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Free Your Hair Bridal

A true love of mine is bridal hairstyling, and I want to take a minute to confess that love…..

I love collaborating with the bride on her hair vision, I love the artistry in the small details, the construction of the hairstyle, and then the day-of, when it all comes together in such a sacred space, a bride and her maids adorning and taking care of each other while the hair is being done. It is a very special space to be in as a hairstylist. 

(Photo by Rachel Sumner)

I also love working with hair and flowers together, and many weddings call for this beautiful synthesis. 

I am excited to announce that I will now be officially offering services in bridal hair styling, wedding party hair styling and documentation, groom hairstyling, and wedding floral hair adornment. I also do wedding hair consulting. 

If you are getting married and are looking for a wedding hair stylist, and like the feel of my work, please contact me at howtohairgirl@gmail and we can discuss your needs and desires. 




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