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Vibe Magic : Part 2

The Art of Vibe: Pleasuring the Senses

Vibe Check:

Stop for a minute and take a deep belly breath. Relax and soften your body and do a scan of your physical self. Are you feeling comfortable? Ask yourself these questions:

What would my eyes like to see? What would my nose like to smell? What would my skin like to feel? What would my ears like to hear? What would my mouth like to taste?

Personal Vibe Check:

To set a Vibe from the start of your day: Make your bed and put on clothes that make you feel good. Do not skip this step!

Create a daily ritual that involves these simple practices and then expand it with other things that help you feel great from the moment you wake up. Drink a glass of water then wash your face. Prepare some coffee or tea if you want. Put a special trinket or stone or something small and beautiful in your pocket and keep it near you so you can admire it throughout the day. Put on pretty earrings. Consider what music you might like to hear today. Make a playlist. Feed your senses from the jump. Prepare and enjoy a tasty breakfast, savoring the texture and flavor of food.

Throughout your day, stop and take a few minutes to attend to the desires of each sense, one at a time.

Go outside, feel the breeze or the sun on your skin.

Sniff a flower, or your cat’s sweet head.

Look at the clouds moving and listen for birds.

Have a taste of chocolate.

You are creating a Vibe in yourself.

Notice how you feel when you take time to nourish and feed your senses.

This is raising your Personal Vibe, and building awareness around the subtle magic of pleasuring your senses. This will prepare you to take your Vibe raising skills into your immediate environment and beyond!

Build your Vibe Magic Muscles by doing a Vibe check as often as you can remember it, keeping your senses fed. This practice can bring much more pleasure into small dark places of life, helping us stay in our bodies safely and with more joy. Notice the bolstering of resilience and adaptability that comes with practicing Vibe Check and the strengthening of your Vibe Muscles.

High Level Vibe Challenge:

Wake up half an hour before you normally would. Find a comfortable and spacious place to spend 20 minutes moving your body in whatever way feels perfect to you. You can wiggle, sway, dance, stretch, sit, breath, jump, run, or walk. Your choice! When you finish, drink a tall glass of water and feel the liquid moving through your body, beginning in your mouth, down your throat and beyond. Track its subtle sensation moving through you as long as you can. Now, step into the shower. Take a regular warm shower and once you feel cozy and warm, turn the temperature full blast to cold. Take a deep breath as you feel the water turn cold against your skin. Keep breathing. Count to 90, moving your body in whatever way you feel like, making sure the water touches you everywhere. Resist the urge to jump out. Be in the pain of cold, breathing and trusting that you will make it out alive. Keep your focus on counting. Turn the water off and towel dry. Feel how high your vibe is today.

Did you love this wisdom on VIBE? Please share freely and post your high vibe photos and tag me! Use the hashtag #theartofvibe to help create a vibe bank for the digital world.

Please also consider donating my way via Venmo @roxie-jane it PayPal howtohairgirl@gmail to help my family stay afloat while our small family-run hair salon is closed for business during this pandemic.

Once we are in the clear, come see me in the salon and experience the ultimate high vibe transformational hair environment. Thank you for being here!

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