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Healing, A Braid Circle, and Floral Mandalas

I find more and more the importance of helping facilitate healing through connection, creativity and interaction. I believe that we all have inside of us the power to heal ourselves, and we can be support to each other in our healing by creating sacred space, allowing room for play and expression, and bearing witness to each other’s stories.

By healing, I mean anything that helps bring us home to our true self, be it physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, creatively.

In Arkansas, I had the pleasure of sharing a Floral Mandala-making class with folks of all ages, we walked outside, collecting beautiful offerings from nature to use in our designs, and then quietly created mandalas, shared laughs, and ate chocolate. I was in heaven, and would love to share this class as much as possible. It is such a beautiful and sweet tool for opening the creative heart and bringing us home to ourselves and the world around us, wherever we are.

Thank you to Jesse Lynn and The Fern Healing Center for hosting!

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Later that night, I offered braids to a circle of women (and one sweet baby) who shared stories, thoughts, tea, and more chocolate. Thanks to Sadie and Mom and Pop Shoppe for hosting!img_6258What a day. I felt tired yet so full by the end of the day. I felt at home in myself.

I hope one day a big huge group of us here in this community at HTHG can get together for braids, flowers and chocolate. Let’s make it happen.


This last photo was shot by Kara Iribarren on a perfectly naked day in the Ozarks.


xoxo, HTHG

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