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Taking Responsibility for your Vibe : Part 5

By April 5, 2020No Comments

The Art of Vibe : Pleasuring the Senses

Vibe Check-in: Being Responsible for the Vibe you Carry.

Your Vibe and how you are feeling effect how others feel when they are in your presence. How they feel changes the way they behave and treat others and the world around them. So just by Practicing the Art of Vibe on ourselves we change the world through the emotional web of VIBE that we are all spun up in.

Therefore by maintaining our own Vibe we are taking responsibility for what we create in our environment.

Here are some things that lower your vibe, so you can steer clear or take action to protect your own vibe.

Mindless Screen Time and Media Consumption

When you sit down with your phone, do you have a purpose or intention for it? If you don’t, think again before locking your attention on your device and the stream of information it provides. A friend recently put it this way: Look at your Instagram as if it is

a stiff drink…Do you want to start your day that way? Because we all know what happens once we start. Make an effort to keep your Vibe high by only engaging in media with Purpose. Is there a friend you want to connect with specifically? Do you have a question you need answered? Do you have a message you would like to share? Only engage when you know why you are picking up your phone. And consider putting it down and bringing your attention to something else as soon as you are done. Mindless scrolling is an absolute Vibe-lowering activity.

Lack of Sleep

When we are tired, our Vibe is running low. Our energy level is generally a great gauge for our general Vibe, so prioritize sleep.. If you have trouble sleeping, allow yourself to rest and make sure your resting place is cozy. Read a book. Write a letter. Write a list.

Lack of gratitude.

Not feeling a sense of graciousness for life can really bring our vibes down, and sometimes it is just a matter of where we are putting our attention. This is not to say that sometimes life truly does suck, but when we can change the story for ourselves by focusing on the parts that ARE working, we can lift our own vibes. Cultivating Gratitude is an incredible Vibe raising practice; so get comfortable naming what you are grateful for as you lay in bed. Feel the gratitude in your body, and express it in any way you can, especially to those who inspire it in you. Pro tip, share gratitude with others to raise collective Vibe!

Lack of Physical Nourishment

Food affects our Vibes in the form of vitality. When we eat food that feels nourishing to us, we are filling our physical bodies with high Vibe fuel to live. Low Vibe foods or not enough food will drain our energy. Eat breakfast, not just coffee. Thank the food as you eat it. Feel gratitude while you nourish yourself and raise the vibration of whatever it may be that is entering your mouth. 

Lack of Movement

Many of us need to move our bodies in order to feel alive. I feel so low if I do not move my body, and after years of trying to “stay in shape” by doing rigorous activity when I truly need more rest, I have learned that any movement will do. Sometimes it’s stretching, or dancing, but mostly, it is walking. Walking raises my Vibe every time. When I walk, I notice high vibe things, like flowers and leaves that are pretty, and that helps raise the vibe too. Take a walk and allow your senses the pleasure of taking in what your environment offers in the way of natural splendor!

Being around low-Vibe people or spending extended time in low-Vibe places.

This can be hard to avoid because we all get low Vibe at times! The best practice I can offer beyond having an awareness around keeping your own Vibe high, is to protect yourself in situations where the Vibe is low and you don’t want to get low too.

To do this, I imagine I am protected by a bubble of high Vibe light in the color of my choice, which constantly changes according to the situation. When I feel low Vibes coming my way, I imagine them bouncing off my shield of light. This is a practice of imagination and it 100% works if you are paying attention. If I am finding it hard to protect myself, then I try a body scan. I do a quick and thorough physical inventory of my body and notice where I am feeling stuck or tight. I experience the stuckness as a sensation of my body trying to hold someone else’s low Vibe, which isn’t mine to hold. I breathe into those stuck places, move my body a bit. Imagine that tightness melting away and leaving my body. It is not mine. My Vibe is still in tact.

If your Vibe is not right you will not feel right and things will be off. Communication will be awkward and morale will be low. Energy will be low and you may feel depressed or confused or foggy or bummed. If this is the case, take some time for Vibe Checks and take action until you feel yourself returning to a place where you feel comfortable in your own Vibe.

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