our hairs are born and raised.) Looks so moon-like, I made a very obvious connection of moon and hair.

Also, I recently had a consultation with a woman who was wanting to know how to lengthen her hair’s ‘resting’ length, or get it to grow past the length where it always seems to appear to stop growing altogether. I started reading up on the Lunar Hair Method.

The Lunar Hair Method

Today, we are going to talk a bit about why trimming our hair according to the lunar phases could boost our hair growth in a very real way. This method uses the same science and tradition that farmers have used for thousands of years, of planting and harvesting crops in times of lunar push/pull…..And the same forces that effect our oceans tides. By knowing the moons cycles, according to the ancient healing arts of Ayurvedic and Chinese herbalism, we can determine the perfect time to trim our hair to maximize fast, healthy growth.

7U6A8349We all know that the gravitational pull created by the earth and moon cause the tides to rise and fall. Our bodies are made up of 60% water. So in the way of the tides, our bodies experience an outward pull (growth) during the waxing moon phase. The waning moon phase brings fluids inward, towards your roots.

Using the Moon for Hair Growth

Trimming or cutting your hair when the moon is just entering a Waxing Moon phase will promote hair growth. During the two weeks of this waxing New Moon phase, the body is replenishing its resources, expending less energy and striving to obtain its optimal health peak. Hair growth is accelerated during this time, especially when the moon is in the astrological house of the earth signs Capricorn or Taurus or in the water signs Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio

How the Moon Can Help Thinning Hair

If you want to thicken your thinning mane, trimming or cutting your hair near the end of a New Moon may prove counter-productive. The New Moon cycle is geared toward retaining nutrients and storing energy. Near the end of the cycle the body begins to discard the excess it has stored which could result in thinner hair. The best time for harnessing the moon’s ability of creating thicker hair is when the moon lies in Pisces, Capricorn, Taurus or Cancer when Full Moon cycle begins.

– See more here

For more on the Lunar Hair Method and a chart of best days to cut your hair for growth, click over to the Morrocco Method website.


 5 more tips for faster, healthier hair growth.

Along with ancient wisdom and the gravity of the moon, here are 5 more tips to maximize your hair growth.

1. Make sure to brush your hair daily with a boar bristle brush to distribute the oil from your scalp into your dry ends. I 100% recommend investing in a Mason Pearson Pocket Mixture Hair Brush.

This will help keep your ends protected, and encourage healthy hair growth from your scalp. If you have very curly hair and prefer not to brush, use your hands and give yourself a stimulating scalp massage before bed every night.

2. Drink horsetail tea. Daily. You can forage horsetail and harvest the fresh green tips, dry it, steep it and drink it. You can also buy the bulk dried herb and make tea with it.

3. Be SURE to oil your ends lightly with coconut oil  before you wash or even rinse your hair, and before spending a lot of time in the sun. Keep those ends protected. This will give your hair a longer life, and lengthen your hair’s natural  ‘resting’ length.

4. Get regular trims, and consider DIY-ing it so you can be sure not too much comes off. Do it every 3 months or so, according to The Lunar Method.

5. Protect your hair while you sleep! This really does make a difference in the condition and resiliency of your hair:) Check this post for how-to’s.

6. Start drinking fresh fruit/veggie juice. Real talk. Here is my recipe.

xoxo, HTHG

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