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Hi babes. I know it has been absolutely forever since I have posted a braid tutorial, so I wanted to take a few minutes today to drop this little pretty on ya.

Just FYI, so much of my content/photos/ DIYs and hair musings are going straight to Instagram these days, because it is a bit easier for me as a mama-on-the-go to use that platform to share. So if you have been missing me here on the blog and you haven’t found my IG account, swing on over and join me there…..It is a bit more exciting and connective at the moment!

I certainly hope you all are doing well this Spring. I am big as a whale, 9 months pregnant and just chugging along:) Drinking lot’s of tea and groaning like an old, arthritic man all day long.

I did this hairstyle last week on a friend of mine, I was wanting to experiment with a simple braid concept with some intentional exaggerated deconstruction ( the bits hanging down:) I think this hairstyle should be pretty easy to recreate, either via DIY in a 3-way mirror with a couple minutes and some patience, or on a friend or client in your hair chair. Heck, even on a Spring Bride.

Begin by brushing out the hair and prepping it with some salt spray or hair powder to build a bit of texture.

Make 5-7 free-falling braids from vertical partings. Make them with medium tension, not too tight. Direct the braids so that they begin at the nape of the neck, and continue on. Secure the ends with small elastics.

Now beginning at the ends of each braid, pull them apart by the edges as you work your way towards the base of the braid. Be organic, don’t try to make it perfect. Braids should be messy, knobby with random pieces pulled out wide. 

Now, construct the hairstyle by gently wrapping and pinning your braids into a nice big mess at the back of the head. Tuck and pin the ends it to hide them, and add additional pins to make sure the look is secure.

Once secured, find bits of each braid that are already very loose, and gently pull them loose, creating the ethereal soft falling bits. Use your creative eye to design the look. It should be soft yet rough.

Add flowers from all around your neighborhood. Get free. Have fun. Lot’s of love.