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Floral Inspiration for Curly Hair


Hello. How are you all doing?

Today, I bring you floral inspiration for your naturally curly hair.

I used my Floral Hat-band Tutorial to create little floral garlands with wild roses and hawthorn flowers. Then, I incorporated them into some simple hairstyles to add a extra dose of pretty and detail.

headbandsI have had so much fun making floral garlands this Spring and Summer and I totally encourage you to get a needle and thread and play around with plants and flowers that are growing around you. Make something to tie around your head, your hat, or your neck. Their is nothing better than wearing flowers;)braid up

Little bonus tutorial here……For the look seen on Liz, we did a braid up the back, secured it at the top with bobby pins and let the rest of her hair be completely free.


With a rose garland and some foliage, and a leather motorcycle jacket, she defied every possible category and stunned the shit out of me with her beauty. And that is just how I like things to be:)

Have fun, get creative, surround yourself with flowers, and defy social constructs. These are my lessons for today.

xoxo, HTHG

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