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Color Inspiration

In preparation for our Divining the Spectrum Color Workshop, I have been doing some fun experimental color and I wanted to share it with you today.

I spent the better part of the last 2 months quite sick with first flu, then cold, then a thrown out back, a UTI and Strep throat. This is very unusual for me ( hoping you all have stayed healthy through the seasons changing! )

The silver lining has been lot’s of creative down time, which I cherish. Letting some other things fall to the wayside while I drink tea, make soup, and kneel at my little table in my newly adorned sacred creative space, braiding and coloring hair and listening to podcasts.

What I’ve learned? color mixing gets interesting when you feel terrible and have a fever. The colors certainly reflected the feelings I was having in my physical body. Harsh and strange. But not in a bad way. Sort of like Color Dissonance?

img_546510984d21-b559-48bc-b999-91edc27f9a5f img_6662 img_6665 img_5221 05140c4a-6145-4bee-acbc-b7dac9f01a08

Also, just learned this fact: When complementary colors appear together in the form of flowers, they attract twice the amount of pollinators that they would if they were on their own. So, yellow and purple flowers together have twice the power to attract bumblebees as they would if they were separate from each other. This is endlessly cool information to me and my nature and color loving brain.

(Makeup on Cloey with the fabulous DIY black bob done by Melissa Arens for Mayapple Salon)


xo, HTHG


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