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Vibes in Unknown Times : Part 4

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The Art of Vibe : Pleasuring the Senses

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Vibes in Times of Challenge or Unknowns

Using Vibes in challenging situations can be very helpful when we need to channel courage and inner strength. In my opinion, having the inner and environmental Vibes right is one of the best ways to cultivate feelings of divinity, safety and groundedness. In this very unique time of global pandemic and major day-to-day life shifts, getting the Vibe right is crucial. This particular time in the world reminds me, in a way, of the feeling of anticipating an impending childbirth. We don’t know what is going to happen, we don’t know what it will feel like when it does, and we don’t know how our lives will be changed by it. All we know is that the only way out is all the way through.

I don’t know about anyone else, but this is exactly what late pregnancy felt like for me, particularly the 3rd time around. I experienced a deep feeling of unknowing, which at times, felt almost unbearable, especially as I got closer and closer to the end.

So what did I do? I spent the last 2 weeks attending to the needs of my own senses. It felt like a divine full time job and I did not skimp on the details. I lived 100% within my own senses, responding to them with immediacy and care.

And when I started early labor for my 3rd home birth, I VIBED out my ENVIRONMENT to the max. I turned my fears of the pain and the agony and the unknowns and the sleepless nights and the teenage years and RAISING ANOTHER CHILD IN A BROKEN AND BEAUTIFUL WORLD into the HIGHEST VIBE birth environment I possibly could. I lit candles, I burned Mugwort, I had my playlist going, I had my essential oils and my cold towels and my crystals and my seashells and feathers and drum and my tea. The act of setting the Vibe for myself to enter the birth portal, surrounded by family, grounded me and brought me courage. The act of keeping my senses fed through childbirth gave me strength and kept me in my body.

When I think back to this birth experience I do not remember the pain, I remember the Vibes.

When times get tough, and life gets real, prepare your Vibe tools.

Staying Grounded when Vibes are High

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where the vibe may feel so high or even chaotic that we cannot find our footing. This can happen particularly in places of suspended reality, where we feel split between worlds, for example traumatic situations, ceremony, intense ritual, childbirth, or initiatory life moments. Even moments in daily life can feel

this way. In these situations we need to ground ourselves.

Grounding is an essential part of living High Vibe Life because it keeps us rooted in the world around us, providing us strength and resilience from the inevitable storms of life. Vibe takes us high, whereas grounding keeps our feet planted on the floor. From this place we have pleasure,

perspective, resilience, strength and the grit of the earth.

 Ways to Ground when Vibes feel Chaotic

Use your breath, slowing it way down to bring your heart rate lower. Make contact with your own heartbeat.

Take off your shoes and plant your feet somewhere on the earth.

Put your hands on something solid. I love to warm up a stone in hot water and hold it in my hands.

Sit on the ground. Breathe. Lay on the earth. Breathe. Eat a deeply nourishing meal.

Take a walk in nature. Take some time to yourself. Pray.

Create your Own Grounding Vibe Ritual

Remember this Closed-System Vibe Raising Formula:

Pleasuring the Senses=Raising Vibes 

Vibes + Routine + Intention = Ritual 

Ritual= Extreme Vibe Raising Practice

We have the power to turn any low-vibe routine into grounding High Vibe self-care by creating a ritual around it, infusing it with meaning, and pleasuring our senses as we practice it. This is the magic that reminds us to create beauty and intention out of mundane moments, raising the vibe of life way up. These little moments fill us and nourish the wellspring of high vibes inside.

Think of a simple activity that you do everyday, perhaps a routine like brushing your teeth or getting dressed. For this ritual, I will use the example of teeth brushing.

Now, find an object or tool to represent and engage each of your 5 senses that can be used in your tooth brushing ritual. For example, you could use a candle for the visual element, toothpaste that you enjoy the flavor of for scent and mouth pleasure, a toothbrush for tooth and gum stimulation, a song you love queued up on your stereo for sound.

Lay them out nicely and take a few deep breaths before you begin. Drop into your physical body and scan yourself for stuck places. Bring your breath, long and slow to those places.

Set a high-vibe intention for your day. This intention will be brushed into your teeth, gums and mouth. Keep your awareness gently on this intention as you brush your teeth. Check in with each of your senses as you brush, asking them to engage with this action. Smell the smells, taste the tastes. Feel the feelings. Hear the sounds. See that candle flicker. Remember your intention. Feel your vibe raising.

Now, bring your awareness to what may need to be released in order to ensure that your intention is honored today. Is there a fear, a feeling or behavior that you are feeling stuck in? These things get released from you as you spit your toothpaste into the sink. Rinse the spit down, and watch your stuck fears, feelings and behaviors swirl down the drain.

Take this Tooth Brushing ritual and apply it to any routine by

– identifying a routine

– gathering tools to feed the senses

– setting an intention

– checking in with each sense as you perform routine

– releasing what stands in your way at the end, in whatever way feels appropriate to you.

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