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Radical Love and Braids.

I firmly believe that love is the most radical act there is. As I braided these 3 friends hair together, I reflected love and hearts:

We are all weaving this web together. Threads of love are the strongest.

With love we can honor our own experiences and hold space for the experiences of others, moving forward as individuals who are indivisibly linked together by this land and this moment in time.

Planting seeds and tending plants is a radical and simple expression of love. 

Flowers want to be picked because it helps them multiply and spread their seed. This is revolutionary for those of us who are flower pickers and live with guilt and shame over it. Thankful for friends who remind us of these simple truths.

It is time for those who know how to speak to learn listen with open hearts, and those who know how to listen to learn to speak with open hearts.

Happy Valentines Day.

Love, HTHG




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