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coverFriends old and new, thanks for visiting us today for the 4nd edition of the Free Your Hair HOROSCOPE honoring the Aries.

I offer this series to all as an ever-changing and morphing guide for Hair-Centered Radical Self Care, Ritual and Beauty in honor and tribute to each sign as they enter into their place in the Sun Rotation.

With this Hairoscope, we hope to inspire each sign of the zodiac to take some extra time on their birthday month to really love on and care for themselves. Every month, we will pull a card to share from The Moon Deck to inspire your monthly self-care ritual. With the sage advice of The Moon Deck, we will adapt our monthly mantras to bless and honor our own hair. We invite you to share these monthly Hairoscopes with your friends who are of that month’s astrological sign and help them take some time for self love!

For this series, I worked with artist Madison McClain to create our women of the horoscope, and with intuitive writer and healer Aarona Ganesan, co-creator of The Moon Deck, which is the Tarot Deck I use daily to inspire my own personal self-care rituals.

This month, we honor the Aries

Moon Deck Ritual:

(Words and Rituals adapted from the Moon Deck Guidebook, changed slightly to speak specifically to our hair.)

Hair Brush Mantra:

‘I am a Weaver of my own Reality ‘

Weaving our reality is a skill that begins on the Inside. It’s a creative practice that requires us to be attentive while setting clear intentions. The quality of our inner dialogue impacts how we feel and experience the world around us.

Call upon the Spider, who is here to remind you that you are a weaver of your own reality. She is a special creature symbolizing awakened creativity and determination, patience and grace when weaving her web, and the interwoven nature between past, present and future. 

If you find yourself in a position that no longer suits you, now is the time to look honestly, clarity what you want to design, and begin to change it. You are a resilient woman weaving your own story, embody it with your entire heart and spirit. 

Take 5 minutes today to brush this mantra into your hair, repeating it to yourself with every stroke. Be in a comfortable, calm place without distraction. Close your eyes and breath, centering your body as you brush. If you are not a regular hair brusher, here is why we think you should try it, and here is where to get yourself a beautiful hair brush to work into your hair care ritual. If you are more of the combing type, consider a wooden wide toothed comb or your own fingers for a relaxing scalp massage.

Earth Bath Ritual

Weaving from a Grounded Place 

Your self-care ritual for your birthday month, dear Aries, is an earth bath to bring you back to your self so that you can weave from a place of grounded power, bringing the fire with you as you begin your web, all the way through to the end.

Draw a bath

Add 2 tablespoons Sea Salt, and 2 tablespoons Bentonite Clay. Mix into bath with your hands.

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils. I love Cedarwood for this bath.

Soak as long as you can in this bath, allowing the earthy elements to bring you back into your physical body, to a grounded place from which to spin your web.

After your bath, take a walk around your neighborhood. Try and find a spider, and when you do, watch her weave.



Hair Advice:

Aries: While we are on the subject of bringing in the grounding earth elements to the tapestry of your life, lets not forget the power of earth in your hair. This month, play around with clay in your hair as a texturizer and thickener. My favorite way to use it: See the earth bath, above. Be sure to soak your hair in your salt/clay bath. Feel the effects of it as it dries in your hair. Dig that wild, earthy texture.

For very fine/fragile hair, use Kaolin Clay. For fine-medium hair use Bentonite clay. For thick, coarse hair use Arrowroot powder

You can also put a pinch of clay/powder on your brush and brush it through dry hair to gain the styling benefits of earth in your hair. If you want to use my homemade hair powder clay blend, it can be purchased here.

Now, with your hair all earthy-textured, check out this post on 7 Braid Secrets, and express your inner Spider as you weave your hair into a braid web.

Moon Phases in Aries:

The New Moon and Full Moon are the most potent times for setting new intentions for healthy habits and relationships and creating rituals that are potent in their action. I highly recommend this months Earth Bath Ritual be done around both the 28th of March to observe the New Moon, setting an intention of what you are ready to let go of in your life/in your hair/in your relationship to yourself in physical and spiritual form, and around April 11th to observe the Full Moon, setting intention for what you are ready to bring in to your life. What do you want to manifest? Now is the time.

And how do you set an intention? for those who haven’t practiced it……Speak a little prayer to yourself. Honor it with the ritual of taking an Earth Bath and watching spiders spin their webs.  Hold the prayer in your heart as you practice self love. Make it so!

Please check out The Moon Deck for more musings. Aries babes, may we suggest you get your own deck as a birthday gift to yourself and make a vow to love yourself and your hair more in this coming year.

What would you like to see woven into our monthly Hairoscope? I would love to hear your feedback! We are excited to watch this series grow and change with your input.

xo, HTHG and The Moon Deck